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Reviewer: Hannah_Halpert Signed [Report This]
Date: January 23, 2012 09:04 pm Title: Chapter 16


I will buy you as much pizza as you want, this was SO worth the wait. Seriously, quit your job and you know, stop having a life outside of this and write write write.

I always want to sit and write you this amazing review, detailing everything that I love, but I can honestly say I'd be here all night. I know that sounds like a cop out, but it's true. Everything from Jim's mom's reaction, to Jim offering to carry Cece- to the awesome cliffhanger, it is all just perfect.
You should be really really proud of this story, and hope to ficgod that you have more ideas for when this is *sobs* over :)

Reviewer: madmen fanatic Signed [Report This]
Date: January 23, 2012 08:09 pm Title: Chapter 16

Oh no, this confrontation is going all wrong!

Did mother Halpert talk to her husband last night? Is that why she is at the Anderson's, to feel out the situation?

Will Adele believe or even be told that Pam was put up to this by Adele's husband?

Will Adele forgive Pam?

Tune in next week/month for some answers and lots more questions...

If I provide beer instead of coffee (goes better with pizza anyway) perhaps we'll get some smut once Jim and Pam have settled things and she gets the doctor's go-ahead. But first things first. We need to get Pam out of that house. Or Roy, preferably.

Reviewer: madmen fanatic Signed [Report This]
Date: January 23, 2012 10:58 am Title: Chapter 15

Have you ever put any serious thought into quitting your job, leaving your family and friends, and just sitting in a cafe and writing this story for a week? I would be happy to pay for any coffee or soda you drink.

I am anxiously awaiting more Jim with Cece time. :)

Reviewer: Hannah_Halpert Signed [Report This]
Date: January 17, 2012 08:54 pm Title: Chapter 15

I miss you ;)

Reviewer: ftmill16 Signed [Report This]
Date: January 07, 2012 02:53 pm Title: Chapter 15

Oh WOW... O H WW OO WW !! THis chapter is just all sorts of amazing all over the place! Before I say anything else I have something inside of my that is just trying to burst out and I don't think I can contain it any longer so just excuse me for a moment... RoyisadickRoyisadickRoyisadick! WHEW There! I feel SO much better! Not that that little outburst shows my feelings on any particular character or anything....

So anyhow, first and foremost... I would NEVER take HannaHalperts threats of oming to your house to 'make you write' very seriously. I think the worst that would happen if she showed up at your door is that she would braid your hair or paint your toenails... maybe volunteer to make your husband dinner? Hey, maybe you WANT her to come to your house!!!! (When you're done with her please send her to MY house to make MY husband dinner! ) Okay, seriously....

This chapter truly was ALL sorts of amazing and it was up before I expeted a new chapter so I think it seems that the 'red bull that keeps you up until the weee hours of the night writing' is REALLY keeping you writing and jusdging on this chapter it has you all sorts of inspired too!

I have to say, a queston I had last chapter that was answered in this one but I still don't quite get is, why is it that Jim knew when he took Pam and Cece for lunch {breakfast?} that they would be coming to his house for a dinner party that night, so why didn't Jim say something about it to Pam? Was it just that he got caught up in being with her and soaking her in and learning about his baby daughter and just being with them so he really didn't think about it OR was he thinking that if he told her she would make up an excuse to get out of it and with Adele she probably wouldn't, something like that? It's just something I thought of last chapter when he called her about going to eat I thought for sure the dinner party would come up and was surprised when it didn't. Also, I am anxious to see if we will see any change in Pam's behavior around and toward Gerry Halpert. This is the first time (unless I am mistaken) she will be seeing him since finding out how horribly he trampled her privacy (I mean really, a PI watching you buy a pregnancy test so you go and tell your son first off that she is pregnant which may or may not be true and second all sorts of made up garbage about her for the simple reason of getting him away from someone that you have deemed as not good enough for him!!!) and also since finding out that he KNEW who she was and kept it from Jim, thereby keeping him from Cece's birth all because he decided she wasn't good enough for Jim. I can't imagine that she could possibly just treat him as if nothing has ever happened.

Okay... I think that's all out of my system finally! I have to say, I was rather sirprised at Adele's lack of curiosity about just why Pam would have been out with Jim. I will admit, and you know that I haven't been quite as taken by Adele and just don't trust her as much as others seem to, but things like her just reaching out and taking Cece from Pam and saying that she's going to go change her this time, doing these things without asking like, hey, can I take her for a bit? or How about if I change her this time? it just kind of gets my back up, I can't help but think that really, the Anderson's are NOT long time friends of Pam's, yes, they were there and helped her when she needed help, but then again, like I've said before, they owe her a FAR bigger debt and I think that kinda gets forgotten. I think it's easy to forget that none of this is what Pam wanted, what she signed up for. She went along with the story because Joe begged her to saying that the truth would kill Adele because she was in suh fragile condition. They credit Pam and the baby for Adele's return to health so in my eyes at very least the debts cancel each other out but then again, beause of the deal Pam made, she couldn't acknowledge her sorrow, despair and greif over Jim, she had to be careful about everything lest Adele find out and mostly she had to pretend that the love of her life was not the father of the life growing inside of her. As I have said, the Anderson's debt to Pam is FAR greater than her's to them, giving her a place to stay, food to eat and clothes on her back. She had to pretend a whole life that had to be very painful for her. Okay... that's kinda one of my favorite rants here and it just sorta got away from me... SORRY! So anyhow, it just kinda gets me that Adele just seems to have this bit of a posessiveness when it comes to Cece that just gets under my skin. It's the kind of ownership, for lack of a better word, that only belongs to the mommy and the daddy so in thinking about it, I'm wondering if at some point this will become a real issue with Jim. I know it would be a real problem for me if I were him and I saw it.

Roy... oh ROY!!! YOu know... I KNEW earlier in the story his part went away just FAR too easy. I just knew he's the kind of snake that simply doesn't die that easy. Just grows a new head and keeps at it. You know, Pam has turned him ans his offers down how many times now? She's made it very clear that she isn't interested in ANYTHING but friendship and what does he do? Goes and get all possessive! Oh and here I'm simply talking about after Jim left the house, the dinner party... that's a whole different story! So, I guess that Roy is one of those guys that need to be cut off completely, you can't even give them friendship because what it seems to me now is that while Roy would seem to act like he accepted what Pam would tell him, that she wasn't interested in more than friendship, he hung around, working on wearing her down in ways that she didn't even realize that she was, thinking that at some point she would be worn down enough, lonely enough, desperate enough and convieniently, there he would be. In the times when they had some words he was carefully trying to ruin Jim, or her prception of him, whatever with things like 'he's never coming back!' and 'what do you think he's going to do when he finds out you've been hiding her from him? He's going to take her from you!' What Roy NEVER could forsee is that Jim, a man who I'm sure in Roy's mind was his sworn enemy, would walk through the front door of his home, invited in by his own mother, and have a tight grip back on Pam's heart far before Roy had any idea that anything was even happening. THAT makes me oh so happy! So, I had to laugh at Roy, thinking he could forbid Pam from seeing Jim again! Clearly at this point Roy is thinking along the lines of Pam maybe just having some interest in dating Jim so Jim being competition for him, little did he know what was coming! I didn't think Pam had really said it, I thought it was what she thought so you are BRILLIANT in that she didn't even realize that she had said out loud that Jim was Cece's father! I mean, SOMEONE had to know (other than Jim's dad beause he's do anything he could to keep it a seret!!!) in order for this lie to finally start being torn down and Jim and Pam being able to emerge with Cece, from under it. I cannot tell you just how much I adore your twist on the bar scene, complete with Roy breaking something, showing Pam just what a moron he really is! LOVED how the first thing after all that is that Adele tells them they are going to a dinner party at the Halpert's that night!

Sooo.. Roy Roy Roy... planning all afternoon to stake his claim on Pam that night by hurting Jim, going right to Jim's heart and letting him in on not only the fact that Jim missed out on all that stuff, but also that Roy was there for it. He also seems to be trying to hint to Jim by going in and putting his arm around Pam, talking about when 'they' first brought Cecelia home and I had to laugh when Roy said 'she's a big girl now!' ROFLMAO!!! Of course she is... she's what, two weeks old now? Your typical two week old is now back at what they weighed at birth so yeah Roy, real big girl. I DID love how Pam was seeming to try and make it clear that this was Roy and now her. Shrugging his arm off, not adding to his crap, trying to change the subject. Pam knows, and Roy knows too that the things Jim missed were because of Pam and the choice she made, such a jerk move of Roy to use what Pam did to hurt Jim with what he missed. I cannot even begin to tell you just how much I LOVED Jim pulling Pam to another room to get himself together, reassure himself and give them a moment alone, just the three of them! Your description of that kiss absolutely gave me chills! So so awesome! The way he pulled Pam and Cece in, gethered them close to him.... :::sigh::: I love Jim Halpert! :::shakes self from Jim induced haze::: Oh as I was saying... so this also gave Pam the opportunity to clearly explain Roy's behavior to Jim, which is so wonderful that THAT was able to happen before there was a new misunderstanding to come between them1 i just sighed with happiness and contentment when Pam said, Jim... she's yours and then when he came back with 'I know, I just needed to know that your mine also.' For Jim it all begins and ends at Pam. Nothing makes sense to him without her and if Roy is going to try some macho ploy to stake a claim, Jim just needs to know that Pam is right there beside him and that Roy is doing nothing more than blowing smoke and trying to hurt him. I cannot emphasize enough just how brilliant you are to have given them this time together to collect themselves and really, gain strength from each other before anything really gets going.

I couldn't help but wonder if Betsy has some inkling about things. I wondered if she had laid that picture out on purpose or maybe, after having noticed the resemblence between Jim and Cee in the hospital, it sticking out strongly enough in her mind that she even mentioned it to her husband later, maybe she got out that picture after that to maybe tell herself how silly she was being, only to see that the similarities are even more striking than she had remembered.

Roy... he had NO idea what he was walking into with the grilled cheese omment. He's trying again to hurt Jim but I have no doubt that Jim made Pam the grilled cheese for their first date because it was his favorite food, and he probably, actually I'm sure there's NO DOUBT that even if he didn't tell her that the night of the date, she certainly had learned it in the six months they shared so he was able to dish it right back to Roy in asking his mom if she had those because it's his favorite food. I'm sure that all brought up memories to Pam of their first date as well! I can't say how much I love that Jim doesn't even give it a second thought when he insists that he help Pam get Cece set up in the other room. I was so happy when Jim realized that the others had to be giving him weird looks but he realized he just didn't care. Sounds to me like a man that is ready to let people know how things REALLY are, letting the chips fall where they may. (Just as long as two of those chips, the ones named Pam and Cecelia, land right with him!) I think you take that frame of mind and add Roy continuing to push at Jim and the situation and why is it that I have a feeling that this is going to turn into quite some dinner party? Dinner party from hell perhaps? I just think there are too many variables, Jim and his dad, Pam and Jim's dad, complete with the knowledge of what his dad has done, Jim's dad and Pam... complete with the knowlwdge that he would STILL like to keep Pam away from Jim and hmmmmm maybe Roy is a viable alternative in his mind, then there is the secret of Jim and Pam's relationship/Cece's paternity, the secret that Joe, Roy, Pam and now Jim have from Adele, Roy's annimosity towards Jim, Pam certainly being at very least annoyed and probably plain ole ticked off at Roy... there is enough dynamite in that room to destroy at least Philly, probably all of Pa! I DON'T KNOW, i get a feeling that at dinner maybe a lot of things may start unraveling and a lot of carefully held secrets may come to life. Oh and I get a sneaking suspition that Roy is going to take a swing at Jim but with no Dwight there complete with pepper spray, he may connect. Can I ask a favor.. PLEASE... if that happens just please let Jim get in at least one or two REALLY good hits!

I cannot wait for the next chapter... YOU BETTER BE WRITING!! Oh crap... I just channelled HannahHalpert! That being the case, I'll show up at your house too. She's said she'll bring pizza, I guess I can bring pop. Any preference? Then while she braids your hair and paints your nails, I'll give you a back massage and sharpen your pencils, okay? (NOW... I think we should threaten to show up at her house if she isn't busy busy busy with the next chapter of HER story! )

Silliness aside... this story just continues to get more and more amazing. You have kept it yours and so unique while being amazingly in character and the bits you borrow from the show slide in and fit as if that's where they came from in the first place. I think you should considere getting a patent on your mind! It is so creative and unique, you don't want to run the risk of someone else claiming it as their own! Thanks again for sharing your creativity and hard work with us. Just amazing!


Reviewer: TaioraWarrior Signed [Report This]
Date: January 07, 2012 12:20 pm Title: Chapter 15

Nice chapter. This must suck for Jim... I have a feeling Roy is going to hit him. Can't wait till everyone finds out the truth. Updates soon please!

Reviewer: Hannah_Halpert Signed [Report This]
Date: January 06, 2012 06:21 pm Title: Chapter 15

Ahhhhh, I totally got goose bumps when he kissed her. Do you know how rare that is? That was just so beautiful and amazing.

I wanted to strangle Roy, I really did, but I love how Jim got the last laugh in this chapter. In yo face, Roy!

Jim stealing some time time alone with Pam and Cece made me go all gooey, and this line, this line KILLED ME DEAD:
“I know,” he said against her lips. “I just…I needed to know you’re mine too.” < that was just so.... what's a word that means more awesome than perfect? Cos that is what it was :)

My threat is still out there, If you aren't writing, I will come to your house (shall I bring pizza?) and make youuuuu!


Reviewer: madmen fanatic Signed [Report This]
Date: January 06, 2012 06:32 am Title: Chapter 15

Just read this chapter again. The kisses were hot, romantic, bold. Jim not letting his confidence waver with Roy? Terrific. You getting everyone together in the same room? Ha! Is Jim's dad there? What are the people saying about Jim taking the baby? How natural he is with her? He's always been afraid of babies before? Will seeing Jim holding the child that looks like him push Betsy a bit into thinking its too bad it isn't Jim's baby and too bad Jim and Pam aren't together? I'm really, obviously, having fun imagining the next chapter. :)

Reviewer: NanReg Signed [Report This]
Date: January 06, 2012 06:26 am Title: Chapter 15

Happy New Year, Dedeen!  He walked up to her and kissed her again. This time she recognized his kiss - hungry and ardent. For a moment, her worries melted away in the warmth of his lips. “I know,” he sad against her lips. “I just…I needed to know you’re mine too.”  Guh.  Love it.  Sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see how this dinner party plays out ;)

Reviewer: more_awake Signed [Report This]
Date: January 06, 2012 05:31 am Title: Chapter 15

Ahh! So much happening in this chapter! I love it. Jealous!Roy in this was so... Roy-like? Haha Each time he tried to get under Jim's skin, I cringed. Poor Jim! He missed out on so much and it kills him, and then for Roy to do that? Jerrrrkk. I love what it led Jim to do, though-- particularly his little declaration to Pam. That scene was perfect (and kind of hot, not going to lie). Thanks for the update! :)

Reviewer: DunderSnob Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: January 05, 2012 09:38 pm Title: Chapter 1

I haven't reviewed a story for years. When I say years and mean YEARS. Your story has brought be out of hiding! I love how you have pulled me into this story and I refresh this site all the time hoping for an update!

Reviewer: madmen fanatic Signed [Report This]
Date: January 05, 2012 09:33 pm Title: Chapter 15

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Terrific chapter. So glad they kissed. And I love seeing Jim in daddy-mode.

Reviewer: NanReg Signed 9 [Report This]
Date: December 30, 2011 04:22 pm Title: Chapter 14

Of course I'm still here, and I'm delighted to read this holiday present :) I'm so enjoying the growing bond between this little family.

Reviewer: Hannah_Halpert Signed [Report This]
Date: December 29, 2011 05:28 pm Title: Chapter 14

Would it be totally wrong and creepy to say I want to come to your house right now and make you write, make you write like the god damn wind? A little? okay, fine, but damn girlie, this is amazing, you always surprise me when I think I know what's going to happen.
Loved Roy and Jim at the end. Hope Jim doesn't get put off by how possessive Roy is (or will be)

Seriously, what are you doing? WRITEEEEE!

Reviewer: madmen fanatic Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: December 29, 2011 12:58 pm Title: Chapter 14

Yes, yes, I am still with you! Awesome chapter. I am so afraid you will write Jim and Pam conflict (Jim: You are sleeping with Roy! or Pam: You never really loved me. You only care about Cece.) I'd rather any conflict be about the Andersons with Jim and Pam or Jim and Pam vs the Halperts.

Too bad about the pink sock. I'm think Roy will do whatever he can to keep Pam. I hope to high heavens that Pam aleady clued Jim in about Roy. I think she might have based on Jim's lie ("Thanks for helping me.")

As always, I am looking forward to more chapters. Even if there is Jim and Pam angst...

Reviewer: more_awake Signed [Report This]
Date: December 28, 2011 07:55 pm Title: Chapter 1

Oh man. Story-withdrawals. I miss this. :)

Reviewer: ftmill16 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 24, 2011 12:50 pm Title: Chapter 1

:::::tapping foot and waitingSO impatiently::::: You know, a new chapter here would be just THE most awsome Christmas present!!! P L E A S E!!!

Reviewer: ftmill16 Signed 10 [Report This]
Date: December 16, 2011 05:04 am Title: Chapter 13 - Part two

...WOW... I mean wow! Amazing... breathtaking... absolutely magical! That's it.... you are painting this picture with your words and that picture is turning out absolutely and incredibly MAGICAL!!!

I love that this chapter begins without preamble, just dives right in to Jim painting a picture for Pam of what his life was like growing up and exactly what it was that would drive him to make the decisions that he made. I have to admit, I certainly felt far more sympathy for the poor guy after reading all he had been through. Let's face it, it sounded like he was raised more in a company with a CEO than a family with a father. I mean, what young man in his right mind first off wants to be told that he doesn't have choices about his future and basically whether he wants it or not, the company is the only future he gets? What boy that is college aged and a bit older wants to be accompanied everywhere by body guards? Had his father LOOSENED the reigns rather than continuing to tighten them more and more as Jim seemed to be feeling a noose tighten around his neck, well, maybe his dad would have gotten Jim into the company.

Before I say any more about this part can I just say, the way that you sprinkle bits of the present, Jim rubbing Cece's back, Cece kicking her legs in her sleep, Pam stretching over to watch what Cece is doing and what I just love, Jim asking if his daughter is dreaming... it just bring so much more life to the story and makes it just... amazing. I mean, you are just so amazing with that imagery, of the descriptions of the things that newborn babies do. I swear each time I read a description I could picture one of my three children as a newborn doing that very thing. It kept us all in the present, remembering the magnitude of exactly whar was going on, Jim getting to hold and get to know his baby daughter for the very first time. Him getting to know the 'other girl' that he would fall in love with, the one that will one day not too crazy far into the future, call Pam mommy, just as Jim had told her in the memory he had back so many months ago.

Anyhow, wow... the story about Katy was so compelling! I certainly didn't forsee the twist where she claimed that Jim had forced himself on her. WOW! I never did care for Katy at all! She was certainly much better suited for Roy! :o) Anyhow, one can only imagine Jim living in the hell his life had become after the debacle with Katy and of course all parents are guilty of the 'told you so's' but WOW! I can only imagine what Jim got from his! Adding to that more guards... people knowing his dirty laundry and judging him... yeah, one can understand much more why he ran and even why he went to the lengths he did to try and remain hidden even if that meant not exposing himself to the girl he fell in love with until he really felt that he could. I like that Pam just kinda instinctively knew that he planned to tell her that night. I felt so bad for Pam as Jim continued his story, when he told about his dad showing up and telling him Pam was pregnant and knew who he was and was another Katy... when Pam asked how he knew and Jim told her that PIs had been following her too, I can just imagine how ill she felt. The invasion of her privacy would have to have felt tremendous. What I love here about how you fo it at this point is you go back and forth a bit, kinda weaving a complete story of what happened in their lives while they were apart. I love that Jim didn't blame Pam for not staying, he understood why she couldn't. I DO though understand why Jim feels strongly that Adele needs told, and truth be told, very recently Pam had plans to do that very thing so I hope she will do the right thing. Anyhow, Jim wants it knows that this is HIS child, HIS daughter. He doesn't want anything fake or faulse in his, or their lives. I have a feeling that about now he wants to scream from the mountaintops that he has found Pam again and that they have a baby girl... THEIR baby girl. Not Kenny's... not Anderson... HIS, HERS... Halpert!

Oh man, the picture you painted, I could see it so vivlidly when he sat beside her and put his hand on her stomach, so intimately, and asked if she thought of him when Cece was in there... I swear it kinda made me want to cry. Cry for the long lonely nights they each had missing each other... cry for what they nearly missed out on.

Then the most beautiful part of it all and a part that I am so familiar with and could envision just so perfectly... Cece gets hungry and Pam is going to feed her, I'm glad she didn't like go in the bathroom or have Jim leave the room even though she covered up. I mean, part of me thought it was silly, he has obviously been exposed to those parts of HERS plenty but then I remembered back to when I was nursing a baby and I remembered in the beginning having those open and exposed feelings even sometimes with my own husband in the room so yeah, it made sense. I was also able to feel her frustration and agony over wanting so much to nurse a baby that can't get it's latch right. I didn't nurse my first. I was young and stupid and really, at that point the push to nurse hadn't really started so with me going back to work 5-6 weeks post partum everyone thought bottles made sense. When I had my second, nearly 4 years later, the nursing push was full force and I KNEW I was going to nurse this one. Infortunately things like lactation consultants and such weren't widely known and when I had problems getting him to latch the only help were the nurses and not one of the nurses on duty at the time had even nursed their own baby. I took home a baby that still wasn't latching and though I tried hard, with almost no one to give me any information, I eventually failed. (and felt like a failure!) I know just how Pam is feeling, it really hurts. Giving in and giving a bottle is almost physically painful. I love love LOVE how you have Jim as the catalyst to her success here. He can see the toll it's taking on her and not only the pain and longing in Pam's eye's but in Cece's as well. I love how Jim asks Pam to trust him as he puts the pillows at the headboard for her to relax on the bed and I have to say, the visual of him asking 'will you trust me?' and her nodding yes as he then approaches her and unbuttons her shirt just so natuarally while having to ignore the images his mind is throwing his way, meantime because Jim didn't make a big deal of it, as he nads Pam the baby just by instinct she opens her bra but then it's that exposed feeling and I know she'd of had to feel a bit panicky but I just LOVE the image of Jim right by her side, urging her on, asking her to try, kneading the tension from her shoulders as she is just relishing his touch, him telling her that there's no need to rush 'it's just us' I mean... pure beauty there! Then you brought in the scene from outside the hospital and I wanted to give you a big ole virtual kiss because I always really loved that scene as they finally got it. What I love about it so much here is you really sold me on them making it work together. I don't know if it would have worked had Jim not been there because he helped her relax... gave her permission to take her time. The thing is, of all the things, the moments, the experiences that the Andersons got that should have belonged to Jim, well, to Pam and Jim as a couple, they didn't get this one. This one belongs just to him... to them... and it happened because they worked at it together and they trusted each other. I hope that Pam in particular is going to be able to look at that, see it for what it is. I hope she'll realize that blame doesn't matter any longer, the truth is, she's had all the experiences and he's had none and it's JIM that belongs with her and Cece... not the Anderson's. At this point the thought of Roy sleeping on the couch in her room, helping her with Cece when Jim is there and wants to very much be as much of their ;ives as Pam will allow so the thought of Roy doing... anything, maked me a bit ill. I do have a feeling that when Roy get wind that Cece's daddy is arouns he's probably going to make some last play, try to scare Pam again, convince her that the truth will hurt his mom, whatever he has to do. But I think that Pam, in that one visit to the hotel probably got enough Jim to make her realize she wants him, she loves him and he and Cece don't deserve to be apart.

SOOOOOOO such a beautiful magical chapter, why'd ya have to crush me at the end???? Why couldn't she just lay down and get some sleep while baby and daddy slept? Notice I said baby and daddy but you'll NEVER bear me say baby daddy or baby momma... UGH! (I'm old I suppose!) I worry about how Jim will react when he wakes. Did Pam at least leave him a way to contact her? Serious;y, I was on such a high all chapter and then I read that she picked up Cece from his chest (I mean really, couldn't he have had a nice peaceful sleep with his bundle of joy he was just getting aquainted with asleep on his chest the whole time?? Or at leasr til she woke?? Is that REALLY too much to ask???) but she picks her up and returns where she doesn't belong... I mean to the Andersons. I have a feeling that Pam is going to quickly see more and more that she doesn't belong there. I hope we don't have to wait long at all to see a tight bond form here amongst our sweet little family to be. :::::sigh::::: It would make me just so very happy. Oh and maybe Jim buying a ring... WAIT... he had planned to propose in Scranton, I bet he HAS a ring.... I hope it won't be too ;png til Pam has it. Oh dear... I'm getting way ahead here.

Seriously... this story is getting more and more brilliant and honestly, aside from how extrmelY painful chapter 10 is for me on a personal level (and I know as we have 'talked' that you truly do understand that, this is becoming possibly my very favorite story! (I mean, in getting there it has to beat out 'Learning to Love Again!!' What a feat! This story is just so truly original and you have really put yourself out there by being willing to post it even when it scared you to death. O would say that it has paid off in a big way because it's a truly remarkable piece of work that those that read it I don't think will forget anytime soon.

Now... I need MORE!!! I need a fix soon! You are giving us glimpses of a possibility of a Jim and Pam side by side with Cece in their arms, existing together happily and I need more than the glimpse... please... I BEG YOU!!! I've had some really rough days and WOW what some happiness here could do for me!!! (Is it working? Should I keep pouring it on??? )

Seriously... keep up the AMAZING work and I'd like to put in an order for like... another hundred or so chapters. Thanks!

Seriously... thanks for sharing another chapter!

Reviewer: Deedldee Signed [Report This]
Date: December 14, 2011 03:30 am Title: Chapter 13 - Part two

So sorry for the delay with reading this! I took a quick break from here for a few days, and I was so happy to see you posted a new chapter when I checked this morning. This chapter was so intimate, I almost felt like I was eavesdropping on them. They definitely still have that connection, and I feel so bad for Pam dealing with all of this guilt, but Jim's the one that pushed her to do what she did. I'm happy that they aired everything out about what happened. I hope she can start to trust him again, and that he can trust her again too. I hope he doesn't freak out when he wakes up and she's not there... though that would be fun to read. Whatever you decide I know it will be as amazing as the rest of this story has been. I'm hoping you'll post more soon!

Reviewer: MelBal Signed [Report This]
Date: December 12, 2011 05:38 pm Title: Chapter 13 - Part two

This was absolutely beautiful. I think I've read this chapter at least 10 times. I just wanted to pipe in this late in the game to tell you how wonderful I think this story is. Definitely in my top 5---and it keeps getting better each chapter! A sincere 'thank you' from this reader!

Reviewer: Hannah_Halpert Signed [Report This]
Date: December 12, 2011 03:36 pm Title: Chapter 13 - Part two

Is Jim gonna freak out when he wakes up and they're gone?????? Guh, this was just so magical and beautiful and perfect and... (I could go on) the breast feeding part was seriously STUNNING. Jim just wanting Pam to be comfortable is exactly how I see him. I swear I have an unhealthy addiction to this fic, I'm gonna miss it

Reviewer: NanReg Signed [Report This]
Date: December 12, 2011 09:23 am Title: Chapter 13 - Part two

Thanks for updating, Dedeen.  I liked the intimacy and emotion of this chap.  It was lovely for Jim to share in this private moment with Pam and the baby.  It seemed very natural--as if they truly were a family.  I'm happy that they're on the way to reestablishing their connection.  Anxious to see how this plays out with the grandparents, Roy and the mess that's been created. 

Reviewer: more_awake Signed [Report This]
Date: December 11, 2011 07:59 pm Title: Chapter 13 - Part two

Oh, this was just beautiful. I liked how you incorporated the dialogue from that moment in the show. Actually, this version may have even been a little bit sweeter. I loved seeing them reconnect over this, and I can't wait to see how things continue to develop with them (though I was hoping she would stay over night with him.. hehe :)). Well done!

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Date: December 08, 2011 07:52 am Title: Chapter 1

:::::tapping foot impatiently::::: I cannot wait for the next chapter!!! I hope it's coming soon! The wait between each chapter now is absolutely AGONIZING!!!! Please don't leave us hanging much longer!

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Date: December 06, 2011 09:03 pm Title: Chapter 13 - Part one

First off I want to say how sorry I am that I am so late with this review. I'm really struggling with pain and just really haven't been up to much of anything. Seriously... ANYTHING!

WOWEEE this chapter was so fun and brought me lots of smiles. I'd maybe even go as far as saying it was worth the pain of muddling through chapter 10 just to get to the point where Jim finally puts ALL the pieces together, realizes just how he has been played and lets ole daddy dearest have it!!! Making it even more worth it is Jim and Pam finally starting to sort this mess out and hopefully starting their first chapter of their lives as a family and MUCH bigger, the very best payoff is Jim getting the opportunity to hold his sweet, precious baby girl for the first time. Oh and I want to point out quickly how much I LOVE that you used a line from the show, it's one of the thngs Jim said when Pam asked him to talk to her dad... you said here that he had forgotten how it felt to be completely and utterly in love with someone, to the point where you don’t doubt for a second that they are the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. I've always loved that whole bit, what he had said to her dad so I just love that you found a place for this line here. I also love just how wonderfully it fits the situation!

Okay soooo...

I'm in total awe of just how perfectly you handled the conversation between Jim and his dad. You know, perhaps daddy dear should have stationed someone in Australia, let him know if Jim was on the move. Then again, I think that Gerry was lulled into such a false sense of security with Jim being so settled there, taking classes, having a job. I'm sure that daddy thought that if Jim were to head for Philly they would have adequate warning to take any measures he felt were waranted. Anyhow, I was afraid that with Jim being more of a gentle soul... a lover not a fighter as they say, and with Gerry being so obviously ruthless not only in matters of business but also personal matters, even if it means it's intrusive to his child's life and very much unwanted, I worried that with that being the way things are that Gerry would muscle himself into the power position in their 'discussion' and walk all over Jim leaving him shaken and doubting once more. At least SOME doubts but... wow! Gerry SERIOUSLY underestimated two things... first it's Jim's absolute boundless and unending love for Pam. I honestly think if it was 10 yrs down the line Jim would still love Pam because it's that kind of love that only comes around once. Gerry thought that things like Karen and Austalia were evidence that Jim had not just moved on but also forgotten about Pam... but then again, he must have had SOME idea that Jim's feelings for Pam surpassed that of his feelings for all the other girls he's dated or I'm sure he wouldn't have done all the things he did to ensure that there was no way that Jim would run into Pam. He had to have at least suspected something of how deep Jim's feelings really were and if you combine that with the fact that Gerry KNEW that Pam was having Jim's child, well, it really makes the situation that much sadder, makes Gerry that much more of a despicable person and makes Jim, I'm sure, that much more angry because he realizes these things about his dad. The second thing I think Gerry underestimated is what it means to Jim to be a dad, I mean, it says it all that on seeing the picture he immediately called his mom just to kinda piece things together a bit and then I'm sure was on the very first flight from Austalia to the states. Even upon landing he didn't waste time on cleaning up or getting sleep, he wanted to see Pam, I would say he NEEDED to see Pam, and he also seemed to feel a real parental pull to his child. Heck, there's even the fact that Jim, from the moment he saw the picture in the email from his mom, never doubted, seemingly even for a second, that this was his child. He obviously felt that paternal pull to his child and I can only imagine what it would have felt like to be halfway around the world, thinking that he's finally FINALLY not under his dad's thumb and is in fact for the first time, not counting when he ran away and was in Scranton, so for the first time with what he felt was his dad's blessing, he was in contral of his own life. Then whoosh... in comes this email and in a split second all the illusions of control that he has go up in smoke and he realizes just how controlled he has been.

Anyhow, the setup for the confrontation with his dad was so brilliant and I honestly believe that had you set it up in any other way it would not have been believable. The key points that make it believable to me are... Jim's family not having any knowledge that he is on the way. Thank God that he didn't say anything to his mom on the phone that clued her in because I believe that Jim knew from the moment that he saw that email that he was headed to Philly. Oh, brief break from my train of thought... I hope we will get to 'see' when Betsy finds out that not only is Cecelia her grandaughter but that her husband has purposely kept it not just from her but from Jim, causing him to miss so much that is important in his life. Momentous things that he can never get back. Just, with the pull that Betsy has had to Pam and Cecelia from the get go and with her actually having the thoughts about Cece looking like Jim, Im' just SO interested in how she will react to it all.

Back to the key points, first was Jim's surprise visit to Philly. Next for me is the fact that he actually saw and touched Pam and Cece before the confrontation. I think hearing from Pam that Cece is his, even though he already knew it, I'm sure there's just the comfort in having all doubt erased and then him actually seeing and touching his baby girl, in doing this I'm sure it magnified tenfold just what was taken from him and added to the anger and fuel against his dad that I'm sure was building at an alarming rate. Oh and then there is having so much time traveling with nothing but him and his thoughs, oh, and all these little puzzle pieces that are just asking to be assembled to make a complete picture. It made it so that when he did confront his dad he was able to do it with what he was sure was facts and he had very very little that he needed any help with. Lastly, and this was just brilliant... having Jim already in the study, situated and ready for when his dad gets there. I get a sense that he probably waited a little while and that's good it gave him time to get comfortable in his dad's space and really get settled in his head exactly what it is that he wants to say. Gerry entering the study to Jim slowly turning to reveal himself in the chair was just awesome. That is exactly what it took to make the confident and powerful Gerry not confident and made him stutter and stumble over his words. I'm sure that he was so confident that he in fact had this entire Pam/Jim/baby situation under control that when Jim appeared in that chair I have a feeling he actually thought for a minute that he was seeing a ghost! The points that Jim made during their confrontation were once again brilliant and I'm telling you, YOU are BRILLIANT for thinking these things up. I mean seriously!

Okay, I had written out what I thought were the real high points of the confrontation but when I posted my review was so embarassingly long, I deleted it to re think things. Let me just say, the whole thing was masterful. I also want to add...

The most amazing line of all... I almost lost my child, now feel what it feels like to lose yours!

The confrontation was SO brilliant that I really feel the need to really give you so much credit. I mean, it really had to be done so carefully to be believable and you pulled it off so seemingly efforlessly. Bravo.

Okay, I MUST adress the touching part of this chapter because it's just so wonderful...

I love that we truly can see wounds beginning to heal. I think they each know that neither of them are without blame and that really helps that in the game of you did this, well, you did that... neither has an upper hand. They're sort of on even ground there. On top of that, though they haven't yet gotten to acknowledging this yet, they have each been heavy on the other's mind the last nine months, they each yearned for the other and the BIGGIE... they both are still very much in love with the other. I think that they will get past this and they will help each others wounds heal fairly easily because neither of them were the cause of this. Pam could hold it a bit more against Jim because it was his father's doing but I think that because Pam can see first hand how manipulative Gerry is by the fact that he knew who she is and that it was Jim's baby and he actually came to her baby shower and to the hospital when the baby was born, given that and the fact that Jim has confronted him and cut off contact, I think she'll not hold that against Jim. I just think that neither of them are going to want to be apart any longer. When they were in Scranton, without even the added reason of a baby, Jim wanted to marry Pam and spend his life with her. With her being so excited to tell him about ther baby you can sense that she felt the same way. I just think that yes, they'll have to work through some issues but I just see them wanting to make it official and start their lives together as a family in the very near future.

So I love that as tired as Jim is, he's going on days without sleep, he isn't willing to put off meeting up with Pam, he is still going to do it that night and rather than laying trying to get a nap he's pacing around so nervous. I ADORE first that he is so excited he doesn't just go to the lobby or even rush there, no he sprints there, so anxious to see her. But then he gets a bonus, she brought Cecelia with her. I love that upon him seeing this his face goes from being anxious about seeing Pam to just being happy and I really love that Pam sees his face make the transformation. She is already able to see just how much he loves his daughter!

This part was just SO beautiful...

Although he hadn’t seen her in almost nine months, the same feelings he’d felt for her were still there, untouched, burning with the same intensity it did all those months ago - being in love with a girl like Pam was without a doubt the most effortless thing that had ever happened to him. Even before he’d kissed, hugged and taken her on a date, or done any of the things that he normally did with girls, he’d known he was in love.

I just love how you are able to use your words to effortlessly convey just how deeply Jim loves Pam and that he has from the very beginning. Before there even was a them he was already head over heels. I can't help but think what a shame it is that Jim couldn't have leaned on and relied on that love when his dad came into the picture and poisoned his mind. He made the fatal mistake of hesitating to take in what his dad said and THAT is what set this whole disaster in motion. SO sad.

I really like that when Jim offers that they can go somewhere other than the room, realizing that it's really simply his bedroom and she could be uncomfortable with that, Pam is already at the point where she is comfortable enough to simply go to the room. She probably realizes that not only do they have some heavy topics to discuss, that tears will probably be shed and Jim is undoubtedly going to want to get to know his baby girl and all of that is best done in provate where they don't have to worry about their actions, being jusdged by others or having an audience. I wonder if maybe at some point if Jim, who is no doubt going to simply run out of steam having gone days without sleep, if he may accidentally fall asleep and I can just see Pam, reluctant to leave, at first watching over him, maybe stroking his hair or whatnot and then falling asleep herself. The beauty of breastfeeding is that if you go somewhere with your baby and decide to stay longer, even much longer than intended, you always have food for the baby, fresh and ready to go. ANYHOW... so I just kinda imagine with how tired Jim is, maybe Pam would even tell him to go ahead and go to sleep, that she and Cece will be there when he wakes. The ONLY problem I see with this scenerio is the Andersons but Pam is after all an adult and I would think she could come up with something to tell them if she doesn't want to spring the truth so abruptly. Maybe that her mom came in town and wants Pam and the baby to stay the night at her hotel. I kinda also think it would be neat for Jim to go with Pam to tell Adele the truth. I just think it's going to be hard for her and not only could she use the support, I think they will need to realize that Jim is now very important in both Pam and Cece's lives and it would just be good for them to see that Jim IS in fact going to be there for them. I don't look for any of this to happen like this since I'm sure it's already written, just fun to throw out different ways things could happen. So back to what actually does happen when they get to the room...

Oh man... the way Jim dropped to his knees in front of the carseat, almost like in reverance, then asking Pam 'may I?' before just removing the blanket. I really like that he is really acknowledging first that he can see that Pam is a bit nervous and also that while he is Cece's daddy, he kinda needs to earn the right to just do things. You set forth such a beautiful scene here where Jim is really just meeting his sweet baby girl and Pam is recognizing with awe the magnitude of what is happening with Jim looking at his baby and being so entranced by her so immediately. I have to imagine this is the feeling Pam got when she took the time to really look at Cece and get to know her in the hospital after her birth. That's much like what Jim is doing right now. This just couldn't have happened at the Andersons or in a public place. I like that Pam is just really realizing what a huge moment this is for Jim, and she's letting him have it. I tend to think with everything running through her head that she is also realizing the posibilities... that all that she had seen for them back in Scranton when she first told Jim she was pregnant, those thing just maybe could still happen.

::::sigh:::: Jim holding his precious baby girl for the first time. I have to imagine that he's never felt better in his life. He probably feels at that point like absolutely ANYTHING is possible! I love the sweetness of Pam helping him, teaching him how to hold THEIR baby and Jim showing his human vulnerability to Pam with his tears... It also shows that he trusts her with his emotions because otherwise I just don't think he'd allow the tears to flow without attempting to stop them. It shows just how big and momentous this moment is to him. I love when he says 'it's just...' and leaves it hanging and Pam simply gets it, knows just what he means and says 'I know.' The ending was so nice too... them sitting on the couch together, Jim rubbing Cece's back and looking in Pam's eyes... :::contented sigh:::

I imagine that part 2 of this chapter is where they will talk and decide where their lives are headed. I'm SURE that it's in the same direction and like I've said, I hope it doesn't take much to get them there because if they'll let each other do it, they can really heal each other since fundamentally neither of them are at fault for the root of their problem. They each have blame for their own reactions to what happened. I can't wait to see the journey you're going to take us on. I'm crossing my fingers and REALLY hoping that this story isn't ending soon because I really think there is so much more you can do with it.

You are incredibly talented and so very gifted. The emotions you are able to evoke with your written words are so real it's sometimes stunning.

This was another outstanding chapter and I am sitting on the edge of my seat praying that there will magically be more VERY soon!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!


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