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Summary: No theme, really, but each of these ten stories will have a number (from one to ten) in the title.
Categories: Jim and Pam
Characters: None
Genres: Drama, Romance, Steamy, Suspense
Warnings: Moderate sexual content, Other Adult Theme, Possible Triggers, Secondary Character Death, Violence/Injury
Challenges: None
Stories: 4
Open: Closed [Report This]

A week after Casino Night, Pam calls Jim’s Stamford work number.  She leaves him a message, telling him the truth.
— Part 1: All I Needed
— Part 2: All I Ever Knew

Categories: Jim and Pam, Other, Alternate Universe
Characters: Ensemble, Jim/Pam
Genres: Drama, Drunk Pam/Jim, Fluff, Holiday, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, In Stamford, Inner Monologue, Romance, Travel, Workdays
Warnings: Adult language, Other Adult Theme, Possible Triggers
Challenges: None
Stories: 1
Open: Closed [Report This]