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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: The characters and The Office do not belong to me, I just borrow them.


“I’m sorry, what was the question?” Pam beamed at the camera with teary eyes and a flush crept up her cheeks.


Rob, the producer, grinned and clapped Dave, the camera man, on the back. “OK, I think we’ve got all we need for today. Thanks, Pam.”


Dave switched off his camera and lowered it, ready to leave for the day. Rob sat back in his chair and scribbled something on a clipboard. He glanced up, surprised that Pam had made no move to leave the room – she always practically tripped over herself trying to escape after a particularly revealing interview.


“Is everything OK?"


Pam couldn’t erase her grin and her eyes snapped back onto Rob’s face. “I’m sorry, everything’s fine. I’m just…not quite ready to move yet. I need…I think I want to sit here for a sec.”


“No problem, we’re about ready to take off for the day anyway. We’ll just get out of your way. Have a nice night, Pam,” Rob said, smiling kindly. He and Dave gathered up their equipment and left Pam alone in the conference room.


“Wow…” she whispered to herself. She exhaled loudly a couple of times and laced her fingers together in her lap. “Wow.”


She heard the doorknob turn slowly behind her. She looked to her left and saw Jim timidly entering the room again. He smiled, shyly, like a little boy with a crush.


Embarrassed, she wiped her eyes quickly. “Hey!” she said, a little too loudly. “I was just…” and she stopped. Don’t make another excuse for yourself, she thought. “Honestly, you know what? I just wanted to sit here for a second and think about the fact that you and I are finally going on a real date.” She laughed softly. “That felt weird, but good, to say out loud.”


Jim chuckled and shut the door behind him. He took the seat across from Pam that Rob had been sitting in. He looked her right in the eye and almost melted her to the core.


“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, Pam. And I’m…I’m happy, too. Sorry I did it like that – in front of the cameras and stuff. It probably wasn’t very romantic or whatever, but you know how sometimes you just have something to say and you think if you don’t say it, you’ll burst?”


Pam suppressed a giggle and a grin. “No, Jim, I honestly don't know what you mean at all. I mean, I know when I professed my deepest feelings in front of the entire office after having walked across hot coals, it was all part of a plan I’ve been concocting for, oh, several years now.”


They both laughed and Jim reached forward for Pam’s hand. He took it gingerly in both of his and rubbed his thumb over her knuckles.


“This is gonna be good, huh?”

She smiled and gave a small nod. “Yeah.”

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