Big Announcement! More Than That is now Yeah You Get It

For nearly 13 years MoreThanThat's focus has been Jim & Pam. But today we are announcing a big change. We will be shifting our focus to a different ship, someone we feel is Pam's true soulmate. No, not him. Not him either. Not her. Yes, it's Kelly's neighbor Alan! Pam + Alan, or "Pamalan" if you will. We will be rebranding as "Yeah, You Get It", a classic swoonworthy line from Alan.

You may be skeptical but here is evidence that this is Pam's true soulmate.

First off he's a cartoonist, so right away he and Pam have a ton in common. And he's serious about his art, he lives it, he even dreams in cartoons. Look at this pure talent flowing through him.

Alan's cartoon Freedom Fries

"Freedom Fries"? Topical! Truly this comic will be the next Doonsbury.

But just look at him.


That smoulder! Jim who?

And then the incredibly subtle chest glance.

Alan's subtle chest glance

Yum! Guys, definitely do this on blind dates in front of your date's friends, women love it!

Pam buttons

Pam's playing coy and buttoning up now but she will definitely be unbuttoning that shirt later tonight. When she goes to bed *wink* *wink*

What are your favorite Pamalan moments?

April Fools! If it wasn't obvious. But no we're JAM for life here, if you missed our silly Pamalan header you can click here .

--Admin Team on April 01, 2019 08:40 am 3 Comments
FINALLY! I’ve been searching for a place for all of my Alan fic. 
- Coley on April 01, 2019 08:58 am
I love you, admins! My cardiologist... not so much.
- Kuri333 on April 01, 2019 09:09 am
Does anyone have Pamalan fic ready to go? We really ought to purge the archive of all that outdated JAM stuff.
- Comfect on April 01, 2019 11:03 am