Any Type of Mom Really by MrsKHalpert
Summary: Jim Halpert really loves moms
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Story Notes:

Happy birthday YB! I hope you love this fic as much as you love moms. This fic has been something I've been thinking about for a good nine months, but about a week ago I changed what it was going to be. So I hope it works ok!

Thanks to RD for helping out on the beta.

I don't own anything here. But I do have a mum of my own. Hands off YB.

1. Soccer Mom by MrsKHalpert

2. Single Mom by MrsKHalpert

3. NASCAR Mom by MrsKHalpert

4. Kevin's Mom by MrsKHalpert

Soccer Mom by MrsKHalpert

He saw her standing on the side lines. He couldn't miss her. How could he? She didn't look like the other moms. Her jeans were a little tighter than the other women's, and he couldn't help but stare as she bent over to pick something up. She was laughing with another mom, her light auburn hair blowing in the wind slightly. She brushed it out of her face, and ran her hand through her hair, shaking it out slightly.

"Coach!" a kid yelled, snapping Jim from his gaze.

"Get back out there Sammy," Jim shouted back, trying to focus on the game. He managed all of twenty seconds looking at the pitch, before his attention was drawn back over to the small group of women. 

This time, another mom had joined the group, causing lots of shrieking and hugging. But he kept his eyes on her. She waited her turn, and then hugged the new woman, before returning her attention to the game. He watched her, watching the kids trying to kick the ball around the pitch, and couldn't help but drink in every detail about her. How she pulled her pink cardigan around her chest as the cool breeze picked up. The graphite grey travel mug that she sipped on, that he knew wasn't hers. The way that she cheered for any kid on their team that got the ball, even though she wasn't their mom. But when her kid, their kid, got the ball, it was a totally different story. 

"Kick Cece!" Pam screamed, clapping her hands together and jumping up and down. "Kick it! That's it! You're doing amazing! Go Cece!"

Jim knew he should be focusing on the team, or at the very least on his daughter as she kicked the ball, but he couldn't help but pull his attention back to her. She was nothing like he'd imagined the mother of his children would be. She was so much more. The way she cared for their kids unconditionally. How she would do anything for them. Their needs were already met before they even said a word. The love for their children just oozed out of her. He just couldn't stop staring at her, with her infectious smile and warmth just radiating out of her despite the cool weather.  

And it made him smile, just to watch her. 

Single Mom by MrsKHalpert

He watched her move around the kitchen almost seamlessly, as if she didn't need him there. Which made sense, as he hadn't been there for so long. He sat awkwardly in his own home, like he didn't belong there, just mesmerised by the way she was getting everything done. She shimmied around the kitchen, turning the oven down with one hand, kicking an open cupboard shut with her foot, appeasing a crying Cece, before dashing to the stove to turn off a pan that was about to boil over, all whilst Philip was balanced on her hip.

"Want me to take him?" Jim offered from the kitchen table where he was sitting? 

"Huh?" Pam replied, as she walked back to the stove to stir a pot.

"Want me to take Phil?" he asked again.

"Oh," she laughed slightly. "I hadn't even realised he was here," she said, looking down at Philip and touching her forehead to his. "Sure." She walked over and tried to hand the toddler to Jim, but he clung tighter to Pam as he was lowered. "Come on Phil, go to daddy." But Philip just shook his head and clenched his legs around Pam tighter. "Alright then," she smiled, righting her angle. 

Bathtime was no different, with Jim feeling like a spectator in his own house. He sat on the closed toilet lid, watching the bath fun play out in front of him, having no part of it, not knowing where he could fit in. So he just sat and watched. And he saw just how tired Pam was. How the sparkle in her eye seemed dimmer. How her shoulders sagged a little more. How she tried to stifle a yawn as she sang yet another nursery rhyme. And he realised he'd done this to her. That he'd turned her into a single mother, someone that didn't need to depend on anyone, someone who could do it all herself. 

But he knew he didn't want her to do that. He wanted to share the load. To be a part of his family again. To have Pam depend on him, rather than everyone depend just on her.

NASCAR Mom by MrsKHalpert

She was treating it as a fun family day out, but he had other things on his mind. And of course he did, considering the way she'd dressed for the day. A tiny pair of denim shorts and some sort of clingy camisole, which she insisted was due to the heat. Which of course made sense seeing as it was close to 90. But to Jim, she was just torturing him.

His parents had come to stay for the occasion - the first NASCAR event at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, and Athleap was a major partner for it. To the kids, having their grandparents around for two weeks had been like Christmas every day. And to Jim, it was like his birthday every day, waking up slowly with Pam, being able to take her on mid-week dinner dates, and he'd even been able to sneak in a surprise childless weekend away, where they never managed to leave the hotel room. So it was no surprise that as he watched her lean forward in the mirror to apply her mascara, he realised she wasn't wearing a bra underneath her cami. 

"Forget something there Beesly?" he asked as he came up behind her, where she was bent forward over the bathroom sink. 

"Hmm?" she asked, her concentration from the mirror not wavering. 

"Are you trying to drive me crazy all day by not wearing a bra?" he asked, his hands moving up to cup her breasts, his thumbs swiping over her nipples.

"Oh," she giggled, turning in his arms. "Well, it's got this built in one, and also I didn't want the straps to show under these ones." 

"Makes perfect sense," Jim replied as he slid one of the straps off of her shoulder.

"Jim," she cautioned, as he pulled the other one down so that her breasts were exposed. He ducked his head slightly as he took one of her nipples in his mouth. "Jiimmm," she whined as he slowly licked the hardened bud and ran his thumb back and forth across the other. "Oh god, you've got to stop. I haven't got any panties on, and I don't want to ruin my shorts." 

"What?" Jim said, his head snapping up to look at her. "Jesus Christ"

"Oh stop it you pervert, of course I have panties on. We're going to a family event, with your parents and our kids. And also, ew gross. Can you imagine not wearing underwear with jeans?" 

"I hate you," he said with a deadpan face as he pulled up the straps to her cami roughly.  

"Come on, we can't get all worked up," Pam tried to reason with him. "It's not like we'd have sex at the track or anything."

"That's what you think," Jim muttered as he turned to leave the bathroom.

Kevin's Mom by MrsKHalpert

The first time he really noticed it, it was Michael's birthday. Everyone was worried about Kevin, of course, but he could see that she was really concerned about him. He watched her as she sat at her desk, biting the corner of her bottom lip before she started chewing on her thumb nail. She looked up at him, immediately dropping her hand and offering him a small smile with a roll of her eyes.

"You ok?" he mouthed at her. 

She nodded and turned her attention to her monitor, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth as she resumed her game of Freecell. Jim tried to concentrate on the sales report in front of him, but after tapping his pen on the paper several times, his gaze was drawn back to Pam. He pushed his chair backwards, and paused for a moment before putting his hands on his thighs to stand. 

"Come on," Jim said as he walked over to reception. "Lets go get a tea." Pam nodded, before sliding her own chair backwards and following him towards the kitchen. He pulled down their mugs from the cabinet, dropping a tea bag into Pam's pink ridged cup as she walked behind him, taking a seat at the table.

"I'm just really worried about him," Pam said quietly as she picked at a hangnail. She looked up at Jim who silently nodded as he filled his mug with coffee. He brought the mugs over to the table, passing Pam hers as he took a seat. "Thanks," she smiled as she wrapped her hands around the cup and blew the steaming drink. They sat quietly for a moment, both staring at the formica table in front of them. "When does he hear?" she asked, breaking the silence.

"Sometime today," Jim answered.

"Oh, poor Kevin," she replied, turning to look at the door

They carried on sitting in silence, until Pam got up and wandered over to the door to the bullpen when Dwight started shouting. Jim followed, standing close to her and stared out onto the madness before them. "I feel like we should go get Kevin something. Do you think we can sneak out of here?" 

He knew this was her way of taking care of Kevin. And as he watched her walking around the grocery store 30 minutes later, he couldn't help but see all of her concern come out through the gifts that she carefully selected, with only Kevin in mind, and put into the cart. The way a mom chooses her child a birthday present, or a ‘good job buddy' gift or just a little ‘I love you' treat. Something silly, but knowing it would mean the world to just that one person. As they weaved their way around the store, with Pam choosing random items that she knew Kevin would love, Jim could see her feeling lighter, knowing that she knew she was doing something to help him, in the way that she knew how. And it was right in that moment, that Jim knew no matter what she'd said the week before about no kids liking her, that their kids were going to love her.

End Notes:
You have no idea how hard it was to write a fic about moms, not mums. 
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