so this is christmas by EmilyHalpert

It’s Christmas Eve (2007), and what are our favorite workers up to?


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I started this beginning of Season Four, and then it got lost, so I dusted it up for this Christmas season. Of course, it’s still referencing last years (S4), so, yeah.

Title from the Celine Dion song, and I don’t own that or The Office, or anything worthwhile. In fact, I’m pretty broke.

WildBerryJam rocks as a beta, but I’ve said that a thousand times. Doesn’t make it any less true.
Oscar by EmilyHalpert

            Oscar sighed, taking another sip of his hot chocolate. Gil had moved out two weeks ago, and the house still felt empty without him. Breaking up was never easy, but doing it at Christmas time made it seem a thousand times worse. It was hard to get into the Christmas spirit without him; Oscar never realized how much he depended on Gil. Their tree was still in the basement and the decorations were in the attic.

            He finished the hot chocolate and set the mug on the counter. He looked once more around the empty house before going upstairs; alone.
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