The Tired Mom's Club by MrsKHalpert
Summary: The Finer Thing's Club isn't Scranton's only exclusive club
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Thursday January 10, 2013 by MrsKHalpert
Author's Notes:

This is set in season nine, directly after Lice

Thursday January 10, 2013

Pam: Thanks for tonight, I really needed it

Meredith: Anytime you want a beer, just call me

Pam: I will. And sorry again about the lice

Meredith: Don't worry, we've all been there

Pam smiled to herself as she put her phone on the nightstand, thinking how much of a good time she'd had with Meredith of all people. She smiled to herself at the thought of drinking pitchers of beer and singing karaoke, something she and Jim hadn't done for years, since before the kids were born. 

She looked around her bedroom and sighed at the pile of laundry that she'd put on the bed that morning and taken off again that evening, too tired after the day of work and evening out to even think of putting it away. Tomorrow, I'll do it tomorrow. Oh, but there's Cece's ballet class and then we've got dinner at Penny's. Maybe I'll get up early and do it. She walked over to turn the main light off, tripping over Jim's running sneakers that he hadn't put away from his workout at the weekend. I literally have to tidy up after every single person in this house. She picked up the shoes and threw them into the back of Jim's closet, before walking around to her side of the bed. 

Pam sighed to herself as she pulled back the comforter and climbed into the unmade bed, having been too busy to make it properly before she had to run out the door for kindergarten drop off and work that morning. The bed felt cold without Jim in there next to her, the sheets too tight, the mattress too large. She moved her pillow more into the centre of the bed and reached her arm out onto Jim's side of the bed as if trying to reach out to him.

After ten minutes of tossing and turning, it was clear that Pam wasn't going to be falling asleep anytime soon, despite how exhausted she was. Her mind was going into overdrive thinking about everything that needed to be done tomorrow; drop the kids off, get Jim's suit dry cleaned, go to work, make Cece's outfit for her recital, pick up groceries for the week, do more laundry and clean the main bathroom. It really couldn't wait another week to be cleaned. Plus pick the kids up from her moms, make dinner, bathe them and put them to bed. She groaned slightly, thinking about the mammoth day that lay ahead of her, but still couldn't sleep. So instead she reached for her phone.

Pam: Hope you've had a good day. Can't wait to see you soon. Love you.

She waited for a few minutes to see if Jim would reply, but there was nothing. Probably at a business dinner. She sighed and was about to put her phone down, when she thought better of it.

Pam: I meant what I said about how much respect I have for you. I really don't know how you do this all on your own. You're a real superhero.

She placed her phone back down on the nightstand again and sunk down into the pillows, pulling the comforter tightly around herself, smiling at the thought of her new mom friend. 


Meredith: The real superhero was that bartender. He banged me three times last night. And his roommate too.

Pam's eyes widened as she read Meredith's text the next morning after she woke up, her head pounding. She tapped the buttons on the phone to go back and read the messages that Jim had sent her after she'd fallen asleep and quickly replied to him, before scrolling back to Meredith's message.

Pam: Wow. Sounds like you had a good night.

Meredith: Just another Tuesday night. 

Pam: Kinda different to my normal Tuesday nights LOL. But it was the most fun I've had in a long time. Thanks again.

Meredith: Any time kid. 

Pam looked at her phone and bit her lip. It felt great to let loose and have some fun for once, despite how she was currently feeling. It had been so hard since Jim started splitting his time between Scranton and Philadelphia, all Pam felt like she did anymore was work and look after two kids. Penny and Isabel always invited her out with their friends to crazy weekends away or bars to get guys to buy them drinks or expensive spas, but Pam couldn't do any of those with a family and a tight budget and a husband to think about. She also wasn't sure she wanted to do those things. She wanted to just have some regular fun, chat to someone in the same situation as her and get home at a reasonable hour.

Pam: Would you want to go out for a drink next Wednesday? Jim's in Philly.

Meredith: Sure thing. Pro tip. Next time get the kids to stay at your mom's, then the hangover doesn't seem so bad.

Pam laughed to herself, because just on cue, she heard Philip's cries over the baby monitor. She groaned, threw back the covers from the bed, and headed to calm the baby, tripping over Jim's slippers in the process.

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