Genres: Humor

Disappointment by LoveFool

Rated: K • 20 Reviews11
Summary: Spoilers through "The Promotion".  I don't think I've ever written a good and proper fight between Jim and Pam.  I thought it might be fun to take a crack at my own "fight" sort of way. ;-)

A Woman Waits for Me by Kestrel

Rated: K+ • 107 Reviews39
Summary: Fluff + Jam = Happiness. Just little phone conversations I could imagine Jim and Pam having. Spoilers through the S5.

Some Things Still Fit by LoveFool

Rated: K • 24 Reviews7
Summary: Pam's dealing with things that don't fit...and some things that always do. No Spoilers.

There's a Way Out by beermefive

Rated: T • 32 Reviews16
Summary: Jim: self-made millionaire, film music composer, suffers from a brain tumor, and a widower.
Pam: art teacher, choir instructor, pianist, and the former Mrs. Halpert.
Holly: psychiatrist, recent divorcee, apathetic.
Michael: child psychiatrist, Mini Mounds Bar tosser.
A story about love, friendship, and life
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Truth on a Roof by Trogdor19

Rated: T • 13 Reviews13
Summary: Set during Season 4, Dunder-Mifflin Infinity episode. After all they've been through to become a couple, Pam and Jim are surprisingly angst-free once they are together. Here is why that is...along with a little secret Pam was keeping about when they first got together. Short, sweet and fluffy.

236 Days by iamapam1883

Rated: T • 20 Reviews11
Summary: Pam and Jim's life behind the cameras over the course of 8 months. Set during season 2 and a sequel to What the Cameras Don't Show

A Man Does What He Must by zippity_zoppity

Rated: K+ • 10 Reviews2
Summary: “Have I ever steered you wrong, Jim?” Creed gives advice to the lovelorn. Set during Casino Night.

One Week (Abridged) by iamapam1883

Rated: M • 5 Reviews3
Summary: The obligatory JAM piece or a bad parody off my own story One Week (BadFic!)

The Totally Gay Version of Jim and Pam by firthgal

Rated: K+ • 12 Reviews6
Summary: Andy and Oscar are totally the gay version of Jim and Pam.

Tesserae by xoxoxo, Colette, sophia_helix, Annabel Winslow, Paper Jam, LoveFool, Sweetpea, thirtypercent, Steph, callisto, Talkative, bashert, Blanca Past Featured Story

Rated: M • 221 Reviews44

A series of Season 5 episode related stories. 

The Push Gift by LoveFool

Rated: K • 9 Reviews4
Summary: Jim learns something new about the world of new parents.  NO SPOILERS

A Prologue to Forever by LoveFool

Rated: K • 22 Reviews11
Summary: Feelin' kind of inspired this morning...Hope you all enjoy a little pre- JAM wedding short.  I really don't THINK there are any spoilers unless you're of the mind that they are not ever getting married. :-)

That Time Andy Bernard Met the President of the United States - Ever Heard of Him? by Emilys List

Rated: K+ • 6 Reviews4
Summary: Here Comes Treble in the West Wing.

Lights, camera, action! by bkwrm

Rated: M • 27 Reviews14

Jim and Pam want to try something new in the bedroom. Takes place between "Dinner Party" and "Goodbye Toby".

Phone Tag by JamJunkie14

Rated: K+ • 16 Reviews8
Summary: Pam decides to call Jim back after their conversation ends in The Initiation. Soon she begins to realize that the rules of Phone Tag are often complicated. A series of season 3 JAM telephone conversations.

What the Cameras Don't Show by iamapam1883 Feature

Rated: T • 8 Reviews4
Summary: A twist on the JAM story. What really happened when the cameras weren't rolling. Takes place before and during the Pilot.

World's Worst 55 Words (or something to keep me sane) by EmilyHalpert

Rated: K+ • 32 Reviews7
Summary: A series of some really warped 55 word stories that I wrote to keep myself and others sane.

The Anniversary by carbondalien

Rated: K • 3 Reviews2
Summary: Michael's 15th anniversary at Dunder-Mifflin is looming and he wants to do it up right... but he has to battle against Angela's lame party ideas and Dwight's weird ones. Meanwhile, Dwight is also busy searching for aliens and has enlisted Jim and Pam to help. Script-fic. Timeline: post-"Golden Ticket."

Them Summer Days, Those Summer Days by Little Comment

Rated: T • 41 Reviews19
Summary: An AU set in the quintessential summer locale...with a bit of a twist.

Talking Heads by Freckleface

Rated: K • 13 Reviews8
Summary: Some people have some things to say about the new office surprise. Spoilers for "Company Picnic."

Phone Calls by bkwrm

Rated: T • 12 Reviews5

Why Jim's and Pam's children developed the habit of calling home.

A Weekend With The Schrutes by Casinos and Coal Walks

Rated: K • 6 Reviews4
Summary: 55 words on Jim and Pam's weekend plans

A Prank is Born....... by Casinos and Coal Walks

Rated: K • 4 Reviews4
Summary: Jim and Pam prank Dwight K. Schrute

conversations in b minor by bebitched

Rated: K+ • 6 Reviews4
Summary: A relationship told in dialogue, in no particular order. Set mid-S5 through the distant future.

Pam, Her Yaris and Its All Too Relevant Playlist by TopSecretMission

Rated: T • 11 Reviews4
Summary: Pam's new Yaris has an interesting taste in music. Mostly spoilers from Gay Witch Hunt and beyond, but references to Season 2 as well.