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Reviewer: nqllisi Signed [Report This]
Date: July 27, 2009 08:31 am Title: sink

What a vivid picture you've conjured up here. Awful and haunting- how wrong, a world where Pam and Jim are not together.  I never watched China Beach, but this is surely a lovely tribute to that show, if it conjured up such a well-crafted gem.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks, Lis! The finale of China Beach is a heartbreaker, but so were several of the episodes. I'd be interested to see it again to see if it's still powerful. The best episodes had interviews (a lot like TO's talking heads) with actual Vietnam-era combat nurses.

Reviewer: kaystar Signed 8 [Report This]
Date: January 15, 2008 08:24 pm Title: sink

"She had sat in her car outside the hotel and watched them arrive.  A few fond memories tagged along behind them like ducklings, but nothing (no one) compelling enough to draw her out from behind her seatbelt.  She had told herself that she was just curious.  As the minutes became hours, though, curiosity had rolled over into disappointment, then sadness, then embarrassment."

So beautiful, as always.

(FYI, after "Couch", I thought you were naming stories after household things.... yes - I am a dumb a$$)

Author's Response: Thanks, kaystar - and you weren't wrong about the household object thing - I wanted titles that evoked ordinary objects, but that also had other meanings - hence her moment over the sink in this one, followed later by the sinking sensation. :)

Reviewer: StarShine Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: January 08, 2008 05:07 am Title: sink

beautifully tragic! 

Author's Response: Thanks, StarShine!

Reviewer: elly Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: January 07, 2008 01:13 pm Title: sink

Just read it again after our lovely PM convo on the boards and i didn't think it was possible but it's even more heartbreaking than before. Your ability to convey so much loss,sadness,and giving up in a short amount of words amazes me. I love it.

Author's Response: Thanks, elly, for reading + reviewing again - I love hearing that a piece is just as effective, or more so, on a second pass. :)

Reviewer: Colette Signed [Report This]
Date: January 07, 2008 12:13 pm Title: sink

Once again, you break my heart with surgical precision. Those final three lines were aimed right at my aorta. And since I've now worked this heart metaphor to the ground, I'll end here - just so good. It hurts.

Author's Response: Thanks, Colette!  I hear that happy Jim/Pam is good for a broken heart...

Reviewer: elly Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: January 07, 2008 11:55 am Title: sink

Wow, this was great. Truly stunning and to repeat what everyone has already said, the imagery was superb! I can't think of any more positive adjectives to describe this story. Can't wait to read what's next in this series.

Author's Response: Thanks, elly!  I'm always happy to hear that a fic created vivid images for the reader.

Reviewer: xoxoxo Signed 9 [Report This]
Date: January 07, 2008 11:33 am Title: sink

What.  You wait for me to write something fluffy and then smack me down?? Nice.  Reallllllll nice.  I see how it is.

I wish I could be mad at you - but with words like these I simply can't.  My heart aches for Pam and the poor guy on the other side of the phone - whoever that was.  

Like lis said - the imagery is so vivid throughout.   I felt like I couldn't breathe at times.

Or maybe that's just my sinus infection. ;)

All kidding aside - because this was too good to make light of - I'm so very glad to be reading something you've written - even if the angst makes me feel like I'm drowning too.

Author's Response:

"...the poor guy at the other end of the phone - whoever that was."

Heh.  Deny much?  Seriously, thanks, Krissy - I think I'm working up to a longer angsty piece but for now, they'll be short - so you can recover from them :)

Reviewer: nqllisi Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: January 07, 2008 10:50 am Title: sink

 It came again, the voice, like the beam of a lighthouse.  Scattering the dark, illuminating the crests around her.  A path to shore.  She closed her eyes against the light, felt warmth on her face, and filled her lungs with fresh air. Then remembered the pain.  Rocks, and hidden piers.  Riptides. That was no safe port.  Besides, it was no longer her home.  She lived here, in the water.  At least until she tired of treading.

You really are in the angst zone, aren't you? Lovely, staggeringly powerful imagery here. The idea that she still reacts like that to him, even though at some time, the path to happily-ever-after flooded and left her so adrift. Gorgeous.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Lis -- and your review continues the theme of the fic -- awesome :)

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