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Story Notes:

The "Sexual Harassment" deleted scenes made me wonder what kind of IM conversations Jim and Pam had/have. And since I'm starting this with just over 50 days before Season 4 starts, and there's just over 50 episodes, I thought it would be a fun "countdown" kind of thing (it's also a good thing to work on when I'm stuck on other stories).

The messenger I'm thinking of as I write this is AIM v5.x, so when you see emoticons in the text, think of these .

ETA: EiE has gone visual! Check out MTT's tumblr for visualizations of these chats complete with actual emoticons!

disclaimer: I own nothing, I'm making no money, please don't sue

Author's Chapter Notes:

About the dates: while I want to stay true to the show, I'm taking creative liberties and pretending Season 1 took place right before Season 2, so the Documentary Crew arrived in Summer '05 rather than Spring.

Oh, and sorry for my remarkably uncreative IM usernames

Monday, August 1, 2005 10:29am

pambeesly: hey

jimhalpert: hey

jimhalpert: I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever

pambeesly: I know, it's been, what, five minutes?

jimhalpert: We should met for lunch and catch up, talk about everything we did in that time

pambeesly: we should

pambeesly: did you read this agreement? for the documentary thing?

jimhalpert: I skimmed through it

jimhalpert: who can actually read through one those things, you know?

pambeesly: did you see that they want us to give them the right to film us in "any work related activity, even outside the premises of Dunder Mifflin"?

jimhalpert: what page is that on?

pambeesly: so they could like come to our houses if they deemed it work related

pambeesly: page 3, towards the bottom.

jimhalpert: hope they like watching me watching TV

pambeesly: I don't even understand why they want to film me, Dwight and Michael are the interesting ones. I'm rather boring.

jimhalpert: that's not true

pambeesly: what, that I'm boring?

jimhalpert: no, that Dwight and Michael are interesting

pambeesly: ouch

jimhalpert: j/k, you're not boring at all

pambeesly: whatever, I know I am

jimhalpert: but you're the queen of multi-tasking. You answer every phone call, handle all the faxes in the office, pretend to be interested in what Michael is saying, all while getting in a couple Sudoku puzzles everyday.

jimhalpert: I think that's pretty cool

pambeesly: thanks :-)

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