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Author's Chapter Notes:
I don't anything but a heavy dose of admiration for The Office writers. No infringement is intended.

Pam stared up at him, their eyes connecting in the dim light of the waning afternoon just before he dropped his forehead to hers.  Their breaths came simultaneously, rushing from them the way everything else had for the past couple of hours.  Excited giggles as they'd pulled each other hurriedly out of the office, rambled words of how creepy it was to have Michael watch you make out...how maybe they shouldn't do that in the office anymore...followed by thoughts (she knew Jim had too) of ‘But how can we not? I can barely stand not touching you anymore' 


Then that delicious tumbling into his apartment, still giddy with it...with each other...with possibility...with love and something even better...like.


She couldn't remember a time when she'd wanted to just feel someone so badly.  When she'd felt so completely and utterly emotionally connected to someone, that she needed desperately to be physically connected to them too.  She couldn't have felt more pride had, she been the one to close the deal herself.


With Jim an absolute crap day could turn to rushed touches, and nothing short of insanity once behind closed doors...Once away from the cameras, even the ones they'd known had been trailing them from a distance on the way to Jim's apartment.  This throaty kind of laugh that felt like it was coming from someone else - someone much sexier and worldly - bubbled up out of her as she'd felt him up in the car...her hand easing up his thigh, like she was somebody else.


He'd grinned that grin he'd been grinning since they left the office, and glanced up to the rear view, checking to see if he'd lost them yet. "Woah, how dare you Beesly?"


"Can't help it...you're so sexy right now."


"Is it the money, Pam? God...see - I knew it."


She pulled her hand away, in consequence. A challenge in her eyes...Woah just who was Pam Beesly these days? What with her looking into new job opportunities with her boss sitting just right there, with her running into Jim's arms right in the middle of the office in front of everyone like they were characters in some kind of epic romance.


Jim grabbed her hand back. "Well I didn't say I was above it, so..."


That's the way it went on the way home and afterwards...Well afterwards had lead to now. He trembled above her as his forehead lay against hers, their bodies still joined...


"Marry me."


It came on an exhale of breath, much the way her name had come time after time just moments before....what...


"Oh..." He found her eyes.  Shook his head then...as if the words were disobedient children. "I can't believe I just..." he smiled.


"What?...are you..."


"Wow...Pretty sure I was supposed to kick your ass."


Pam smiled slowly...Oh.


With fingers easing through the sweaty tendrils of hair curling around his ears she said... "Pretty sure you just did, Halpert."


"That really wasn't what I -


"Hey, no take-backs!" She said pressing her finger to his lips.


Jim smiled, "Is that a yes? Because I swear I have a ring and everything."


Pam grinned before she pulled him down for a kiss. "That's an absolutely I do."




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