Objects of Desire by MrsKHalpert
Summary: It's the way you look at me, the way you hold me, the way you touch me
Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim/Pam
Genres: Fluff, Holiday
Warnings: Mild sexual content
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Story Notes:

Just a little something that came to me this morning. Thanks as ever to YB and RD for humouring me.

I don't own anything here, but I seem to like April's Fools Day a lot apparently. Who knew? 

1. The Jelly Bean Container by MrsKHalpert

2. Pam's Yoghurt Spoon by MrsKHalpert

3. Jim's Can of Grape Soda by MrsKHalpert

4. Jim's Grilled Cheese Sandwich Maker by MrsKHalpert

5. Pam's Paintbrush by MrsKHalpert

The Jelly Bean Container by MrsKHalpert

When I see him walk up to me, with that look in his eye, I know I'm all he wants

Sometimes he'll tease me first, not going directly for me

But then he'll slide his fingers into me

Sometimes it's slow, really slow

But other times it's fast

And once his fingers are inside me, it's the best feeling in the world

He'll move them around in slow circles, looking for that one perfect spot

And when he finds it and his fingers brush against my bean, I know it's all over

Pam's Yoghurt Spoon by MrsKHalpert

When she finally takes me out and I'm resting in her hand, I know I'm done for

But when she starts to lower her head and her mouth parts, that's when the fun starts

She'll slide me past her lips, desperate for my sweet cream 

And then that's when I feel it

The tiniest moan from the back of her throat that vibrates through me

But then she'll pull me out slowly, only to shove me back into her mouth again

And she sucks

And she licks

And she gets what she wants

Jim's Can of Grape Soda by MrsKHalpert

Sometimes he'll grab me roughly

As if he's desperate for me

Which I know he is

But other times, it's with reverence

Like all he wants to do is worship me

His tongue will always dart out first to touch my rim, and it's enough to leave me quivering

Sometimes I'll explode before his lips are even on me, my sticky juices spraying over his face

But then his mouth is there, his tongue just lapping at me

And there's nothing I can do but to enjoy it, and just pour my release into his mouth


Jim's Grilled Cheese Sandwich Maker by MrsKHalpert

He's the only one that knows just how I like it

Which makes sense, because I'm his

And we've gotten to know each other like this for years

The way he grasps me in his hand

Running his fingers along my length

Before tugging me up 

And he'll pull me back down and then we both know it won't be long until I'm close

Then he roughly pulls on me, and we know we're so close to what we both want so badly

And I'm hot, so very hot

And I start to ooze 

And it's exactly how we both like it


Pam's Paintbrush by MrsKHalpert

For years she never touched me, and it was all I could do, not to think about her

I wanted her so badly

For her to touch me more than anything else in the world

And that first time she did, I was in heaven

The way I lay heavy in her hand 

How still I was

Both of us caught up in this moment of anticipation, something we'd wanted for so long

Her fingers just ghosting the length of me, as if she were in awe

And then she rubbed me in the pink

I was so careful not to make a mess and have it all end right there

And then with long, tender strokes

We finally both found the release we'd been waiting for

End Notes:
They're just regular objects you filthy beasts
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