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Summary: Jim heads back up to the Dunder Mifflin offices after Casino Night to grab his ipod, but instead he finds Dwight...
Categories: Other
Characters: Dwight, Jim/Other
Genres: Angst, Drabble, Humor, Slash
Warnings: Mild sexual content
Completed: No
[Report This] Added: August 17, 2008

What would have happened if Jim had been a little later getting back to the office?

Categories: Episode Related, Alternate Universe
Characters: David Wallace, Dwight, Ensemble, Jim, Jim/Pam, Karen, Pam, Roy
Genres: Angst, Romance, Sick Jim/Pam, Steamy, Workdays
Warnings: Adult language, Explicit sexual content, Other Adult Theme, Violence/Injury
Completed: No
[Report This] Added: July 10, 2007