"And Scranton... it's not that bad. So, if they offer you a job there, I think you should take it."
"Okay, yeah. Maybe I will."

Emergency contact New! by Lizby

Rated: M • 10 Reviews13

“W-why did you call…me?”...Toby paused, “well…it’s-it’s Pam. And uh-um…well you’re…you’re her emergency contact, Jim.” Season 3 AU of cocktails and it’s aftermath

Names New! by Mytuna

Rated: MA • 4 Reviews2

Jim and Pam say the wrong things at the wrong times..



Wishin' and Hopin' by Coley

Rated: T • 24 Reviews29
Summary: Okay so she made a wish. It wasn't like she actually expected it to ever come true.

A Perfect Storm... with guns by ScrantonGirl91

Rated: M • 2 Reviews2

Loosely set between S03E11, "Back from vacation" and S03E12, "Traveling Salesmen".

It's that magical Friday again, but Michael is too busy trying to improve his morale with the warehouse guys. And he is not afraid of bringing the big guns. After all, what could go wrong?

Moving on? by Lizby

Rated: MA • 20 Reviews20
Summary: It was in that moment that she realized that he had truly moved on. That Jim Halpert didn't love her anymore. Which also led her to another realization, it was time for her to move on as well. Season 3 AU, set after Ben Franklin.

No Turning Back by Soupsnakes1018

Rated: K+ • 2 Reviews2
Summary: Jim knows Karen deserves better, but so does he. 

Unwrapped by Coley

Rated: MA • 41 Reviews56

Jim and Pam, a snowstorm, and a bottle of tequila. Could a Christmas miracle finally force these two to be honest with each other? 

Takes place immediately following A Benihana Christmas. 

The Romantic History of Jim Halpert by SprinklesTheCat

Rated: MA • 10 Reviews9

Pam and Jim just started dating, and Pam’s curious about Jim’s romantic past. He pretty much knows all about hers, such as it is, so it seems only fair. 

Here's a Hypothetical by Mel Like Mellow

Rated: T • 82 Reviews39
Summary: "If I thought that Pam was interested..."

What would happen if Pam's courage from Beach Games sprouted a little bit earlier? Say... at Phyllis' wedding?

Jim/Pam, circa Season 3.

Being Honest by JamLove17

Rated: M • 9 Reviews18

When Roy attacks Jim in the office, it isn't his first time hurting someone. Pam acts odd during her apology to Jim, and for the first time since the merger, he can't bring himself to ignore it. A two or three part AU based around “Cocktails” (S3,E18) and “The Negotiation” (S3, E19).

This is such a bad summary, I promise the story is better!

One Week After by NobleLandMermaid

Rated: M • 24 Reviews18

Checking in on Jim's thoughts a week after certain events.
*double update: Chap 8 + 9 posted**

He Lifts Me,But Never Once Carried by middleclassfraud

Rated: T • 3 Reviews3
Summary: Her room is filled with colors,painted with the mess that she creates.Her room is always filled with her drawings,not on the walls but in corner ,in one pile stacked on top of one another ,or scrunched in a ball because they were just not good enough,at least not yet.

Asset Management by Comfect Past Featured Story

Rated: M • 45 Reviews33

Jim and Pam are CIA agents assigned to break a Scranton element of a smuggling ring. "Stamford" is a cover for Jim being recalled to Langley after confessing his feelings for Pam, but now he's coming back. And he has to recruit Dwight as an asset.

NOW COMPLETE. Set in AU S3. Spoilers through S3.

Angry Letters by Rach3l

Rated: T • 14 Reviews29

Pam decides to write angry letters without sending them. Or, well, the modern equivalent thereof. A fun little romp of a story!

AU: Canon divergence. Pam doesn't get back together with Roy in season 3. She leaves the wedding when he asks her to dance. They are not together for her art show. They don't go to Poor Richard's, she doesn't tell him about the kiss with Jim, and he never tries to attack Jim in the office. 

The Book by shutterbug

Rated: T • 8 Reviews9
Summary: Dwight drags Pam from the warehouse luau to reveal a book of secrets and renew her hope for the future.  Post-Back From Vacation (S3E12). References to "The Merger" (S3E8). 

The Receptionist by Kat11

Rated: M • 14 Reviews10

  AU. Jim's at corporate. Engaged to Karen. But what happens when he gets a new redheaded green-eyed secretary?

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All rights to NBC. But if I did, well let's just say this show would've been on HBO or showtime. 

When He Found Her / When She Lost Him by NobleLandMermaid

Rated: T • 3 Reviews4
Summary:  A response to this challenge "Get Jim & Karen together/apart in 55 words". Jim and Karen's (and Pam's) relationship in 6 55-word parts.

all the things that happened after casino night (and all the things that didn't) by thatsparrow

Rated: K+ • 2 Reviews2

It’s not as if she’s never seen his desk without him sitting there, because of course she has. He’s stayed home sick, made occasional—if unexciting—use of his vacation days, gone on sales calls — she knows what the office looks like when the shape of him is missing, when she glances up and there’s an absence where the slope of his shoulders is supposed to be.

As she settles in that first day of his absence, hangs her coat and takes her seat, Pam lets herself miss him as a coworker and as a best friend and that’s it. Work will be work, with or without Jim Halpert.

But that’s a lie, because of course it is.


A series of one-shots retelling season 3 from Pam's perspective

Set Fire to the Rain by Dedeen

Rated: K • 126 Reviews34
Summary: A story of an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream and an unforgettable love

Years later by Jimothyhalpert

Rated: T • 6 Reviews2
Summary: They both had settled into different lives but when they meet again they realize how close they were.

Just a Kiss by BluetimesTwo

Rated: T • 10 Reviews9
Summary: Season 2 AU, post "Ben Franklin." I'm pretty sure Jim would have been angry had he known what Karen said to Pam in the kitchen. Epilogue now added!

Best That You Can Do by callisto

Rated: T • 12 Reviews6
Summary: How was getting dumped beside a fountain not the worst part of all this?

Phyllis' Wedding by rahenson1

Rated: K • 1 Reviews
Summary: Jim puts it all together.

Back From Vacation by rahenson1

Rated: K • 1 Reviews
Summary: A look at how the story of Karen's house hunting might have turned out differently if Jim had been the one to find Pam crying on Inventory Night.

mcintosh, golden delicious, granny smith by bebitched

Rated: K+ • 5 Reviews4

Teacher!AU. Pam/Katy.

 When Pam started as the new art teacher, she could never have predicted this.