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Story Notes:

This story is dedicated to all the nice people over at TwoP who have kindly scrolled past my incessant postings over the last week or so as I've transitioned from lurker-lazy to frequent-poster-crazy. Most people would not have been so nice. They would have said something like "Shut up! Azlin no one cares."

And to edo because I miss her already.

Spoilers through Gay Witch Hunt, and then just spec. I own nothing.

The first time she saw him she was fourteen years and eight months old and waiting in line at the tilt-a-whirl. She couldn't say why she noticed him. He certainly wasn't the only teenage boy at the fair. Nor was he particularly good-looking. Not nearly as cute as Roy Anderson, the boy she had a huge crush on who sat behind her in history.

Maybe it was the way his hands went way up in the air when the little girl he was with (probably his little sister, judging from their identical noses) managed to win a big stuffed animal. He just looked so unconcerned with what people thought of him. She wished she was more like that.

The next time she saw him they were five feet away from each other, both staring into the huge fish tank where they kept the goldfish you could buy for a few cents. She caught him looking at her and for just a second a strange tingle ran up her spine. She looked away quickly, wondering why she was beginning to blush.

It had to be fate. Nothing else could explain the way they ended up sitting in the same roller coaster car, just inches away from each other, waiting for the ride to begin. She put her hands up on the bar and when he did the same his littlest finger overlapped hers for just an instant.

"Sorry." He mumbled.

"That's okay." she quietly replied. They were both silent for a minute.

"What's your name?" He asked. But as she opened her mouth to answer, the car started moving and she couldn't hear anything over the loud clicking that accompanied their ascent into the sky. She looked at him once more right before they reached the top and her eyes widened along with his as they both realized just how high up they were.

In a rush they plunged down into a twist then looped over and around and up again. It was exhilarating and wonderful. She felt like she was flying.

It wasn't until they slowed down that she realized she was clutching the boy's hand in her own. Embarrassed again, she quickly let go and scooted to her side of the car.

She wasn't sure which was making her heart race more: the ride she had just taken or the fact that she could still feel his fingertips pressed into the back of her hand. It didn't matter though. She knew she'd never see him again.

She was walking back to meet her parents at the car when she felt someone grab her wrist from behind. She panicked until she turned around and found herself staring into a pair of green eyes. It was the boy from the roller coaster.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you I just wanted to say goodbye."


"So... bye." he finished lamely. 


It happened so fast she almost didn't realize what was going on until it was over. Her hair had blown into her eyes and it was getting in the way of his lips on hers. His lips? He was kissing her! Her breath caught as he quickly pulled away. Before she could say anything he was gone, running in the opposite direction across the parking lot. This definitely wasn't the way she had pictured her first kiss.

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