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Mater/Filia by andtheivy

Rated: K+ • 13 Reviews9
Summary: Pam reflects on one of the more intimate aspects of motherhood while she and Cece share some private time together. "Mater/Filia" is Latin for "Mother/Daughter." That's what this story is about.

Dear J.D. by FlonkertonChamp

Rated: K • 16 Reviews3
Summary: Jim writes letters to his son.

A Family in Four Parts by unfold

Rated: K+ • 12 Reviews5
Summary: Three times Pam thinks she's pregnant, and one time she actually is. A/N: Okay, now I've just changed the title completely. It was a bit confusing and this one isn't much better, but oh well.

The one thing I wanted the most of by yanana

Rated: M • 8 Reviews5
Summary: I guess it's a companion piece to And All the Rules That Come With It that I wrote a while ago. Here's Pam's side.

a million tiny pieces by kaat

Rated: K+ • 50 Reviews22
Summary: she wonders what it would be like.
and then, suddenly, she doesn't have to wonder

Jim and Pam and a little thing called a baby.

Daddy's Home by LoveFool

Rated: K • 13 Reviews8
Summary: Anytime I've written babyfic, Jim is typically a natural at fatherhood and has no problem adjusting to daddyhood at all.  I thought it'd be fun to explore...the opposite of that.  

The Big 3-0 by LoveFool

Rated: K • 16 Reviews8
Summary: Jim and Pam celebrate Jim's 30th birthday, six months after baby Cece arrives.

First Birthday by Klutzygirl

Rated: K • 10 Reviews3
Summary: The Halperts celebrate Cecelia's first birthday.

Cliche's by Casinos and Coal Walks

Rated: K • 5 Reviews2
Summary: Jim's thoughts on his first evening with his daughter.

Six Weeks by yanana Past Featured Story

Rated: MA • 26 Reviews16
Summary: Had to follow up the "Money" call-back in "Secretary's Day," obviously. And don't think that "six weeks" comment in the deleted scene got by this girl!

window by window by unravel

Rated: T • 8 Reviews5
Summary: "And I hold my daughter and know that it is very amazing that we have her, that we ended up here, together."

First Night at Home by adampascalfan12

Rated: T • 6 Reviews1
Summary: This story popped in my head while watching the episode! Spoilers for The Delivery! I DON'T OWN JIM AND PAM OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS!!

Enslaved by NeverEnoughJam

Rated: T • 16 Reviews7
Summary: Jim Halpert spends some quality time with the number one woman in his life.

Soon, Maybe by Dedeen Past Featured Story

Rated: K • 14 Reviews9
Summary: Pam ponders after almost having another little accident

Love You All The Time by roundin3rd

Rated: K • 6 Reviews4
Summary: Inspired by the third deleted scene from The Delivery, because Jim had some apologizing to do.

Bed Frames by LoveFool

Rated: M • 43 Reviews14
Summary: A short series based on snapshots of Jim and Pam's lives (in bed) from the time they found out they were pregnant until now. Definitely spoilers through The Delivery.

Wrapped Around Her Finger by stjoespirit04

Rated: K • 13 Reviews7
Summary: But this is your family. Your wife and your daughter. Your little girl.

Ancient rhythm by nqllisi

Rated: K • 8 Reviews2
Summary: Jim finds Pam.

Important Moments by Klutzygirl

Rated: T • 1 Reviews
Summary: These are glimpses into the important moments of Cecelia Halpert's life.

You're Breakin' My Heart by megakel

Rated: K • 11 Reviews5
Summary: A short little family moment (and my first fic!). Spoilers for The Delivery.

You make me smile by Dedeen

Rated: K • 11 Reviews11
Summary: After yesterday's episode, I just had to post this.

babytimes by yanana Past Featured Story

Rated: M • 170 Reviews42
Summary: These are meaningless, short and simple ways for me to pass the time. Most of these have been sitting on the hard drive I've been cleaning out for the past couple of weeks (slowly but surely). Just pregnant Pam and baby fluff. They were all labeled "babytimes01.txt" on my computer, hence the name. Just vignettes, not necessarily chapters in order, and the rating is caution for later. Spoilers for the Delivery in the last chapter.

Introductions and Things Like That by yanana

Rated: T • 12 Reviews6
Summary: Spoilers for the Delivery. Ever heard of it? we'll ever be by xoxoxo

Rated: K • 13 Reviews3
Summary: Jim & Pam - the night before Pam's due date.  No spoilers unless you haven't seen an NBC promo or two involving a football and a cat.

Swell by JAMhands

Rated: MA • 10 Reviews3
Summary: Jim and Pam find a little time alone a couple of months after the baby arrives.