Reviews For Apple Picking
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Reviewer: BigTuna Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: February 27, 2018 10:13 pm Title: Chapter 1

So not kidding, I just read all of your stories in one day and just had to let them know that I am in love with them all. They are all so well written, so in character, and with just the right amount of fluff an angst to really give that good season 2/3 Jim and Pam feel that I just can’t get enough of. I hope to see more from you!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! <3

Reviewer: Clover Signed [Report This]
Date: December 16, 2017 10:39 pm Title: Chapter 1

Sweet, fun and a little breathtaking on the trip down. :)

Author's Response: <3 thanks, lovely

Reviewer: alittlestitious2 Signed [Report This]
Date: August 29, 2017 06:04 am Title: Chapter 1

What a cute way of bring up that scene from The Fight!

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it :-)

Reviewer: dwangela Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: July 22, 2017 04:08 pm Title: Chapter 1

This is such a cute and very plausible scenario, and you did such a good job with it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :-)

Reviewer: NobleLandMermaid Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: July 22, 2017 08:06 am Title: Chapter 1

So sweet, definitely a moment I could see happening in the Season 2 era. "She stops just short of letting herself think it's sort of sexy. She settles for admitting that he looks really good. No, nice. Nice is a better word." I like this part, very much sounds like early Pam.

And I too am ready for it to be autumn, so flippin' hot recently!

Author's Response: Thanks, lovely! I was particularly pleased with that part so it means a lot that you noted it <3

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