Taking the Leap by MrsKHalpert
Summary: This is one tradition Pam just might bend the knee for
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Story Notes:
I don't own anything here, but I do know two people born on February 29th, which seems exciting. Maybe. I don't know.
Taking the Leap by MrsKHalpert
Author's Notes:
Friday, 29th February 2008 (mid S4 Hiatus)

"Did you know its tradition for women to propose on February 29th?" 

Gulp. "It is?"   

"Yeah, I read it in a magazine this morning."  

"Oh yeah?"    


Awkward silence.   

Pam gets down on one knee. "Jim Halpert, would you do me the honour of making me... dinner?"   

"I hate you."   

"Please. You love me."    

"Yeah, yeah."   

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