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Story Notes:

Although it starts in the present time, the majority of it is in the past (pre-documentary). UPDATE: Heh... after writing a few, I've decided to flip them between the present and the past (pre-documentary) so, yeah, there ya go. ;) Reviews are greatly appreciated! I'm going to try to add two new parts every other day. However, sometimes life just gets in the way. ;) And they're all 100 words despite what the word count says.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Also, any song mentioned in title and/or lyrics don't belong to me either.

Another Monday has started.

Pam lifts up the blue teapot and pours her tea. Chamomile was today's flavor.

She looks up at the tall brunette sitting in front of her. She sighs.

Jim gave her a teapot in Secret Santa two Christmases ago. She began using it soon afterwards. Well, until he transferred. She couldn't look at it anymore without feeling depressed. Now, it sits on top of her fridge at home. With all the surprises still it in.

Pam smiles at the thought of those little presents.

"Haven't seen that in a while."

Pam notices Jim looking at her.

Chapter End Notes:

Update soon...

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