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Suggested by Mandy.

I am yet to find a fic detailing the Christmas party that Ryan alluded to when Jim spoke to David Wallace about the website. I think it would be great to see the party; Ryan would be there, Jim and Pam are a couple and Karen also attending as the Utica Branch Manager - and I love fics with David Wallace :)

Categories: Other, Jim and Pam, Present Characters: David Wallace, Jim, Karen, Pam, Ryan
Summary: So I spent the day at schlitterbaun today and I got to thinking, what would Jim and Pam be like at a waterpark/pool/lake etc. Because c'mon! Who hasn't wondered that?
Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim/Pam

From Sally_Halpert

I’ve had this idea since we saw Jim and Pam using the webcams to communicate while she was away at Pratt. I’d love to see more of this and sadly I am not talented enough to write something quite so excellent. I have images of them having long heart to hearts or falling asleep mid video conference… so much could be done with this, and I am totally not against any webcam smut you may feel like sharing with the world.


Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim/Pam
Summary: This challenge was suggested by sorano916.

What if Jim doesn't express his love for Pam on Casino Night but instead tells her that he got a promotion in Stamford? They keep in touch in the following month. It's now the week of Pam and Roy's wedding, and Jim's in Scranton (since he decided not to go to Australia) to attend. What exactly is going to go down before the wedding?

Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Pam

Season 3 episode 11 - Back from vacation.

The scenario: Pam advises Jim to go easy on Karen when she wants to move down the street from Jim. After Karen thanks Pam, Pam breaks down and cries in the back. Dwight finds her. It is  touching friendship moment between Pam and Dwight and we all want to scream at Jim and Pam as they seem to be moving further and further away from each other.

 But what if Jim found out she was crying.

The Challenge: What if Dwight's reaction were more explosive?  What if he went on a mission to find out who caused Pam to cry?  If Jim found out what would he do?  Would he finally confront Pam and himself about their feelings?  Would he dig in deeper to his relationship with Karen and pretend Pam's crying had nothing to do with him? Would Jim break up with Karen and ask Pam to tell him how he felt?  How would the rest of the office react to Dwight's revelation?  Finally, would Dwight see the truth and try to mend the relationship between Jim and Pam in the overly complicated and sometimes violently goofy way Dwight always does?

Categories: Jim and Pam, Present Characters: None

Suggested by PamPongChamp.

Write a story that is inspired by the following words/phrases. It can be a one-shot or a multichapter story, the words can be interpreted any way you want. Try to use as many as you can.
What if...
First Date
Let Me Tell You A Story
Something More
Dying To Know
Lie To Me
Do I Know You?

Categories: Jim and Pam, Other Characters: None

Sharky proposed a challenge to our writers.  For two weeks, writers got a new word each day that they had to use in your text somewhere or as inspiration.  They didn’t have to participate everyday. The fic could come in any form: chapters, drabbles, stand-alones etc.

The words:

Jan 27: table

Jan 28: pineapple

Jan 29: force

Jan 30: court

Jan 31: lost

Feb 1: rescue

Feb 2: sky

Feb 3: entourage

Feb 4: giant

Feb 5: vote

Feb 6: night

Feb 7: party

Feb 8: light

Feb 9: end 

Categories: Other, Jim and Pam Characters: None