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Name: warrior4 (Signed) · Date: June 28, 2019 07:14 am · Chapter: Chapter 17
I really can't believe it took me this long to actually read this story. Lots of fun throughout really. This last chapter though? Pure gold. I laughed a lot when Helene put Pam in her place about the speakerphone. Great bit right there.

Name: PBandTuna (Signed) · Date: January 09, 2019 10:02 am · Chapter: Chapter 15
Wonderful story!! I love the angst and their moment happened so wonderfully. It's nice to see a story where its not just Jim feeling electric when he's touched by Pam, because sometimes it can be the other way around!

Author's Response: Thank you! Looking back at this (my first fanfic in over a decade) really takes me back...I'm glad you found it and liked it!

Name: BecauseOfYou (Signed) · Date: September 28, 2017 08:50 am · Chapter: Chapter 17
Oh, that was just so much fun! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us!

Author's Response: Thank you! It was really a pleasure to write, most of all because of your lovely responses to it.

Name: Too Late Kev (Signed) · Date: September 27, 2017 09:21 pm · Chapter: Chapter 17
I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for writing it!! :)

I love that it ends with jam and JAM.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading! And it might be a little too pat but I started with jam/JAM and I wasn't going to finish without getting that last one in.

Name: Too Late Kev (Signed) · Date: September 27, 2017 09:17 pm · Chapter: Chapter 16
"More than that." Love it. Just one more chapter? Seriously? [pouts]

Author's Response: I'm glad you've been enjoying. Thanks for sticking with me! 

Name: Too Late Kev (Signed) · Date: September 26, 2017 10:27 am · Chapter: Chapter 15
I'm glad she got through to him what she meant.

The's Mark's computer, so is it Mark emailing Pam's mom?

Author's Response: Jim's still logged into his email on Mark's computer, which he was checking while drunk. This will be clarified in the next chapter (which will include calling Pam's mom).

Name: Too Late Kev (Signed) · Date: September 25, 2017 04:47 pm · Chapter: Chapter 14

Author's Response: :)

Name: BecauseOfYou (Signed) · Date: September 25, 2017 11:53 am · Chapter: Chapter 14
Ya know... I have been around mtt for a few years now, I have read nearly every jam fic we have...
And that ring, when mentioned, is always such a powerful symbol for both Jim and Pam.
To read it as *just a ring* for Pam is definitely something new (that I very much enjoyed) but with everything she's gone through in such a short period of time I can absolutely see how something that used to represent so much was completely overlooked and nearly forgotten.
And yet to Jim it was still practically all he could see.

Also, I love this determined Pam.

Author's Response: Thanks! Determined Pam is my favorite Pam. I'm going to give a little more of Pam's thoughts on the ring next chapter, but I do think at this point it's actually more significant to Jim because she's talked to Roy and he hasn't. 

Name: Too Late Kev (Signed) · Date: September 25, 2017 04:36 am · Chapter: Chapter 13
Cliffhanger! I love that MTT is tweeting links when there are updates, so I can't miss a thing!

Author's Response: Well, we won't spend too long on the cliff. There's a nice ladder down ;). And I didn't know that, since I don't use Twitter. Sounds useful! Glad you don't want to miss it, I hope I can keep living up to the desire to read.

Name: NobleLandMermaid (Signed) · Date: September 25, 2017 12:31 am · Chapter: Chapter 13
Still loving this, can't wait for the next chapter! Also "poorly concealed love" is definitely the way to describe how Jim looked at Pam the first few seasons. 😄

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really enjoying writing it, hence the frantic update pace. And I think I have that facial expression of Jim's permanently burned into my mind, so I'm glad to know it came across in the writing.

Name: NobleLandMermaid (Signed) · Date: September 25, 2017 12:03 am · Chapter: Chapter 8
Now you have me imagining one of them stumbling onto MTT, that would be interesting 😆

Author's Response: I tried to avoid recognizable sites like even this one, but I agree it would. I think that's something like the premise of GodInThisChilis's Sky Blue and Black (to which I am obviously indebted).

Name: BecauseOfYou (Signed) · Date: September 24, 2017 08:58 pm · Chapter: Chapter 13
I'm so excited :D

Author's Response: So am I :)

Name: Too Late Kev (Signed) · Date: September 24, 2017 07:56 am · Chapter: Chapter 12
I am just loving this story!

Author's Response: I'm very glad to hear that. More to come soon (probably tomorrow, since I'm trying to stick to once/day).

Name: BecauseOfYou (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2017 09:53 pm · Chapter: Chapter 11
These last two chapters were so perfect. Both Jims and Pams thoughts and actions are spot on. I am loving how this story is progressing.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. That means a lot to hear. 

Name: NobleLandMermaid (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2017 05:28 pm · Chapter: Chapter 5
I love this chapter, Pam freaking out about seeing Jim in his "non-work-clothes" is very cute & very Pam and the banter is great. Looking forward to Jim's POV

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope you enjoy the Jim-chapters. I'm trying to catch the feel of their banter without going into too much detail because I know I'm not Greg Daniels & co., so it's good to hear it's working.

Name: Too Late Kev (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2017 02:16 pm · Chapter: Chapter 11
Oh, yay! I'm so glad Pam has made this decision, and that's she's realized, Jim or no Jim, that Roy is just wrong for her. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I did not want to write much Roy, so I hope this was sufficient to at least give a taste of how I see that relationship (and why it was right to end).

Name: Too Late Kev (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2017 02:07 pm · Chapter: Chapter 8
I didn't anticipate him finding out at the same time she did! Wow!

Author's Response: I'm glad I could provide at least a few surprises along the way (since I think we all know where this is going in the end...) :)

Name: Too Late Kev (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2017 02:04 pm · Chapter: Chapter 7
JAM! Yay for JAM! And yay for Pam reading about JAM. :)

Author's Response: That's how I feel, and that's why I wrote this!

Name: Froggy101 (Signed) · Date: September 21, 2017 09:27 pm · Chapter: Chapter 1
Love this story. Keep it up

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback! I certainly will.

Name: BecauseOfYou (Signed) · Date: September 21, 2017 06:46 pm · Chapter: Chapter 9
OMG! Pams Mom!! I was NOT expecting that! Do I like where this is going? Yes, yes I do!
I'm biting my nails as I read about them doing such mundane daily life activities. And I cannot wait for more :D Ps. I just gave you all my jellybeans. I like this that much.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate hearing that. I'm planning to stick to at least one update a day until I finish it, so there should not be a long wait for more. :)

Name: manidfk (Signed) · Date: September 19, 2017 07:32 pm · Chapter: Chapter 1
The plot development works great and the Jim and Pam interaction is believable. Good story!

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words! I'm very glad to hear that, because I was worried it wouldn't read right. I hope I can continue to hit those marks.

Name: NobleLandMermaid (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2017 08:02 am · Chapter: Chapter 2
Of course Dave did it *shakes fist at sky* Dave!
Love the Dwight & Pam interaction.

Author's Response: Such a Dave :). And thanks. For some reason Dwight seems easier to write than I expected. Not sure I want to ask myself why...

Name: dwangela (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2017 04:55 pm · Chapter: Chapter 1
This is such a cool idea for a storyline, and I'm excited to see where it goes! Also beet jam? That is absolutely genius and absolutely Dwight-like! I really enjoy your writing style :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I really appreciate that. I thought of the beet jam on my way home from work and simply could not avoid putting it in right then (and distressingly, at least to me, it is actually a thing).

Name: NobleLandMermaid (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2017 12:11 am · Chapter: Chapter 1
Love this premise, can't wait to see where it goes

Author's Response: Thanks! I want to see too (not that I don't have a few ideas...)

Name: BecauseOfYou (Signed) · Date: September 14, 2017 05:59 pm · Chapter: Chapter 1
Oh, I like this! Keep them coming!

Author's Response: Thank you! I will try, but they seem to jump into my head pretty much fully formed so I have no idea what I'll do if/when I get writers block with it.

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