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Entries for the 2017 Valentine's Day Writing Contest, complied for your convenience!

Winners Announced!

Readers' Choice: Out of the Fog by Kat11
Moderators' Choice: Blue Valentine by shutterbug

stories/3186/images/VDayWinner-ReadersSm.jpg stories/3186/images/VDayWinner-modsSm.jpg

Categories: Jim and Pam
Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam, Pam
Genres: Angst, Drama, Drunk Pam/Jim, Inner Monologue, Kids/Family, Oneshot, Romance, Steamy, Workdays
Warnings: Adult language, Explicit sexual content, Moderate sexual content, Other Adult Theme
Challenges: Valentine's Day Writing Contest 2017
Stories: 6
Open: Closed [Report This]