Reviews For No End in Sight
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Reviewer: EmilyHalpert Signed [Report This]
Date: December 10, 2007 03:27 pm Title: Chapter 1

Even just reading about that scene, like. 7 months later, still brings a HUGE smile to my face.

It is going to be good. So good.

Reviewer: Rowena666 Signed [Report This]
Date: June 06, 2007 09:19 am Title: Chapter 1

“This is gonna be good, huh?”

She smiled and gave a small nod. “Yeah.” sweet and simple. Lovely!

Author's Response: Thanks, Rowena! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Reviewer: Donnelly Signed [Report This]
Date: June 01, 2007 06:28 pm Title: Chapter 1

this is so good. it so needs more chapters.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks Donnelly! Glad you liked it! I'm trying to get inspired to write more in general, so your encouragement is much appreciated!

Reviewer: EverybodyHurts Signed [Report This]
Date: May 30, 2007 06:50 am Title: Chapter 1

Nice story.  I like how you compare Jim bursting into the conference room with Pam's coal walk speech.  They finally got their feelings out in words.  Yay!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks, EverybodyHurts! Glad you liked it...and I second your "yay"!! :)

Reviewer: kaystar Signed 8 [Report This]
Date: May 26, 2007 07:10 pm Title: Chapter 1

I love how Jim admitted how excited he was - what a sweet and romantic thing to do. 

Author's Response: Ohh, me too, kaystar! I was trying to think of what would happen if they did talk after that, when both of them were caught up in the moment. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: flamingosinparadise Signed [Report This]
Date: May 21, 2007 07:39 pm Title: Chapter 1

Very cute.  I love that Jim came back to the room after the taping.  And love Pam joking about her coal walk confession.  Very well done.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks so much, flamingos! Glad you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: gotkona Signed [Report This]
Date: May 21, 2007 08:50 am Title: Chapter 1

Very sweet

Author's Response: Thanks, gotkona! Short and sweet. :)

Reviewer: Too Late Kev Signed [Report This]
Date: May 21, 2007 08:09 am Title: Chapter 1


Author's Response: Thanks, Too Late! Next season's gonna be fun!!

Reviewer: lisahoo Signed [Report This]
Date: May 21, 2007 07:21 am Title: Chapter 1

This is sweet and so appropriate to the sweet little moment we saw onscreen.  "this is gonna be good!"

Author's Response: Aw, thanks very much, lisahoo! It's just a short little thing, but in my head it went nicely with that moment. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: nqllisi Signed [Report This]
Date: May 21, 2007 05:19 am Title: Chapter 1

It's gonna be good, absolutely! *sigh* Very nice.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it, lis! 

Reviewer: Colette Signed [Report This]
Date: May 21, 2007 03:04 am Title: Chapter 1

Lovely, sweet, quiet moment. I like that you kept it simple - in the tone of that scene. And their exchange in the last two lines pretty much sums up what most of us are feeling, I think. Gonna be good, indeed.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Colette! Gah, I can't wait to see what the REAL writers do with it.

Reviewer: Morning Angel Signed [Report This]
Date: May 21, 2007 12:39 am Title: Chapter 1

That was a nice little moment between them. :) Indeed, it was so much that Pam had to stay put for a moment.

Author's Response: Thanks, MA! I just wanted to expand on that moment a little bit just for my own mind. :) Glad you liked it!

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