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Reviewer: pigeon Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: May 09, 2010 08:38 am Title: s-e-a-m

That may have been the best fandom period piece that I have ever had the pleasure of reading!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks, pigeon!

Reviewer: nqllisi Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: May 05, 2010 10:44 am Title: s-e-a-m

*sigh* I want to be just like you when I grow up. Seriously, this is so well-crafted. Your pacing is perfect, the phrasing is spot-on, the characterizations are both sparse but fully realized, and the plot is delightful. You're good at this. It is great to read something new of yours!

Author's Response: I don't know, Lis - I'm a terrible housekeeper and not-very-good cook. MorningAngel seems a more mature role model around these parts! But thanks, really. It was rewarding to write. Glad to hear the pacing was okay - I'm not good at judging that.

Reviewer: NanReg Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: May 05, 2010 08:19 am Title: s-e-a-m

Shan, I knew this would be fabulous.  You are so good at these period pieces.  Fact:  Hope is one of two stories that I have actually printed out and carry around with me in my commuting totebag (the other is Warning Labels).    Sad, but true.  LOL!  Thank you so much for this gorgeous story.  I can't begin to tell you how appreciative I am.  xo

Author's Response: Yay! Glad you liked it, Nancy. You're a gem in this community - hope you had a great birthday!

Reviewer: Andastainonmyshirt Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: May 05, 2010 06:05 am Title: s-e-a-m

Beautiful story to match a beautiful photo. I've always wondered who it was in that photo, since many people came forth to try and claim fame. The end is my favorite part of the story, since I'm a (sometimes) romantic I like to think this "They laugh to themselves and keep their secret." is what became of the real pair in the photo. (I know, not possible, but I often enjoy making background stories for paintings and photos)

Author's Response: Photos make great story prompts, don't they? I've heard authors say they browse Google images and Flickr for ideas and inspiration. Thanks, Andastain!

Reviewer: Casinos and Coal Walks Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: May 05, 2010 04:45 am Title: s-e-a-m

You win the prize for most creative way to use a birthday in a fanfic! As a history buff I love seeing Jim and Pam in other time periods, and the details in here were incredible. Everyone's already mentioned how great you wrote Pam's emotions, but I really like the way you discribed Jim and his actions. I could easily see him as the lanky young solider, a genuinely nice guy trapped in a evening with his new friends.

Just the story would have been good, but to have them be the couple in the picture was priceless. Although I must admit, I didn't see that coming until the boy tells Pam the war's over :)

Author's Response: A prize - cool! I love history and historical fiction, too. I usually write from Jim's POV; I think I wrote from Pam's this time because she's the one taken by surprise at the end. Thanks, Casinos!

Reviewer: Katie J Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: May 05, 2010 01:52 am Title: s-e-a-m

I was not familiar with this photograph before reading and I must say it don't think it takes anything away from the impact of the fic. If anything not knowing what was in that photo prevents you from having any idea that kiss is coming! The whole thing is just enrapturing from start to finish, and by the time he introduced himself as Jim, (even though I knew he would be), I was excited.

I think my favourite line had to be "Pam felt words jumble in her throat. Nice to meet you fought for space with I wish we could talk more and have a good life. She swallowed come back alive and settled for goodnight." - so many emotions going through her head - just demonstrates exactly how she's feeling.

Loved it! :)

(Can I get in on the declarations of love for 'Hope' too? Guh.)

Author's Response: Thanks, Katie! I figured some readers wouldn't know the photo, or at least its name, so I'm glad to hear the story worked even without that knowledge.

Reviewer: Beeswax Signed [Report This]
Date: May 04, 2010 08:21 pm Title: s-e-a-m

I just have to leave another review!!!  Your story is just as fantastic the second time and I didn't gush about "Hope" in my last review.

"Hope" was what got me hooked on fanfic.  It took Jim and Pam to a whole new level and cemented the timelessness of their story.  That famous "Kiss" picture that you placed in "S-E-A-M" makes me think of the picture of the two of them by the tree in "Hope".  Such a gorgeous moment in time.

I really hope you do write more.  Like bkwrm said, there is no one that writes these kinds of fics like you.  I would LOVE to read another WWII with an epic Jim and Pam love story.  But, hey, no pressure ;-)

Author's Response: No pressure, indeed! :) Thanks a lot, Beeswax - you didn't have to comment a second time, but I love that you did.

Reviewer: bkwrm Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: May 04, 2010 03:15 pm Title: s-e-a-m

I don't think there is anyone in this fandom that writes this time period as well as you. As soon as I saw the name of the photograph that this fic is based on, I just couldn't wait to start reading and is once again blown away by your talent. The way you so effortlessly captured the mood and the image of that period but at the same time, wrote Jim and Pam in-characters.

Thank you so much for sharing! Also, this is a total fangirl moment: *squeeeeeeee* nomadshan's new story!! *squeeeeeee*

P.S. - "Hope" remains my favorite story on the archive and it still has the same effect on me now as when I first read it. Thank you for that as well.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you, bkwrm. That makes me feel really good. I have no idea if I got it right or not, but I'm glad it *feels* right. :) Thanks for helping VB get the story data together, by the way. This was a nifty challenge.

Reviewer: jimothyowns Signed [Report This]
Date: May 04, 2010 01:54 pm Title: s-e-a-m

I love this story, I recently saw this photograph in history class and was enraptured. I love AU Jam stories and am a sucker for anything in other time periods. I have added this story to my favorites and hope to read in many more times in the future.

Author's Response: Thank you, jimothyowns! I like period pieces, too.

Reviewer: AtTheStars455 Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: May 04, 2010 01:28 pm Title: s-e-a-m

I'll admit that I wasn't familiar with the photo before reading this story, but I still loved it. Then I went and looked up the photo and loved it even more! What a neat twist on the classic Jim-Pam love story.

Author's Response: I never knew the photo's name (and it's had several, apparently), but it was fun researching it. Thanks, AtTheStars455!

Reviewer: Beeswax Signed [Report This]
Date: May 04, 2010 01:18 pm Title: s-e-a-m

I absolutely love these kind of AU fics.  Also, it was so clever to use that picture as an inspiration.  It totally took me by surprise at the end. 

The connection that they made right away made my heart swell.  Beautifully done!

Author's Response: Yay, glad it worked. Thanks, Beeswax!

Reviewer: Vampiric Blood Signed [Report This]
Date: May 04, 2010 10:35 am Title: s-e-a-m

I LOVE this nomadshan! I was SO hoping you'd do a period piece when you signed on to the birthday project! I'm glad you didn't use Dwight, Angela etc. for the ancillary characters. In this piece that would have felt forced somehow.

It's lovely and I think your phrasing is just reserved enough to sound appropriate for the period. So many wonderful turns of phrase. I think this was my favorite:

Faced with an impatient cabby, a crying drunk girl, and an abrupt end to the evening, Pam felt words jumble in her throat. Nice to meet you fought for space with I wish we could talk more and have a good life. She swallowed come back alive and settled for goodnight.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, VB -- thanks again for organizing everything! (I felt the same about having other Office characters in there.)

Reviewer: JHalpert Signed [Report This]
Date: May 04, 2010 07:27 am Title: s-e-a-m

aww I LOVE this photo and thank you for making it Jim and made my day

Author's Response: Glad to be of service. Thanks, JHalpert!

Reviewer: Mr Bill Signed [Report This]
Date: May 04, 2010 03:09 am Title: s-e-a-m

Quite the novel take on an iconic very romantic and so verrrry well done!

Author's Response: Thanks, Mr Bill!

Reviewer: FlonkertonChamp Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: May 04, 2010 02:37 am Title: s-e-a-m

EEP! i don't often like the "super-AU" stuff (meaning stuff in a different time period, etc.), but this is just delightful.

and i so just got an image of stanley saying that in "company picnic" in my head...

Author's Response: "Just delightful." I can hear it, too! :D Thanks, FlonkertonChamp.

Reviewer: Hannah_Halpert Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: May 03, 2010 08:53 pm Title: s-e-a-m

Okay, wow. I don't know what to say. That has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Adding it to favourites IMMEDIATELY!! I am... I really have nothing else to say, you have left me speechless!!!

Beautiful, touching and pure brilliant!!!

Author's Response: I don't know -- your powers of speech seem to work just fine. ;) Thanks, Hannah!

Reviewer: yanana Signed [Report This]
Date: May 03, 2010 08:40 pm Title: s-e-a-m

Oh my goodness. Adding to favorites, adding to favorites, adding to favorites. This was so fun and you had beautiful turns of phrase... Wonderful. Submitting this and reading it again.

Author's Response: Thank you, yanana -- I appreciate it!

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