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Summary: This series will contain a story for each holiday throughout the year, big or small. Many of the chapters, but not all, will be Jim and Pam related. Some will be set in the past, some in the present, and some in the future. All stories are stand-alone and should be posted on or very near the holiday.
Categories: Episode Related, Jim and Pam, Present, Past, Future
Characters: Angela, Dwight, Ensemble, Jan, Jim, Jim/Pam, Kelly, Kevin, Michael, Pam, Phyllis/Bob Vance, Ryan, Stanley, Toby
Genres: Fluff, Holiday, Humor, Married, Sick Jim/Pam
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Stories: 12
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Pam has feelings too, it just has never been shown throughout the office. So this is what my opinion of Pam's feelings would be after every episode.

Categories: Jim and Pam
Characters: Dwight, Jim/Pam, Karen, Michael, Roy
Genres: Angst, Fluff, Romance, Workdays
Warnings: Adult language, Mild sexual content
Challenges: None
Stories: 0
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Summary: Each story will be a take on a Twilight Zone episode with our beloved TO characters.

Categories: Other
Characters: Michael
Genres: Dream/Fantasy, Suspense
Warnings: No Warnings Apply
Challenges: None
Stories: 1
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