Free For Dinner by The Invisible Swordsman
Summary: Finally Jim's asked her to dinner. Set after S3E23.
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The One That's Jim by The Invisible Swordsman

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I've watched it enough though.

Free For Dinner

The One That's Jim

"Hey, Mom!"

"Hey, Pammy!"

"Did you have a good drive in?"

"Yes. It was long."

"Well, maybe you and Dad should move closer."

"Well, maybe you should get married and give me some grandkids. Hello, Jim. How are you?"

"I'm fine, Mrs. Beesley. Can't complain."

"Wonderful! It's good to see you again. Pam has talked about you so much, I feel like I already know you. Even when she was with Roy-"


"Which one's Jim?"

Which one's Jim?

Which one's Jim?

Me, I'm Jim.


I'm the one who loves her, I'm the one who appreciates her.

I'm the one who adores her.

I'm the one who knows just how amazing she is.

Even if one else that I have ever found, does.

I'm Jim.

Jim Halpert.


Michael calls me 'Jimothy' sometimes for some ungodly reason.

And I've been in love with your daughter from almost the first second . . .

"Hi. I'm Jim Halpert."

"Pam Beesley. Nice to meet you, Jim."

"Mr. Scott said, uh, said you were going to show me my desk?"

"Oh yes. Ha. Well, enjoy this moment. Because you're never going to back to this time before you met your deskmate, Dwight."

"Oh, uh, okay."

. . . she walked me to my desk on my first day of work.

And I'll probably never get over loving her . . .

"Hey, there's my girls!"

. . . even when she and Roy finally get married.


Right before hell freezes over.

"So, where do you and Jim like to go for supper around here? I'm starving."

"Oh, uh, well, there's this Italian place Jim really loves-"

End Notes:

Short and sweet. Just the way things should be sometimes.

And lots of little references in here. Even the Italian place that Jim loves. ;)

Thanks to Once, darjeelingandcoke, warrior4, Sam, and Maxine Abbott for so graciously reviewing.

Thanks also for the jellybeans.  :) 

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