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Name: cure6199 (Signed) · Date: June 29, 2007 08:39 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like
I think I love you! I felt really nervous for Pam when she first got to the party. For some reason I could relate to her (I'm not sure why) up until she started getting it on with Jim...oh how I wish I could relate to her in that moment!

Author's Response: Mmn, yes. She's a lucky girl. Thanks for commenting!

Name: tricky (Signed) · Date: June 15, 2007 01:53 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like
loved it. :)

Author's Response: Thanks!

Name: Maybe Once (Signed) · Date: March 02, 2007 08:23 am · Chapter: We Can Do That Again
Oh.   Oh, My.   (fans self)   Quite hot, yes.   very nice.  (blushes furiously)  

Author's Response: Haha! Yeah, I blushed writing it! Thanks for reading!

Name: Alex Wert (Signed) · Date: February 23, 2007 04:25 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like
Ha!  Creed!

Author's Response: I think that's the only time I've put him in one of my stories, but I really love him. He kills me every time: "Which one is Pam?" Thanks for commenting, Alex!

Name: nomadshan (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2006 01:15 pm · Chapter: We Can Do That Again

Yes! A great mix of fun and sexy - very them.

Ah :)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks!

Name: nomadshan (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2006 12:50 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like

Sadness is inevitable when you're drunk, alone, and wearing your nicest dress.

That's just one of the lines I wanted to quote back to you - so good :) And also, the hotness, but I really like your use of language in this one. Very nice, Paper Jam ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, nomadshan!

Name: kyrafic (Signed) · Date: December 29, 2006 08:49 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like
Man, I liked this SO much.  The loaded glances across the room!  The talky, jokey sex!  The feeling you create that they *know* each other, that this is all part of a much longer, older conversation they've been having.  Let's get married.

Author's Response: Wow. I think this is my first offer of marriage! I'm so glad you liked it, kyrafic!

Name: PuffingNoise (Anonymous) · Date: December 28, 2006 08:10 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like
Loved this story.
Especially this line:
His words are little wisps of air that stir the hairs at her temple.

Author's Response: Thanks, PuffingNoise!

Name: gotkona (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2006 04:13 pm · Chapter: We Can Do That Again
very hot and very good. 

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it, gotkona!

Name: lisahoo (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2006 03:22 pm · Chapter: We Can Do That Again
Oh. My.  I am so glad I am not at work or some other place I couldn't read this in private.  Naked!Jim was worth the wait.  The naked part is like an added bonus.

Author's Response: It is an added bonus! Thanks for reading!

Name: kaystar (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2006 03:18 pm · Chapter: We Can Do That Again
This chapter was so perfect, so them. I just loved it!  And this was so cute - "...and it's probably too soon to try and cop a feel in public. No matter how much she wants to."

Author's Response: Hee! Who doesn't want to grope Jim Halpert? Thanks, kaystar!

Name: xoxoxo (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2006 02:28 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like
Mmm mmm.  That was simply scrumptious!!  Chapter 1 was satisfying on it's own - but thank you ever so much for Chapter 2. 

Author's Response: You are VERY welcome, xoxoxo!

Name: NeverEnoughJam (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2006 02:12 pm · Chapter: We Can Do That Again


*cough* Um. Wow. Okay, usually the kind of conversation you have them in here is a complete buzzkill in the middle of lovemaking, but you caught their voices so well I believed it. I also don't usually like Jim as SuperStud but here she gets him all off balance with that "Not even a little chuckle?" line and it's perfect. And him teasing her with "I didn't catch that" was dead-on.

I like you showing Pam as being just as turned on as Jim. She comes across so often on the show as being shy and mousy, but this is a woman who's been in a sexual relationship for years; this is not her first time to the rodeo by a long shot. I am glad you made her this self-aware and in charge. Good work!

Now I really, really need a cigarette or five. Whew! 

Author's Response: Glad I could help a sister out! (your comment on TWoP cracked me up!) Thanks for reviewing!

Name: ElizabethLynn (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2006 02:06 pm · Chapter: We Can Do That Again

Author's Response: Thanks!

Name: 69 cups of noodles (Signed) · Date: December 28, 2006 01:38 pm · Chapter: We Can Do That Again

Awwww...and ohhhh...and yes!!!

I am so glad you added this chapter.  It was amazing. 

"You know," he says, reaching for the clasp of her bra. "I always imagined, when we finally got to do this, it would be less funny."

This is so Jim and Pam.  Sweet and funny and hot.

Author's Response: Oh, thank god. I was having writer's remorse on this one. Thanks for reading!

Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: December 28, 2006 09:23 am · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like

f'n hot.that was great writing along with the steamy yet smart dialogue. bravo and keep it coming. any chance u will add to the story?? please!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm posting a second and final chapter right now.

Name: bufffy6 (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2006 06:33 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like
sooo f'ing hot! i will second another part to this story! hope we get to see what happens in the new year with them! ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! Chapter 2 will be up shortly.

Name: gotkona (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2006 04:10 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like
wow, that was some hot NYE party.  I am so glad Jim did not sleep with Karen.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading, as always, gotkona!

Name: NeverEnoughJam (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2006 01:26 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like

"I'm going to make you say it."

..."God, I hope so."

That? Is pretty close to the sexiest two lines I've read in months. 

Looking for that cold shower now... 

Author's Response: Hee! Thanks. I guess I've set the bar pretty high for part two...

Name: 69 cups of noodles (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2006 06:33 am · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like

Poor Karen.  Oh, well. 

This line made me catch my breath:  When he's gone, Jim fixes her with a smoldering glare. "We're not done here, Beesley."

So hot, sweet and such a great read, Paper Jam!


Author's Response: Thanks so much, 69 cups of noodles!

Name: Jenintx (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2006 11:19 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like

Holy hotness! I concur with the reviewers before me, sexy Jim & Pam=good for body and soul :) After you recommended Esthero(luv her), I had to go and find that song. Here's the link if anyone is interested(Warning, explicit lyrics!)

Author's Response:

Wow, thanks for the  link! I'm gonna add it to the chapter notes, if that's okay with you. Also, thanks for reading!

Name: shan21 (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2006 06:10 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like
Incredible. Just sooooo good.

Author's Response: Thanks!

Name: the_musical (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2006 04:04 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like

oh my god. that was a) so hot and b) so good for soul.

please tell me there's another part planned.

Author's Response: Thank you! Another part has been suggested and I'm seriously giving it some thought... I think. We'll see ;)

Name: kaystar (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2006 02:53 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like

Fireworkfiasco is right - fluffy sex is good for health!  I feel so much better now that I've read this that I think I will go re-read it!! Oh - and I loved Karen's line to Jim about why didn't he break up with her on Valentine's Day and her parting salvo of being glad she didn't sleep with him.

Author's Response: Thanks kaystar! I like Karen, so I had to allow her a small moment of triumph before I gave her the boot.

Name: ficklevillain (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2006 12:14 pm · Chapter: What Love Tastes Like
you are the best ever. i haven't read your angsty sex yet, but your fluffy sex rocked the casbah. well done!

Author's Response: Now I am imagining Pam and Jim at the Casbah. Hee.  Thanks for the review, ficklevillain!

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