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Story Notes:
A huge THANK YOU goes out to my awesome betas. edo518 and azlin, you guys are amazing!
Author's Chapter Notes:

What do George Bailey and Jim Halpert have in common. Why, their guardian angels of course!


AN: The Office is a quality program that I do not own. Nothing meant to be stolen. 

Well, where do I start? Jim Halpert was the kind of guy that people could relate to. He had a charm about him that we up here like to refer to as a gift. I say was and had because Jim Halpert is dead. Ok, wait, before you freak out, let me explain. The old Jim Halpert has died (the kind we all like). And the reason for that is that Jim Halpert has lost his heart. I don’t mean it like he lost it, lost it. That is, it’s still inside his body, but because he was a goof, his heart is in about a million pieces inside of his chest.  The Big Guy and I…


How many times have I told you not to call me that, Clarence?


            Oh right, right, sorry, I always do that. God and I


Thank you


No problem, Big… God, yeah, we feel that Jim needs to have some direction. He’s a little lost right now. And it’s my fault. I am his guardian angel, and I kind of, well, how can I put this in terms you’d all understand. I slept on the job. I was there up until May, but after that I was sort of MIA. I never thought it would get this bad. So I am here to fix it. God wants me to go down for a visit to fix my mess. Oh and what a mess it is! I don’t know who Karen belongs to, angel-wise, because she and I need to have a talk. She wasn’t in the plan, and I sure don’t know how she slipped in.

            OK maybe I should have mentioned this before. Jim Halpert was made for Pam Beesley. Literally. The day he was about to go to Earth, God called me into his office and we had a talk. I was about to be assigned my new child to watch over when this stunning young angel walked into the room. Her name was Sophie. Well it still is! Sophie is Pam’s guardian angel. To make a long story short, God, Sophie and I sat down and went over the list of new babies being born that year. Anyway, we came to Pam. We read over her story and decided she and Sophie would be an amazing pair. I was getting a little nervous because everyone we read over didn’t seem like the right match for Pam. At first we were going to settle on a boy named Roy. But you all know how that turned out. So then God decided that he would just have to make someone specifically for Pam. And that is how Jim was made. He was actually made for Pam. Oh, and I want you to all know that this goes for everyone. Your guardian angel has a conference with God and the guardian angel of the person you are supposed to be with. So that whole soulmate thing; it really does exist. Of course, that is a whole other story that I could probably tell you some other time and…




            Yes, God?


Please get on with the story, you are wasting time.


            Ok, right, sorry. But now, because of me, and the little hiccup in the way things are supposed to be, I have to go down to Earth and knock some sense, and a heart, back into young Jim. 

Chapter End Notes:
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