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Reviewer: ftmill16 Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: February 12, 2011 05:34 am Title: We have the rug burn to prove it

:::::fanning self::::: That was really HOT! Smuttiest you've ever written? Who cares?! It was great, well written and believable, to me THAT'S what matters! I really like that you gave this an entire chapter of it's own because I really think it needed it. Also, I like the uuummm... let's say, false start, where they couldn't go any farther in the last chapter because to me that really set this one up well. It let us know that reguardless of their intentions, which are admirable though not really realistic, they are honestly ready to take the leap into a physical relationship and really, there isn't a lot of reason to just keep dancing around it. I hope that although they've really jumped ahead of themselves here a bit, and I really think that's fine, I would still like to see him ask er out and take her on a proper date(s) because she deserves that and so does he. I think they both need and deserve the fun and courtesies of a new relationship even if some things can be dispensed with because of the situation. I just love each of their deep declarations of love at the end here. I just get the sense that it's such of a relief to each of them not only to be able to say it out loud to each other but even just to truly admit it to themselves, especially for Pam.

Just curios, during this break up, moving out, dividing the household thing, has Pam had contact with the Halpert parents or is that something that we will see her first contact with them? I'm just curious because we know that they handled things really well with their boys but otoh Pam IS the one that while she made one son the happiest he has probably ever been, she hurt their other son. Just wondering what their reaction is and if they will be resentful about her waiting though they should understand since it kinda went according to Jim's timing. She was obviously prepared to marry Roy, right or wrong.

Shorter review this chapter but WOW, what a fantastic one! Oh and thank you SO much for the quick updates. Because of my health a lot of times reading these fics truly are the highlight of my pathetic life so it's like getting a little gift when I check in and see another brand new chapter. SOOOO cannot wait for more! Keep it coming!

Author's Response: Thanks ftmill16! Smut isn't my strong suit, but I just can't help myself in adding it to stories. Pam hasn't had contact with the Halperts yet. I don't have it planned that you will see the first contact (I'm always changing my mind though), but you will see them meet up before we end the story. And Pam and Jim will be doing regular people dating stuff soon.

Reviewer: Vampiric Blood Signed [Report This]
Date: February 12, 2011 04:14 am Title: We have the rug burn to prove it

That was certainly fun!! I didn't think your Pam & Jim could hold out for long. :-) Now what?!

Author's Response: Yeah those two crazy kids couldn't keep their hands off each other. Now we get into the relationship stuff. Should be fun too...?

Reviewer: Deedldee Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: February 11, 2011 01:45 pm Title: We should slow this down

Reposting my review, because the first one I wrote was mildly incoherent.

I patiently wait for the next chapter... Seriously, you've made me believe that Jim and Roy are brothers. I thoroughly adore the Jim and Pam relationship, it's sweet, funny and just so them. This is great!

Author's Response: Awesome! Thank you so much. I'm glad you like their relationship. I was nervous that my extreme AU would be too extreme with them as brothers. Also, sorry I didn't respond to your first review. I didn't realize that I wasn't receiving emails from mtt about reviews.

Reviewer: perfect_match Signed [Report This]
Date: February 11, 2011 01:14 pm Title: We should slow this down

There are so many things I love about this chapter. The sweetness of them in the beginning, wanting to go slow but getting caught up in the moment a little. I love how in character you have them in this setting. And I really like how you wrote Roy. I have read so many fics where he's just out of control all the time. Yes, you gave him a DUI in keeping with that sort of self destruction over losing Pam, but you really humanized him with the way he acts with Jim. I like that you made Roy self aware enough to know that he treated Pam poorly. I am looking forward to reading your next chapter. Bring on the steam!

Author's Response: Thank you perfect_match! Nothing makes me happier than when people say they loved a chapter! I hate reading angry violent Roy. Always makes me kind of sad. The steam is on its way... :)

Reviewer: bufffy6 Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: February 11, 2011 01:05 pm Title: We should slow this down

Another great chapter! I'm feeling very spoiled by all these updates. :)

I like how you're writing Roy, because of course he would be pissed but not entirely surprised by the situation.

Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'll try to keep updating at the same speed! I've got a ton of free time now.

Reviewer: khand3stooges Signed [Report This]
Date: February 11, 2011 11:02 am Title: We should slow this down

I am so sorry that I have never commented on this story. I admit I was a little worried to read a Roy/Pam story being such a huge JAM fan. You have won me over and I am enjoying this so much.

Author's Response: AH wonderful! Don't worry about not commenting. I'm excited that I've won you over. I too am always wary about couplings that are Pam and someone else, same goes for Jim.

Reviewer: ftmill16 Signed [Report This]
Date: February 11, 2011 09:24 am Title: We should slow this down

You seriously keep outdoing yourself and at the same time you keep this so believable it's unreal. Thing is, in real life, people that are couples, even engaged, DO fall for siblings of the person they are supposed to be with/marry so it just isn't at all a far fetched story. Oh BTW, right before I read this chapter I reread my review of the last one and WOW it was cringe worthy! My spelling is honestly NOT that bad. My keyboard and my typing truly SUCK! I have to watch the keys rather than the words that I am typing and I usually forget to proofread so I post so really horrific stuff, SO sorry! I hope the fat that it tends to get my point across is okay. Oh and also, nope, no note taking and honestly, after a coupl surgeries on my brain (I think I've said that. Sorry to be repetitive, just making a point) my memory is actually pretty sucky. I DO sometimes refer a bit back through the story as I am reviewing to make sure I've made the points I wanted to but other than that I start typing and just tend to forget to stop. I'm really glad to know that you don't hate my long drawn out reviews! Okay, since that is done...

I love that Pam took on getting an apartment all by herself. She really needs to show that although she will likely be very heavy into a new relationship very quickly, this time she is going to have some independence and she is going to do things for herself. I like to think that as she did on the show, in this story Pam finds that she lost too much of herself in her relationship and that she really needs to carve out a place to be just Pam rather than Pam and ___. Hope that makes sense. So I LOVE that they end up making out and while they are trying SO hard not to cross any lines too quickly, it's so realistic that this would be such a struggle because this is the stuff that they both have spent a really long time imagining, fantisising about and believing that they would NEVER get that opportunity so I think it's natural and realistic that the physical part of their relationship would happen rather quickly. I mean, it's not like she's going out with this new guy she just met or he has a date that someone set him up with. This is stuff that has been simmering under the surface, I have to believe that it would be very easy for it to get out of control and honestly, I think that's fine. I always think people should take the time to get to know others before they brng the physical aspect in. They should know if they really like the PERSON and the thing is, these two know each other probably better than they know anyone else and they certainly like each other so, hey, it's time. Oh and when Pam's cell stopped ringing and Jim's started, I thought Roy right away. It just had to be. One last thing on this part of the story, I just truly like the connection you have between Jim and Pam. I mean, aside from always rooting them on personally, it's just so clear how wel they connect, how like like and respect each other and I LOVE that Jim REALLY wants to respect the limits that Pam is trying to set, even when his body wants otherwise and even when SHE doesn't want to stick to the limits.

You could not have done a better job with how you handled the Roy/im stuff in this chapter. I have to believe that Roy half got drunk so he could make Pam feel that she needed to rescue him. I think when you are in the position he is in you would do just about anything to get attention from the person you want it from, in his case Pam, even if it's resorting to bad behavior. Oh and if it means she feels guilty for 'making him do that' well, that's all the better. What I really love here is the strong Jim character that comes out. When he yells at Roy to get in the car and he makes it clear he just sn't going to put up with crap. At the same time though, he cares enough to tell him to put on his seatbelt. Oh, I also love that despite Jim being pretty sensitive about things, he refuses to feel guilty for Roy's DUI AND I really love that he tells Roy that he (Jim) would like his own life too. I can't help but think that Jim is thinking back to not only the fact that this little episode with Pam interrupted Pam and Jim's make out session but more importantly, Pam had told him that she loves him and he can't even stay and celebrate that, mark that moment in time, he STILL has to go get Roy out of jail. It's just realy great seeing Jim in this stronger role. I really like that while Roy is trying to lead Jim and bait him about having a girl, maybe Pam, over, Jim 100% refuses to engage in that. You can sense that he knows he has hurt Roy and even if Roy is asking for it, he just isn't going to do any more damage than has to be done. (Like when it inevitably becomes known that they are a couple.)

Finally, my favorite here may have been their talk in the morning. I LOVE that they each could say the same thing to the other... 'you could have had any girl. Why did you have to pick the one I was in love with.' It did make me think that back in high school, if it was a girl Roy was hanging around I doubt Jim would have just decided Roy wasn't interested, I think Jim would have asked him and made sure, but that's neither here nor there now. It should have shown Roy just how long Jim has been holding all of this in if he thought that WAYYYY back in high school.

I'm unbelievably happy that you have another chapter ready to go... bring on the smut! (OMG... dirty mind!) I adore all of this and I cannot wait to see how what Tom said during the dance at the rehersal dinner plays into everything. I really have wondered about that and what exactly he was saying ever since you posted it. You've made this a happy day!

Author's Response: Thanks ftmil16. When I started this I wasn't completely sure I could make it believable. It was a long shot at best. Glad I could make it a happy day. I really liked writing strong Jim. I like to think that with his brother's he isn't so laid back. At least I know my brothers aren't with each other. I totally agree about knowing someone for so long and trying to take things slowly. Because you basically don't have to do the getting to know you part, they've been sharing things about themselves forever.

Reviewer: NanReg Signed [Report This]
Date: February 11, 2011 07:51 am Title: We should slow this down

Happy on top of happy!  Still smiling from last night's ep and logged on to two chaps from you, italianfood.  Both chaps were well done, believable.  And, of course, I'm really looking forward to the next one ;) 

Author's Response: Same here, last night's episode was truly inspiring!

Reviewer: BluetimesTwo Signed [Report This]
Date: February 11, 2011 06:08 am Title: We should slow this down

Wow, you are an updating machine! Another wonderful chapter. I thought the making out was realistic, especially saying they should stop and then not stopping!

I can't wait to read the next chapter! If I recall correctly, there's some pretty good smut in "Mifflin Designs," so if this is going to be the smuttiest thing you've ever written, it's going to intense.

As far as the DUI, my husband's a police officer and it seemed pretty true to life to me, although I think his license wouldn't have been revoked until he went before a judge, at least that's what it's like where I live. Not a big deal, though, just thought I'd let you know.

Once again, well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll be updating tonight with the smut. There was some major smut in Mifflin Designs, which I sort of forgot about. So hopefully I wasn't wrong about it being the smuttiest. HAHA

Reviewer: Vampiric Blood Signed [Report This]
Date: February 10, 2011 09:14 pm Title: I knew as soon as I saw you

I thought you handled the reactions very realistically in this chapter. Your Roy would immediately want to deck Jim but he'd be more circumspect with Pam ... especially since he had a little while to think it over. I'm glad you didn't have Roy become a total ass in this chapter. I definitely like the nuanced way you are portraying him.

Author's Response: Thank you, Vampiric Blood! I promise there will be no asshole Roy in this. Because in the end it's just 3 people who have fallen into this mess. There aren't really any bad guys.

Reviewer: Dedeen Signed [Report This]
Date: February 10, 2011 08:28 am Title: I could make you happier

Great chapter. Now get me some JAM lovin' already!!

Author's Response: Jam loving starts next chapter! And then will continue to the next one.

Reviewer: ftmill16 Signed [Report This]
Date: February 10, 2011 07:28 am Title: I knew as soon as I saw you

WOW... sooooo good! I have to say, I'v forgiven their mom. To me, in the previous chapters, she was just coming off as, well, willing to sacrifice Jim and his feelings and future happines for Roy. I guess I should have realized that it just isn't that easy and as a mom she just found herself between a rock and a hard place and most probably simply wasn't sure what was right. I guess it seemed that if Pam was going through with the wedding then presumably Roy was what Pam wanted so maybe she actually was thinking she was sparing Jim's feelings not to mention if Pam and Roy had gone ahead and gotten married after Jim had confessed, would have made for real akward family dynamics so she may have really thought it was in the best intrest of both boys. In any case, she really makes up for it here. I truly like how you have this chapter play out and honestlly, I just didn't see any way you were going to be able to untangle this whole thing without it being a mess of gigantic proportions but you really handled it so perfectly. Having the dad, who I am certain is the stronge of the parents and probably the one that would make the biggest immediate impact on Roy, take him outside and talk to him, and I would assume he was in some way or other backing Jim, not completely, not the way it was done, but just letting him know that Jim wasn't completely wrong and his parent's still love him, I think THAT is SO instumental to all of this working out with the family being able to work through this eventually and also being able to open their minds to still one day welcome Pam as a menber of the family one day, under other circumstances, because I think it's inevitable and very important. More than that, I just adored Jim's mom finally telling him her thoughts and feelings. Telling him that she knew as soon as he had told Pam and that she was so afraid that she had broke his heart. It showed me how much Jim's mom really does care about him and I'm so glad because I've just always pictured in my head Jim having a very close relationship with his Parents, and even being a bit of a mommy's boy which is why I think I took her actions to heart so much. I LOVE and think it was SO important that she confessed to Jim that she regrets not saying anything to him when she found out because she could have stopped it all, she feels blame. So there is both his father in the last chapter and his mom here confessing to the guilt they feel for letting this just go and I am just so glad to see this. They let Jim suffer in silence for too long. They let him cover for Roy and lie for him and really, they let Jim make Roy's relationship work when it had to be obvious that the real reason he did it was that he loved Pam and he just simply couldn't stand the thought of her being hurt. I'm glad that they see this and hopefully they WILL make it up to Jim by accepting him and Pam as a couple togethr, making them feel as comfortable as they can, when the time comes that they are ready to be around people as a couple.

ou now, backing up to the beginning of the chapter, it doesn't surprise me that it didn't take long for Jim to tell Roy I just think e's the type of guy with a guilty conscience and it would really be eating at him, always there with him worrying that Roy would find out some other way and I think Jim would certainly have wanted Roy to have heard it coming from him. VERY smart for Jim to tell him while they are at their parent's house. I mean, as we saw, things could have easily spiraled out of control physically (and there's no Dwight in this story to swing in and save the day!) so what better than to have it where there are a few punches thrown and then the parents break it up.

It is really so Roy, and speaks of really why things didn't really work out with Pam, that he just doesn't get it. Hopefully on reflection he'll be able to see some things, like the fact that his brother has had a better relationship with Pam, and he was always asking his brother to save his relationship with Pm and oh, if his brother and Pam hadn't been best friends, where he had a lot of influence over her, Roy and Pam's relationship would have almost certainly ended long before it did. Instead Roy seemed to get in this comfort zone of at best indifference and at worst plain neglect and figured (even if he wasn't aware that he thought this) that he coud screw up because if e did he had ole Jimmy boy on hand to go in there and clean up any mess he had made.

Finally, I like that Jim called to warn Pam about what was going on before Roy got back there (of course one would expect no less of him! Oh and as a side not, LOVE how the dad told Jim that e and Pam shouldn't go walking around town together just yet!) Very good to have Pam's dad there when Roy gets home, that would be a sure way to make sure things won't get out of hand. Anyhow, it's kinda sad for Roy that he just can't get it, seems to think that he and Jum should be interchangable. I think what he's probably missing is that the love between Pam and Jim wasn't a high school fell in love type thing but rather something that came from time and years spent building a solid friendship. Learnig each other and caring. I like to think it's the more mature type love that there are a few high school relatonships can translate ad become that type of love, but just not many. I eally hope when Roy thinks and reflects he'll be able to see so many of these things. I'm sure it will still sting, having lost Pam, especially how he did and especially to his own brother, but hopefully if he really tries to understand the why of it all he'll be able to see and there will be some valuable lessons he'll be able to take into his next relationship that will make it more successful.

I'm excited for the next chapter, heck, I'm excited for EVERY. SINGLE. CHAPTER! Seriously, I check over and over every day, even when I am sure there won't be anything new that day. I just can't seem to help myself. Anyhow, I can't wait to see what more goes on between the brothers and I'm kinda wondering if we'll hear Tom's reaction. He seems like a bit of a wild card to me. Then of course I'm SOOOOO excited to get these two started on the path to dating and happiness! You. Are. Awesome. Thanks for keeping this going and keeping it fresh and exciting. Also, thanks for the time you take with your responses to my reviews. I'm pretty embarassed that they are always so long and boring so, I'm sorry about that. I just seem to start and all my thoughts come pouring out. Again, sorry.

Author's Response: I adore your reviews. Sometimes you point out things that I barely remember writing. I'm convinced you have a wicked awesome memory or you take notes. Super impressed. You hit the Mom right on the nose and all the parents for that matter. It was a less about them meddling and ignoring and more about them trying to let these 3 figure out what and who they wanted to be with. Now that you mentioned Dwight stopping the Roy punch I feel slightly sad that I didn't manage to bring him into the story some how. I guess there's always the next AU. Tom is definitely a wild card. I will tell you that there was something to be said about his dance with Pam at the dinner.

Reviewer: BluetimesTwo Signed [Report This]
Date: February 10, 2011 05:10 am Title: I knew as soon as I saw you

At the risk of sounding repetetive, Yay for another great chapter! I think you did a great job with this one and I'm glad Jim got a hit in!

Author's Response: Aww Thank you so much!

Reviewer: Aivilo Signed [Report This]
Date: February 08, 2011 01:11 pm Title: I have a huge advantage

Really looking forward to the Roy/Jim action that is coming up!

I love the dad. He was so perfect in his chat with his son. Honest, no sugarcoating. Really pointing out how difficult the situation was for everyone. Pam, had Jim's heart, held Roy's life together, what responsibility! Yikes!

I am really glad that they are hanging out as friends, not avoiding each other as the dust settles and before they can move forward.

Author's Response: I hope the Roy/Jim action doesn't disappoint!

Reviewer: Hannah_Halpert Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: February 07, 2011 05:31 pm Title: I have a huge advantage

Ooooooh his parents knew, I like that a lot. I loved the conversation he had with his dad.
Pam asking him to wait was perfect. I can't wait to find out what happens once Roy finds out,and what happens when they start dating. Eeeeep

Author's Response: Roy finding out and them starting to date will definitely get lots of attention.

Reviewer: ftmill16 Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: February 07, 2011 08:18 am Title: I have a huge advantage

The way you wrote this chapter was unexpected and absolutely awesome! You know, the reaction of Mrs Halpert was really a disappointment to me. I mean, she knew... REALLY knew as in Jim admitted it to her, knew and was 100% willing to completely turn a blind eye to it and allow his feelings to be trampled on for Roy. Honestly, because of the way mothers love their children, especially their sons, the person she should be disappointed in is herself because rather than exploring Jim's feelings and the fact that I think they probably all knew that she returned them, at least to a degree, she was willing to sacrifice the happiness of one son AND her future daughter in law for the sake of the other. You know, I just wonder, did they think that the marriage happening ws going to fix things? Would it wipe out Jim's feelings? Make Roy an attentie husband though he couldn't quite get being an attentive boyfriend? Would it wipe out Pam's doubts and obvious feeling towards Jim? The unexpecte and SO wonderful part of the chapter is Jim and Roy's dad and the things he has to say. They were basically how I would have expected their mom to react but it was for some reason so much more delightful coming from the dad, maybe because I expected him to be upset with Jim. I just LOVE that the dad not only takes the blame but comes clean saying that they all knew including himself and his wife, Tom, the Beeslys, all of them, yet were ready to turn a blind eye. I love that he is supportive and encouraging and fully expecting Jim and Pam to not only have a relationship, but not to hide it. LOVED the remark about how if things go bad with Jim and Roy, two Christmases. I STILL just can't wrap my mind around the actions and reactions of their mom, being the mom of three children, two of them grown, I simply cannot see ever sacrificing the happiness, especially when it comes to a matter as delicate and permanate as love, of one of my children for the sake of the other. I would kinda love to hear the interraction between Mrs and mr Halpert about all of this. I mean, did she tell him what Jim told her at Christmas and the fact that she expected him to smply keep his mouth shut? Based on the things he said to Jim on the phone, it just makes me wonder exactly what his reaction to a confession like tat would have been. It seems to me ike he would not have been very happy with her and probably would have said some of things to her that I have been thinking like, how coud you just sit back and let this happen when you KNEW to the extent that her had actually TOLD you! Also, in thinking back to all that happend at Christmas (it was Christmas, right? I think you MAY have referred to it here as Thanksgiving but maybe there was something on Thanksgiving I'm forgetting about. I just remember Jim's fould mood on Christmas and helping to unload the truck, the gift of the ugly sweater from grandma and gifts between Jim and Pam) anyhow, thinking back to that day, Roy should have SOME kind of a clue and when I think of that it makes me feel a little less sorry for him because of the way he walked by the door with Jim and Pam in the room and was making fun of Jim's feelings.

Anyhow, I also really loved the way you did the second part of the chapter. I knew it was unlikely that Jim and Pam would be able to stay apart for long, but SO like Jim to totally respect hr request for a few days so it was simply perfect for her to show up to see him. I cannot imagine how much of a relief it was for Jim to see her there. I also loved that she not only esentially asked him out, she also let him know WHEN she felt it would be okay to make that move and really, I think it's a good idea for them to wait a month. It really WOULD seem disrespectful to all that has happened for them to dive right in immediately. Then there is the hanging out just as best friends... pERFECT! I mean, they've done it for years, why ot now when she likely needs her best friend more than ever and frankly, so does he. The observation that in their 'Would you still love me' game, that he had never said he wouldn't love her, that was just brilliant because really, I don't know that there's much of anything that Pam could do that would cause Jim not to love her. Actually, in thinking about it, she questioned him back a couple chapters about him saying he would still love her if she married is brother but the thing is, it was true and that was the really sad part of it all. Even her marrying his brother would not cause him to not love her, and honestly it wouldn't have stopped her from loving him either.

Just another in a series of amazing chapters. This story, while I thought it always pomised to be good, has exceeded my expectations by so much and just keeps getting better and better.

Oh, I keep thinking about something the dad said if I can go back to that for a minute, when he said, that girld had your heart and held 'Roy's life together' it seems that the fact that they felt that Pam was what was holding Roy's life together, that's probably exactly why they were willing to turn a blind eye to it all. I mean, as long as Pam was there, holding Roy's life together, and honestly, by extention in so many ways, Jim was the one holding Pam's life together, well, then they didn't have to worry. I just don't get how any of them could ave seen this, no matter how vaugely, ad not gotten that it wasn't a recipe for a marriage tat would work. Honestly, the marriage would have just made things worse I would think.

I CANNOT wait to see what happens when Roy and Jim talk and then when Jim and Pam start dating. You are just making this story sooooo great! Thanks!

Author's Response: It was Christmas, you're right. I must have been hungry when I was writing that, still kind of hungry now. Think about Mrs. Halpert's disappointment more in a timing way. She never actually says that he was wrong to do it. She's only upset that they did it two days before the wedding. We will explore all of their parents' expectations when we get to the chapter when Roy finds out. And those expectations will have something to do with Mrs. Halpert's personal disappointment.

Reviewer: NanReg Signed [Report This]
Date: February 07, 2011 07:31 am Title: I have a huge advantage

“I, uh… yeah,” he whispered for no one’s benefit other than his own.  *sigh*  I can envison that.  The whole conversation between Jim and his parents was pitch perfect, this in particular:  “You’ve been looking at her like she was your whole world since the first time you met.”   Pleasant surprise coming from Jim's dad.  Thanks for this sleepy Monday morning treat :)

Author's Response: You're welcome! I was worried about the conversation, like it was too easy at first, but then I realized I couldn't imagine his parents yelling at him.

Reviewer: perfect_match Signed [Report This]
Date: February 07, 2011 04:12 am Title: I have a huge advantage

AWWW! I really adore Jim's conversation with his parent's, how his dad jokes and his mom is all serious. I can totally picture them that way. I'm glad they didn't disown him too. And the end, even though there was no physical contact, I'm all warm and squishy that they're just hanging out, drinking beer, and how adorable it is that he called her a slob. I definitely can't wait for the next chapter, I'm aching to see what Roy's reaction is when he finds out!

Author's Response: Thank you, perfect_match! It felt nice to write them together having fun.

Reviewer: perfect_match Signed [Report This]
Date: February 07, 2011 04:08 am Title: I stopped caring

I'm not sure how you did this, but for a split second I actually felt bad for Roy! Can you believe it? I'm recovered now, but wow. This is so good, I'm really impressed at how you're keeping these characters so IN character. I didn't have any problem with the dialogue. I felt like it nudged the story on. I could really hear their voices. I'm also excited that I get to click the ''next'' button.

Author's Response: I live for that split second!

Reviewer: Aivilo Signed [Report This]
Date: February 04, 2011 08:58 pm Title: I stopped caring

Oh, poor Roy. His reason for wanting Pam, being that she was the only thing he hadn't failed at, but when Pam is in the process of ending it all, his response was for her to talk to her mom, or Jim, so they could fix things? I wonder if he will realize the reason the relationship lasted was because of the work being done by people not in the relationship? Pam was right about them both having a miserable future if the marriage worked out.

I wonder what Mom Halpert will say to son Jimmy when she calls him with the cancellation news? And where will Pam go, once she separates from her life with Roy? And what expectation will the rest of the Halpert family have for Jim, as the brother of the jilted groom, and the best friend of the runaway bride? Will they expect him to abandon his dear friend, since she broke the heart of the other brother? And, oh boy, what kind of fall out will there be when everyone finds out that Jim and Pam are in love?!?

Can't wait until your next chapter! You are so awesome!

Author's Response: You're awesome, Aivilo! Next chapter should answer most of these questions. I think...

Reviewer: Hannah_Halpert Signed [Report This]
Date: February 04, 2011 01:48 pm Title: I stopped caring

Oooooooooooh I kinda feel sorry for Roy, but only a little ;) I am so looking forward to reading Jim's "reaction" and when they eventually get it on lol.

Author's Response: There maybe a getting it on chapter! Okay, not may, there will be. I'm bad at playing it cool.

Reviewer: Vampiric Blood Signed [Report This]
Date: February 04, 2011 12:21 pm Title: I stopped caring

I am so interested to see how you handle the Halpert family's dynamics toward each other and toward Pam when she and Jim start to be open about their feelings for each other.

Author's Response: This next chapter will start to skim some of that. Hope you enjoy it!

Reviewer: NanReg Signed [Report This]
Date: February 04, 2011 07:45 am Title: I stopped caring

That was intense.  Happy not to know what it's like to cancel a wedding.  At least Mom Halpert had an idea that all was not well.  As always, anxious to know what happens next!

Author's Response: I googled cancelling weddings, it's not pretty.

Reviewer: BluetimesTwo Signed [Report This]
Date: February 04, 2011 05:55 am Title: I stopped caring

I am so happy that I woke up this morning and this was posted. I like the way you are portraying Roy and I'm interested in seeing how he reacts when he learns of Jim and Pam! I don't think there was too much dialogue, just the right amount. Well done once again!

Author's Response: Thanks! I think we have one or two more chapters until the reveal to Roy depending on how wordy I get next chapter.

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Date: February 04, 2011 02:06 am Title: I stopped caring

Oh WOW! I was really waiting for this chapter anxiously and though I am not even close to being a fan of Roys, or even liking him, all the same, anyone who could read this and not feel their heart break for Roy, and really for Pam too as you could tell she did what she truly felt she HAD to do certainly not because it was what she wanted to do, if a personcould read that and not feel thr heartbreak, I can't see how they even have a heart! It will be interesting to see how Jim and Pam start working out their lives together and what the fallout will be. I would think that given the fact that they have always been best friends and spent a lot of time together they should be able to hide things under the guise of friendship for a while but at the same time, maybe the family would be pressuring Jim about the friendship because of 'poor Roy.' Should be interesting.

BTW... I HAD completely forgotten about the fact that Pam had not only kissed Jim (I DID remember that, just not everything surrounding it. Hey, I've had a couple of Brain surgeries, I forget FAR more than I remember!!! ) but Pam had also compltely broken up with Roy and confessed the kiss and her feelings about Jim to her mom and sister bacj in chapter 4. I STILL think though, Jim needed to be REALLY certain about Pam's feelings before he made a move that has the potential to alienate his entire famly, probably some mutual friends that he and Roy have and if he wasn't right, Pam herself. I think with her taking Roy back all the time, it was enough to tell Jim that he needed to keep back. I hope you see what I am saying. It's funny, I normally think people are FAR too hard on Pam so this is a bit of a different view for me. ALL of the way tou have written it has made it an amazing story that really doesn't have ANY real winners.

Oh and the other thing, don't know who told you that Middlin Designs isn't any good, I DISAGREE! Just reread Dunder Hall and followed it with that and you stopped when it was getting REALLY good. CANNOT wait for you to start on that again and I'm also really excited to see what other UA ideas you come up with. I love that you really go the distance with your stories!~

Anyhow... another GREAT chapter... THANKS!

Author's Response: Thanks ftmill16! Hopefully some winners will surface after all this. Love that you're rereading stuff!

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