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Reviewer: Comfect Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: July 11, 2021 08:00 pm Title: Chapter 1

Oh this is not where I expected this to be in Canon so now I'm doubly intrigued!

Reviewer: Comfect Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: July 11, 2021 07:59 pm Title: Prologue

Oh dearie dear. You don't half hit hard do you? I'm intrigued.

Reviewer: Basscop69 Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: July 08, 2021 02:39 pm Title: Chapter 1

I really enjoyed this flashback, and the moment at the end is so lovely. Dwight potentially knowing about the pranks from watching the documentary is such a good angle on that idea (as is Jim’s mom loving the updates from her cousin, haha, I thought that was a great touch). The plot thickens: so it seems like everything was all ok as of two weeks ago…? Can’t wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed [Report This]
Date: July 06, 2021 08:19 pm Title: Chapter 1

Going back to an easier time before nasty notes start showing up. My ideas of who sent the note are now all up in the air what with the doc airing as they go like this. Could be just about anyone. Other than that, Jim and Pam are all sorts of cute here. Looking forward to more as always.

Reviewer: darjeelingandcoke Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: July 06, 2021 12:04 pm Title: Chapter 1

Hmmmm. There's a *real* interesting question. Who *would* watch the show if it was simultaneously broadcast? Feels like Dwight is a definite yes - and would probably find some way to sell more beets because of it.

Also makes a lot of sense that they might not cotton to this right away. They do upset a fair number of people in their day-to-day lives who are prone to leaving passive-aggressive responses.

And I love this bit at the end. Glad we're getting a little bit of fluff before we dive full into the angst, and this feels a lot like how the post-Company Picnic summer would have gone.

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: July 05, 2021 05:58 am Title: Prologue

What's going on here? I mean for a set-up chapter it's amazing. I have several suspicions of who might have sent those notes, but nothing concreate. First off who sends not one but at least three? By now Jim and Pam have been together for over a year so why now? Gahhh! I want to know all the answers now! Fantasitc set-up as I said.

Author's Response: Thank you, Warrior! Well, this story is based on the weird dream I had, so that's why it happens at this moment (but I also have a more logical explanation of what's going on and why not, and it all will be explained in the following chapters).

Reviewer: Basscop69 Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: July 04, 2021 06:31 am Title: Prologue

This is such an intriguing beginning! I love the little notes of Jim caring for Pam, and him knowing that she's lying - and then the note feels very ominous. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'd like to try to write little chapters, so maybe I'll manage to update more frequent than I usually do :)

Reviewer: darjeelingandcoke Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: July 03, 2021 11:33 am Title: Prologue

Eeeeep I'm really glad you posted this one! This remains a deeply intriguing concept to me, and very realistic in an atmosphere where the documentary really takes off. And I love the twist of this being something Jim and Pam aren't really on the same page on - true to their communication issues, and it feels like the sort of thing they wouldn't want to worry each other about.

VERY much want to see where this goes.

Author's Response: Thank you!! I hope it remains interesting to you, and I'm always happy when I manage to keep things realistic (so realistic as the dream-based material could even be, he-he).

Reviewer: Maxine Abbott Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: July 03, 2021 04:09 am Title: Prologue

oooh - ominous - although my first thought is Angela - something tells me in this case I am not correct. Hoping the end notes are tongue and cheek and there will be more soon.

Author's Response:

Thank you, Max! I didn't expect that, but I have another chapter done. 
And you're right. It's not Angela.

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