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Reviewer: pamelamorganhalpert Signed [Report This]
Date: September 01, 2009 04:21 pm Title: Chapter 2

oh my god, that was cute, nice job ass-kicking you guys!

Reviewer: unfailingtwilight Signed [Report This]
Date: April 07, 2009 01:00 pm Title: Chapter 1

<3 <3

Reviewer: Hannah_Halpert Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: February 21, 2009 02:14 am Title: Chapter 2


After a few seconds, he clears his throat. "Uh...could you...give me some space here?" < PERFECT

amazing, brilliant, awesome, excellent, mind blowing, fab, fantastic, squee tastic.

Reviewer: wendolf Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: June 02, 2008 12:03 pm Title: Chapter 2

Part 2:

Okay, this? Laughed out loud:

  • "Okay." She takes in a deep breath. "It's the mung beans."

    "I knew it." He twists his lips. "That slick old bastard."

  • She sucks in a breath, out of habit preparing herself for his ribbing, accusing her of making too much of nothing -- a part of Roy's legacy that she's still working on shaking. -- This is perfect. My husband is a teaser, and I often find myself bracing myself for ribbing that may or may not come, depending on his mood. So I loved this.

  • His voice cracks, and in the shadow of all the things Roy had failed to understand, she can't tell whether he's excited or incredulous. -- This, too, is perfect. Jim's polar opposite-ness of Roy still throws her off, and I love how you phrased it: "in the shadow..." Really nice.

  • She's not sure why she feels so embarrassed all of a sudden, but she just does; he's been so proud of her, so supportive to this point that it's a little humiliating to admit to him just how much she's lacking. -- Oh, we're all humiliated to admit how much we're lacking, aren't we? So true. I thought Jim was feeling this same emotion in "Did I Stutter" when Pam asked about what went down with Ryan. Like he didn't want to admit that he had somehow fallen short.

  • It hadn't even occurred to her to look; she'd been conditioned to resignation, settling...had out of long habit begun the process of attempting to convince herself that the classes would be a waste of time and money, that her dream of pursuing a career related to her art would be childish and immature. -- This is what I love about this whole chapter: it really captures the universal truth of what it's like to be trained to think success (in anything) is unlikely, undeserved, unrealistic.

  • It's just what he does; it's just who he is. -- This is what has transformed millions of women around the world into lovers of a fictional TV character. Who Jim is is exactly what we love.

  • She tells herself that she's spoiled now, that's all; she's just not used to being disappointed anymore -- Yep. That's how I took Pam's look at the end of GT. Not worried, not afraid Jim didn't love her anymore. Just uncharacteristically disappointed. I think she looked that way most of S1 and S2 when she was with Roy. She just forgot what it felt like.

    Okay, there is probably more I could add, but I'll leave it at that for now. As always, great great job.

    Author's Response:

    Good lord, woman, you deserve an award for taking so much time on a review!  THANK YOU -- seriously, I so appreciate it.  I'm really glad the Roy "haunting" rang true for you.  I've always thought that one of the best things about Pam and Jim finally getting together (for her) would be how very different he is from Roy.  I dated a guy pre-Mr. Girl7 who was a commitment phobe, didn't want to express himself AT ALL (we're talking ten months into the relationship -- after having been close friends for seven years -- he still wasn't comfortable talking about what he felt or wanted).  Anyway, after that guy, Mr. Girl7 seemed like a miracle, lol, because he's pretty open and expressive.  So I could sort of relate to what it might've been like for Pam to transition from one guy to a completely different one.  (Did that make any sense at all??)

    Anyway, thank you so much for your awesome review -- you rock! 

  • Reviewer: wendolf Signed 10 [Report This]
    Date: June 02, 2008 11:50 am Title: Chapter 1

    Hey, girl7! I'm back (finally) to complete my better-late-than-never detailed review ;-) It will be in two parts, so I can easily more easily quote you back to you...

    Okay, my first favorite bit:

  • It's weird, because the whole experience of seeing him take so many hits lately has been humbling for her, in some strange way making her realize that even though she'd spent almost ten years with Roy, she'd really always been alone. -- This is the heart of what was wrong with Roy and Pam -- being together alone. It's never any good, is it?

  • Jim had glanced quickly back at Pam, something guilty on his face, as if he knew he was about to sell them both out -- their past, their connection...their aborted future.-- I could totally see this, Jim struggling with all the information coming at him (kinda' like Pam on CN), trying to be the good boyfriend without lying about his feelings.

  • "I have no idea." She was starting to laugh even harder -- the kind of unfettered laughter that comes from complete exhaustion, from being unable to fake it anymore. -- I love this kind of laughter, and this is an excellent description.

  • Once upon a time, they'd whiled away hours playing this kind of mindless, silly game, because it was a convenient subterfuge for all the the things they really wanted to be saying...and doing. -- "Convenient suberfuge" -- perfect. Also, the "and doing" at the end is kinda' hot. ;-)

    Sorry if the formatting on this sucks -- I wish you could preview reviews. Okay, on to the second part...That one might even be longer than this one. :-)

    Author's Response:

    First of all: Big fat shame on me for taking so long to respond to your review!  I'm so sorry.  That said: Thank you so much for leaving such a thoughtful, detailed review; those are always so much fun to read!  One of the things I love about reading reviews is that the reviewers around here are so sharp that they often pick up on things that I hadn't even been aware of myself, and you really articulated what I was getting at with your comment about Roy and Pam "being together alone."  Wow.  Perfect way to put it.

    Thanks so much for reviewing!

  • Reviewer: belsum Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 28, 2008 12:30 pm Title: Chapter 2

    Oh that was perfect!  Absolutely right.  The tears were in my eyes, too.

    Author's Response:

    Yay - so glad you liked it!  I found it oddly difficult to write the proposal scene.  I'm the queen of angst and melodrama (especially in my earlier stuff, which makes me cringe), but there was something just intrinsically corny about writing a proposal that almost skeeved me out.  I have no idea why that is, either.  :o)

    Anyway, glad you liked it!

    Reviewer: belsum Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 28, 2008 12:17 pm Title: Chapter 1

    I like that this retrospective is from Pam's perspective.  I also like that it's Pam that gets things back to normal since so often in fic that's Jim's role instead.

    Author's Response:

    You make an interesting point there (that Jim's usually the one to address the awkwardness head on); I hadn't even really thought about that when I was writing this.  Hmm.  :o) (That's why reviews are awesome.)

    Thanks for reviewing, as always!

    Reviewer: thatswhatshesaid Signed 10 [Report This]
    Date: May 23, 2008 05:39 pm Title: Chapter 1

    I LOVE their first date!
    Because that's EXACTLY them, congratulations for hitting the nail on the head ;-)

    (that sorta sounded dirty in some very strange way)

    Author's Response:

    Wow, thank you so much!  I've written their first date before (was one of the bazillion people who churned out a first date fic after "The Job" aired), so I wanted this version to be slightly different.  And while I think we'd all love to imagine that the first date was all fireworks and easy sailing, I could see it being a little awkward -- as in, now what...?  So it's great to hear that you thought I nailed it.  (And you thought YOUR comment sounded dirty....)  :o)

    Thanks for reviewing!

    Reviewer: Aurorabee Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 23, 2008 05:35 pm Title: Chapter 2

    I love it! You're *so* right -- that alone is sufficiently ass kickin'. Thank you for this!

    Author's Response: So here I am, nearly a month later, just now getting around to responding to your review.  (*hanging head in embarrassment*)  I'm so glad you enjoyed it; I wanted to offer up something, at least, in an effort to cheer up the disgruntled among us.  :o) Thanks for reviewing!

    Reviewer: brokenloon Signed 10 [Report This]
    Date: May 23, 2008 08:00 am Title: Chapter 2

    This was great...everything I love about a girl7 story in two easy chapters.  (A partial list of what I love in girl7 stories:  The flawless, distinctive writing, the perfectly captured voices and wit of the characters, the realistic, adult romance and sentimentality.). 

    So glad to have you rockin' the fic and the boards these days. 

    Author's Response: Wow -- I'm really flattered that those are things you see in my stories, seriously, because those are my top priorities when I'm writing.  Thanks so much for all the kind words!

    Reviewer: Abigail Signed 10 [Report This]
    Date: May 23, 2008 07:27 am Title: Chapter 2

    I'm most definitely gruntled!  Filling in the gaps the way you did for BG, TJ and JF was so cathartic.  This is one of the best post-GT proposal stories yet!  The writers didn't give the people what they want, but you sure did!  Thanks for writing it!

    Author's Response:

    Yay for leaving you gruntled!  :o) It's weird because I started this after JF, and as I was watching the finale, I knew I definitely wanted to explore what might've happened after the party.  But I hadn't intended on the flashbacks; they just sort of happened as I was writing.  So I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed them!

    Thanks for reviewing!

    Reviewer: Daoust Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 23, 2008 07:16 am Title: Chapter 1

    girl7, you are such a gifted writer.  You have such a comfort, such ease with your words.  You make it look so easy.  Wow. Great job.

    Author's Response: Wow -- thank you so much, Daoust!  I really appreciate your always taking the time to review, BTW.  :o)

    Reviewer: gotkona Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 23, 2008 06:21 am Title: Chapter 2

    Much better than GT for sure.

    Author's Response: Thanks, gothkona!  And thanks, too, for reviewing!

    Reviewer: gotkona Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 23, 2008 06:17 am Title: Chapter 1

    Love the start. Off to read more.

    Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it so far!

    Reviewer: standinginthedoorway Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 23, 2008 05:00 am Title: Chapter 2

    So sweet! Loved it!

    There's something mischievous in his eyes as he informs her, "And just for the record, you totally didn't let me get it all out; I think you just agreed to do me."

    HEE! And well, who wouldn't agree to that?

    Author's Response:

    Heh -- I'm thinking there aren't very many people on this site who wouldn't agree to that!  (Well, maybe not Cousin Mose, brokenloon, Swedge, or any of the other heterosexual guys who posts here, lol.)  I'm glad you liked that line; I wondered if anybody would be disappointed that I didn't keep the proposal completely serious, but I just couldn't help myself.  :o)

    Thanks for reviewing!

    Reviewer: shootingstars Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 23, 2008 01:42 am Title: Chapter 2

    This is brilliant, which is exactly what I've come to expect from you. I love the little glimpses into the past and obviously the proposal is just wonderful. And I love love love this moment at the end:
    There's something mischievous in his eyes as he informs her, "And just for the record, you totally didn't let me get it all out; I think you just agreed to do me
    That is just SO Jim, it's unbelievable.

    Author's Response:

    So glad you liked that!  I mentioned earlier that writing the proposal just squicked me out (long story, but essentially, I live in the south, where a frightening number of people tend to believe that your life is simply not complete until a guy gives you a ring...and thereby a life.  blech).  I also found that it was really difficult to write the proposal without it dissolving into a big old melodramatic puddle of sappiness.  :o)

    Anyway, I found it much easier to write the scene with some humor in there.  :o)

    Thanks so much for reviewing!

    Reviewer: LoveFool Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 22, 2008 11:13 pm Title: Chapter 2

    Thank you for fixing this Girl7!  I loved how you filled in some of those moments from Beach Games and from Job Fair...I think my favorite scene was her telling him about the graphic design and his unwaivering support of her finding somewhere to go.  Such a juxtaposition (between Roy and Jim) this was in the show, and I'm glad you played that up! Nicely done.

    Author's Response:

    Thanks so much, LoveFool!  I mentioned in an earlier review that I'd worried about the flashbacks -- was afraid they'd disrupt the story -- so I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed them.  Like Casino Night, I think I could write a billion different explorations of what happened after Beach Games & The Job and never get bored.  ;o)

    Thanks so much for reviewing!

    Reviewer: PamPongChamp Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 22, 2008 10:27 pm Title: Chapter 2

    you kicked my ass too!! I'm so glad that all these perfect proposal stories are starting to heal my finale wounds.

    I love your writing so very much.  And I think it's neat to see how much it's grown and changed since the first couple.  I dunno if that's sappy or stalker-y but I just thought you should know that I think you're awesome. :o)


    Author's Response:

    Well I'm glad I kicked your ass!  :o) (There's a sentence I don't think I've ever written before....)  Listen, I so appreciate what you said about seeing how my writing has changed since my first fics, because believe me, I look back at a lot -- a LOT -- of my older stuff and actually cringe.  The only thing keeping me from taking a lot of it down is the fact that people took the time to review it, so I feel like I should leave it up.  But still....*shudder* :o)

    Thanks so much for your kind words! 

    Reviewer: honeypioneer Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 22, 2008 10:04 pm Title: Chapter 2

    Great job! I'm just going to pretend that this is what happened after GT and all will be good. Honestly, though...each of the little snippets were very Jim and Pam. It's so obvious that Jim really cares about Pam's dreams, and it's nice that she can try to repair her old habits with Jim by her side. Nicely done!

    Author's Response:

    You and me both, sister!  Seriously, I really, really think we'll get a flashback in the season premiere -- or at least a TH from one or both of Jim & Pam telling us that he proposed later that night.  I just don't see any reason why he wouldn't have, given how disappointed Pam so clearly was.  Sigh.

    Thanks so much for reviewing!

    Reviewer: officerules06 Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 22, 2008 08:49 pm Title: Chapter 2

    awesome, girl7! i loved the way you included the flashbacks. you do such a great job of writing jim & pam. you just "get" them, you know? thank you!

    Author's Response:

    I'm so glad you liked the flashbacks, because they were one of the things I was actually concerned about; I worried that they'd be too distracting or would disrupt the flow of the story.  But my fantastic beta gave them the thumbs up, so I left them in -- glad you liked them! 

    It's also really, really flattering that you think I "get" the characters, because that's all I'm after, ultimately.  So thank you!  :O)

    Reviewer: Kestrel Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 22, 2008 08:36 pm Title: Chapter 2

    This was awesome. There was some really good writing - I especially liked the phrase

    "...and in the shadow of all the things Roy had failed to understand..."

    I definitely enjoyed it.

    Author's Response:

    I'm glad you liked it, Kestrel!  (Are you new here?  If so, welcome!)  Glad that line resonated for you as well; I've always thought that even though being with Jim would be such an amazing change from Roy, it would probably take Pam a while to get used to not being treated the way Roy treated her.  (And that was an awful, awkward sentence -- sorry.)  :o)

    Thanks for reviewing!

    Reviewer: wendolf Signed 10 [Report This]
    Date: May 22, 2008 07:37 pm Title: Chapter 2

    Oh, girl7. Why do you and Stablergirl have to post so close to when I do? Seriously, it's hard to read your stuff (wow) and then read mine (ick). Loved this entire two-shot. Every word. I will try to re-review tomorrow after I've read it again and can give you specifics. Just, thanks for making my Office-less Thursday night so much better!

    Author's Response: Oh shut it, sister; your story was ten shades of awesome!  I'm glad the story made up for the lack of Office last night.  (I was sooo feeling the show's absence as well, which is probably very sad, but still....)  :o) Thanks for reviewing!

    Reviewer: NanReg Signed 10 [Report This]
    Date: May 22, 2008 06:51 pm Title: Chapter 2

    So, I immediately jump on this:  "Okay." He takes in a deep breath, then carefully opens the velvet box in his hand as she gasps. "So...Pamela Morgan Beesly...would you do me -"  "HELL YEAH!" I say.  And then you have him finish the sentence ; )  *giggle* 

    Here's my wish:  that you and Becky215 and Stablergirl and Wendolf and Sweetpea and Moxie and any of my other faves who I may inadvertently be neglecting to mention in my glee would be able to take over as writers for the show.  Now, I ask you, is that an unreasonable request?  I don't think so! 

    Author's Response:

    You know, I found myself oddly squicked out at writing the proposal scene (weird, I know), so I just had to insert some humor in there.  And of course, I knew most readers would probably love to hear Jim ask, "Would you do me....?"  LOL  (I'm sick and wrong, I know....)

    And I'm totally honored that you'd put me in the company of such stellar writers as the ones you mentioned!  But you don't want me writing for the show, trust me.  It'd be much like the BBC versions of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares -- every single episode, Jim would end up taking off his shirt for no apparent reason.  ;o)  (I don't know if you watch the Ramsay shows on BBC America, but my husband and I get cracked up because literally in every single episode, Ramsay does a TH while changing into his chef's jacket.)

    Thanks for reviewing!

    Reviewer: lisahoo Signed [Report This]
    Date: May 22, 2008 06:36 pm Title: Chapter 2

    Guh.  I think when Pam realizes how long Jim has had that ring, it will do all the kicking. 

    Author's Response: No kidding! :o) Thanks for reviewing!

    Reviewer: NanReg Signed 9 [Report This]
    Date: May 22, 2008 06:34 pm Title: Chapter 1

    Girl7! Oh, this day just gets better and better!  His head falls back when she reaches beneath his boxers; he bites his lip for a second as she works her magic, then whispers, "Yeah...I really like you."  Yum yum YUM!  On to chapter 2...

    Author's Response:

    Thanks so much NanReg; I'm glad you enjoyed that little opening scene.  ;oD

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