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Story Notes:
Spoilers for Back from Vacation.
Author's Chapter Notes:
I really love it when Pam and Angela have these rare moments of support for each other, so I figured I'd make one up myself.
Disclaimer: Any publicly recognizable characters, settings, dialogue, or otherwise publicly recognizable content is the sole property of NBC and its affiliates. The author makes nothing from this, and is in no way related to NBC or any of its affiliates. Don't sue me, you'll be sorely disappointed.


Angela wandered down the hall. A certain salesman had requested she do a routine check on a fellow employee, and she could not refuse a request asked with such fervour. To see...the salesman...look so concerned, his brows furrowed above his glasses, meant she could hardly turn him down.

It didn't take long to find what she was looking for. The receptionist sat on the bench, head in her hands, sobbing in a way that would have set Angela's teeth on edge had it been anybody else. But she decided to make an exception, if just only for now. She walked towards her and stood in front of her, waiting for Pam to recognise her presence.

Pam looked up, her eyes red rimmed, tears streaking her cheeks. Angela recognised that look. It was the look of a woman at the end of her rope, the look of someone who felt completely hopeless. She had seen that look in her own eyes before, although she'd never admit it. She thought back to all the times she'd played Pam Pong, seen the receptionist laughing with the lanky salesman over something ridiculous.

Although she didn't approve of Pam's so very obvious feelings for her coworker, Angela knew she shouldn't judge. Afterall many people failed to see the positive qualities in her own chosen mate, but she was happy, and that was what mattered.

She had seen that Karen girl flirting obviously with Jim, and knew they were having a relationship. She disapproved whole heartedly. Such flaunting of an office romance was extremely distasteful, and she would have taken it to HR if she thought it would be a long term problem.

But she had never seen that soft look in his eyes, the complete focus and awe he had when he looked at Pam. He never looked at Karen like that. And, despite her own reservations about such a time waster, Angela knew what that look meant. Afterall, she had seen that look, albeit in appropriate private moments, and knew what it meant.

But the receptionist was stubborn, always hanging back, hesitating, and Karen was open and confident. Overly confident if you asked her opinion, in a way that was not becoming for a lady. Her eyes often held the look of a cat desperate not to have a toy taken away. Angela allowed that thought to develop, and sat down next to Pam, hands primly resting on her lap.

“Um, Angela I...” Angela allowed herself to shoot Pam a look that had stopped many a pointless sentence in the past. She then looked straight forward, and started speaking.

“I love my cats, always have. They bring so much joy, tiny communities forming with such character. My beautiful males are lovely to watch. But it has always been the females who interest me.”

Angela allowed herself a glimpse at Pam, who just looked confused. Rolling her eyes she continued.

“You see I also enjoy the discovery channel. Not the filthy parts of course, but the interactions that groups of animals have with one another. And the differences between my beautiful, soft female cats and those magestic, regal lionesses is startling. You see, a female cat, domesticated and tame, will allow her owner to treat her however she likes. She is fed when told, cleaned when told, taken to the vet when told. She will defer to the demands of her owner. She is scratched and given attention when the owner feels like providing such.”

Another glance showed a still confused but focussed Pam.

“However a lioness is different. A lioness does not wait to receive attention, she demands it. Such demands are subtle but fierce. She will not wait, will not sit back until someone provides it to her. She will be fierce, protective of what she believes belongs to her. The head lioness has a true mate. And if another lioness threatens this, she will fight for her position. I've often found such observations can be applied to humans.”

Angela glanced over again to see Pam's eyes grow wide as realization dawned on her. She smiled a tiny smile to herself, and looked straight forward again.

“I've often decided immediately if I was dealing with a house cat or a lioness. I've always thought you were either one or the other.” She now turned directly to Pam, looking her straight in the eyes.

“Mayhaps I was wrong – a house cat might change into a lioness, if she finds something truly worth fighting for.”

And with that Angela stood and walked away.

Pam's eyes were dry now, her crying ceasing as Angela's strange words filled her head. She quirked an eyebrow at an inner thought, before standing and striding away. She'd never liked housecats anyway.

Chapter End Notes:
This is intended as a one shot, but if my muse strikes, or people seem to want more, I may consider turning this into a multi-chapter. Please review!

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