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I have a fever, so if this is really bad, I apologize. Now that it's out of my head, maybe I can get back to sleep.
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Five ways Jim finds out about Dwight and Angela

1) Screw it. He hadn't talked to her for months, but this, this, he needed to share. Not with the cameraman, not with someone from his new branch, not with Michael or Ryan or anyone else from Scranton. With her. He flipped open his cell phone, and was halfway between crushed and relieved when her voice mail picked up. "Hey, Pam. It's me, Jim. Listen, I know we haven't talked but...I'm in Philadelphia at this conference and...and I think Dwight got a hooker. And I needed to tell you that because there's no one else I could tell that to who would understand. There are a lot of things no one else understands, Pam. I miss you every day. So, um, I hope you're doing OK. I guess I'll talk to you later."

Ten minutes later, his phone rang. "I miss you, too, Jim. I miss you so much. But I don't think that was a hooker. I think it was Angela."


2) The day the branches merged was one of the hardest of his life. Returning to that place was like re-visiting a crime scene. It was where his heart had been murdered, after all. He could tell Pam felt it, too. He didn't know what to say to her, and she sat, white-faced and wide-eyed, as though she were terrified to even say hello. It was lunchtime before they broke the silence. Even as he dreaded the conversation, Jim felt proud of Pam as he watched her gather her courage and advance upon his position in the break-room. She looked him in the eye and said, "Hi. I know this is going to be awkward and I know I don't deserve anything from you, but I need to tell you something. I..." her voice faltered. She licked her lips and started again. "I just want to tell you that Dwight and Angela are secretly dating. I think they are having sex. Do with that information what you will."

She was more than halfway back to her desk when he started laughing hysterically. Of course he still loved her. He always would.


3) He hated sneaking around. He hated it. He and Pam had agreed, though, that they didn't want the first tentative steps of their relationship played out in front of the whole office- or worse, in front of the cameras. He contented himself with brief kisses in the elevator, the occasional groping in the supply closet, long phone calls, and weekend and evening get-aways.

They were spending Thanksgiving with her parents, but had decided to spend the weekend afterward at a cozy bed and breakfast about an hour from Scranton. The place was lovely, the bed was soft, and they made the most of their precious hours together. Jim was following Pam down the stairs to Victorian-style dining room the next morning for french toast and fresh biscuits when she stopped abruptly.

"Good morning, Dwight. Good morning, Angela," she said politely. Jim didn't say anything. He'd lost his appetite.


4) He'd been in Stamford for six months. Work was good, he was dating, and he was starting to feel like maybe his heart would one day be whole again. It was a Tuesday when the inter-office envelope arrrived on his desk, routed from the Scranton office. Inside was an old-fashioned wedding invitation with a yellow post-it note on it. The invitation said:


Mr. and Mrs. George Martin

Cordially invite you to the wedding of their daughter

Miss Angela Noelle Martin


Mr. Dwight K. Shrute


The post-it note said: I could use a date, if you're interested. Love, Pam.

He wasn't sure which shocked him more.


5) She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Her soft curls framed her face, crowned with a garland of tiny flowers. The white dress accented her slender, feminine body. The gleaming gold band nestled perfectly against the diamond ring on her finger, right where he'd placed it just hours before. All through the reception, he'd been repeating it over and over inside his head. Mrs. Pam Halpert. His wife. As he bent to kiss his bride, she stopped him with a mischievous smile. "Wait. Before we consumate this marriage, I need to tell you something. I've been keeping a secret from you, and I just don't think we should start married life that way."

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