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Story Notes:
I own nothing.

I was watching the basketball episode again and this little idea came to me, I don’t know if anyone has done it already but I thought I’d give it a go anyway because right now the Halpert kids are giving me a terrible headache in not acting the way I’d like them to even though I’m the writing them. Argh!
Seventeen year old Pam Beesly sat in the second row of the bleaches, surrounded by rabid basketball fans that were focused on the starting line-ups ready to be announced. All around her, the student section was going crazy, shouting for each player announced from Valley View High School. Pam, on the other hand, was more focused on the sketchpad resting on her lap. Her boyfriend Roy was the center and though she did stand and cheer when he was announced, she didn’t much care for basketball and would rather be holed away in the art room.

“Here, I brought you some popcorn!” Pam looked up to see her best friend Lisa standing triumphantly in the aisle, balancing two sodas, a bag of popcorn, and a tray of nachos in her arms. She sat down as Pam set her sketchbook aside and took her food and drink.

“Thanks, I owe ya.” Pam took a sip of her soda and looked out onto the court where Roy standing. He caught her eye and winked before focusing his attention on the opposing team as they were announced. Pam and Lisa ended up so lost in conversation, neither paid attention to the names of the players from West Scranton High School – nor did either take notice of the boy with the lopsided grin and shaggy brown hair. At least, not right away.

As the game began, Lisa saw him first, really saw him. He was tall, lean – but muscular enough to not be considered lanky – and built just right for a forward.

“Uh oh Pam, I didn’t realize the guys from West were so cute. What’s his name?” Lisa stared down at the roster she’d picked up on the way into the gymnasium. “I can’t see his jersey, what’s his number?”

Feeling awkward for checking out a guy who was not her boyfriend, Pam simply shrugged. “He goes to West anyway, who cares?”

“But look at him! Ugh, I think I’ve died and go to Heaven.” Lisa strained to see his jersey number as the boy jockeyed for position on the block, getting tangled up with Roy before the refs finally called a jump ball.

Pam scanned the roster. “Number 14...His name is James Halpert. Happy now?”

“That sounds familiar, wasn’t he all-city last year?” Lisa was much more a basketball aficionado than Pam. Mostly because she liked watching the guys run up and down the court.

“No idea.” But Pam had taken notice of him now and she tuned out anything Lisa was babbling about. And boy, could she babble. Instead Pam took a good long look at the boy currently the object of her best friend’s desire and had to admit, he was pretty cute. Not in a classically handsome way, but there was something about him that Pam couldn’t quite put her finger on. The way he handled the ball with ease, went after the rebounds as aggressively as Roy who outweighed him by quite a bit, or how he looked so calm even when shooting free throws. Most of all, it really was that smile. During a time out one of his West Scranton teammates said something and James Halpert laughed heartily, and she could tell he was genuinely amused. Pam looked away quickly when their eyes met, though she couldn’t help but sneak a peek at him again just a few short seconds later. He was still gazing at her and Pam had no idea why. They certainly didn’t know one another, didn’t have any mutual friends, didn’t even attend the same school or activities. It wasn’t until Lisa snapped her fingers in Pam’s face that the red-head was brought back to reality.

“Ooooh, I’m telling Ro-oy,” Lisa exclaimed with a devilish grin. “Look at you, ogling the enemy.”

Pam frowned. “You were doing the same thing!”

“Yeah, but I’m not dating the guy who is going to be all-city again this year…with James Halpert I’m sure.” Lisa grinned again. “Too bad he goes to West, but it says he’s a junior too. We’ll have to wait a whole ‘nother year to see him again!” She pointed to his name on the roster once more, where it also listed his height.

“Oh come on, all I did was look. It’s not like I said I’m going to dump Roy and marry James Halpert, geez Lisa!” The two girls giggled and continued watching the game, cheering for the Cougars while keeping an eye on the boy with the beautiful green eyes.
Chapter End Notes:
I'm having major problems writing lately. That's why everything has been so short and lacking of any real substance. Hopefully this helps get me over this nonsense so I can actually write something worth reading. Let me know what you think!

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