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Author's Chapter Notes:

Takes place immediately following the end of The Job.  Angela and Pam have a talk about their lives.  Muchas gracias a Azlin and BeckySue for their amazing help. 

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to the Office. 

"Why are you smiling so much?" Angela asked Pam in that tone that she had perfected over the years. She had noticed when Pam left the conference room with a smile that she tried to conceal with her hand.

"Oh…no reason" Pam said through a grin that made Angela curious. She seems… happy. I haven’t seen her smile like that since…well, I can’t remember the last time.

She had seen Jim rush into the office and glance at the empty reception desk. She had seen Jim bust into the conference room and interrupt the crew interviewing Pam. He’s so rude. What she hadn’t heard was what Jim had said to Pam. But whatever it was, she could tell by the bounce in his step that he was extremely pleased by it. He had probably planned some sinful, childish prank to play on Dwight and just had to share with Pam.

She knew how much Dwight hated it when Jim messed with him. She figured, maybe if she indulged in a few minutes of chat with Pam, she could gain some inside knowledge about what Jim had planned.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like talking to Pam. Sure, Pam sometimes acted like a hussy little whore. But even then Angela had a soft spot for her. After all, Pam had been helpful during the time when Dwight had been… No. Don’t think about that. There was no reason to relive the agony that Andy’s vicious behavior had caused. So it wasn’t that she didn’t like talking to Pam, but there were times when she just couldn’t stand being around someone who was that unreserved and unashamedly flirtatious.

But in this case, it would be worth the miserable conversation to see the look on D’s face when she told him what Jim had planned. She strolled (somewhat) casually over to Pam’s desk as she exited the interview and asked her about her smile.

Angela was dying to know what was making Pam smile like that.

"Well, you see," Pam confided, "I just heard from my old friend who likes to be called Anthony. See, he has liked this girl at his work, Jane, for a while."


"Oh?" Angela feigned interest.

Pam played with her shirt edges as she continued, "He left town for a while because she rejected him. He was gone for a long time, but now he’s finally back."

"Hm." Angela gestured for Pam to continue, wondering when they would get to the part about Jim’s upcoming prank.

"And so he just now asked her out and she said yes!"

"Why are you so happy for them?" Angela questioned her, realizing she’d have to keep the conversation going if she wanted to learn what exactly Jim had told Pam.

"I just…am happy for them. They deserve it. They might have never been on the same page before and they finally got something right."

Suddenly, Angela realized what Pam was talking about. She had pulled the same stunt on Pam during their coffee break. Using what she had thought was an unbreakable code, she had described her relationship with Dwight to Pam. A risky move on her part, but she was just so ecstatic that she had needed to share with someone.

"That’s very interesting. Tell Jane and Anthony that they are blessed to have found one another, finally." Angela nodded. She briskly turned on her heel and walked back to her desk. She flipped her ponytail purposefully and sat down.

Pam smiled brightly and resumed her position at reception.

Near the end of the day, when Angela had just finished her work, she got out of her chair and turned to walk toward the coat rack. She saw Pam reach for her purse and grab the awaiting, outstretched hand.

Angela turned her head back toward her desk to conceal the slight smirk spread across her face as the two figures left the office hand in hand.

I can’t wait to tell Dwight; it’s finally time to begin the advanced levels of Pam Pong.


Chapter End Notes:
You know you hate it. ;)

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