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Author's Chapter Notes:
It all begins here.

disclaimer : I do not own either The Office or Doctor Who - sadly. Just using the characters and the TARDIS.
1# - The mysterious blue box

‘Not your fault. I’m sorry I misinterpreted our, uh, friendship…’ Jim says, walking away. Pam just stands there, twisting her engagement ring – that she never really liked, being so small and so not thoughtful – and wishing she could turn back to the time before he said those things so that they could be normal again. Pam saw that lonely tear falling from his eye again and her heart skipped a beat. That vision made her sadder than she had ever felt before. Pam turned on his direction, seeing him walk away, bowed in shame, and she was about to tell him to wait when the wind started sweeping weirdly. The spring leaves on the trees were being torn off. It was all very strange.

She saw Jim turn around and she did the same, as a figure appeared in the parking lot, along with a metalic sound: ‘vwop, vwop, vwop’. Then, they could never have guessed what appeared in front of them in the ten seconds that followed. A big blue Police Box. A big old weird Police Box that could’ve come from the 50s, from all they knew. And it was there, sitting in front of them, in the middle of the parking lot.

‘What the hell..?’ asked Jim. His voice was still a little shaken by the tears, Pam could tell, but she was happy to see a suspicious grin on his lips.

Suddenly, the door of the Police Box opened and a tall man with funny hair came out. He was wearing a beige tweed jacket with light brown elbow patches; trousers that seemed too short and black boots. He also had a bowtie. The man had a puzzled look on his face when he looked at a golden watch on his wrist and scratched the back of his head. Then, a red haired woman, also tall, came out of the box and stood next to him, She looked a little mad.

Pam looked at Jim. He had a weird smile on his face, the type of smile he had every time he was planning the next prank he would pull on Dwight.


‘Hang on…’ he said. He walked over to the people with the box. Pam followed him, curious. ‘Excuse me?’ he asked them.

Both the man and the woman seemed a little frazzled, like the other man that came out next. He was wearing normal clothes and was normal looking, except for his nose. It was a bit large.

‘Excuse me?’ said Jim again, only louder this time, to make sure they’d actually hear him.

‘Yes?’ asked the weird bow tie man. He had a funny smile when he broke from the whispered conversation he was having with his friends.

‘Why is there a blue box in the middle of our parking lot?’ Jim asked. Pam snorted. Such a Jim-type question. Gosh, he’s so adorable, Pam thought.

‘Oh, I’m sorry… This old thing… She never knows where to properly park anymore…’ explained the man, with a British accent, giving a happy grin.

‘Well, it is a parking lot… Sorry, what I mean to ask was why did a mysterious blue Police Box appeared at our parking lot from nowhere?’ Jim rephrased, smiling gently. Pam just stood next to him. She knew she wouldn’t be able to formulate sentences now, what with his confession and the suddenly appearance of what she thought could only come out of Dwight’s sci-fi addictions.

‘Sorry, we are a tad lost.’ Said the red-haired woman. She had a Scottish accent. The other man, who was standing behind her, between her and the English bowtie man, scratched the back of his neck, nodding. ‘We were supposed to be in Sydney…’

‘That doesn’t really answer my question…’ said Jim.

‘Where are we, exactly?’ asked the man with the large nose.

‘Hm, Scranton, Pennsylvania?’ said Pam. How lame was it that the only thing she managed to say after ‘I’m sorry if you misinterpreted things’ was ‘Scranton, PA’? ‘And who are you?’

‘Right! I’m terribly sorry! How rude of us! Ha, ha!’ exclaimed the bowtie man. He walked around and moved his arms in a very excited manner. It almost made Pam forget why she was feeling so down inside. ‘This is Amelia Pond and that is her husband, Rory Pond--‘

‘Actually, it’s Rory Williams—‘the man said, but was interrupted by the bowtie man.

‘And I am the Doctor!’ he finished, with a smile. ‘And you are?’

‘Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, soon-to-be-Anderson.’ Jim said, with a sad smile. Pam sensed that he resented her, somehow. Probably for being such a stone cold bitch… At least that’s why she resented herself.

‘Okay!’ said the Doctor. ‘Now that we are acquainted, let’s find out what happened in Scranton, PA, during the May of 2006 that makes it so interesting for the TARDIS. Shall we?’

‘The what?’ asked Jim.

‘I thought we were going to Sydney! I’m dressed for Sydney! Oh, it’s going to be just like the time we met the Lizard people, isn’t it?’ Amelia Pond asked, at the same time.

‘I’m sorry…’ said Pam. ‘But the only thing happening here tonight is the office’s Casino Night… Also, there isn’t much of the action you’re probably looking for in Scranton.’

‘At least nothing that involves Lizard people…’ said Jim. Pam looked at him with adoring eyes. Yes, she loved that man. Roy was just an obstacle and he had been for a while now. Pam loved Jim and it pained her that she could do nothing about it.

‘Oh…’ said the Doctor, disappointed.

‘Yeah.. I mean, we don’t even have an IHop…’ shrugged Jim. ‘Anyway, what exactly is a TARDIS? And where are you people from?’ he asked, again.

‘Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It’s a time machine. Well, time and space.’ Said the Doctor.

‘Rory and I are from England, but the Doctor is… not. And we travel through time and space and fight monsters and stuff.’ Said Amelia Pond, with a smile. She was so pretty, Pam thought.

‘That is… weird. Dwight would probably love this…’ Jim said, more to himself then to the other around him.

‘And the box is bigger on the inside.’ Commented Rory, also to nobody in particular. Pam was thinking that, given the right circumstances, him and Jim could actually be good friends. But then again, Jim was friends with everybody. Even Jan.

‘Seriously?’ Jim asked. Pam was also curious. She was only an observer in this interaction, but she also really wanted to see what was inside that big blue box.

‘Oh, yeah… Do you want to see?’ the Doctor asked. Jim and Pam nodded and walked in their direction.

Pam, however, was not ready for what she saw as she stepped inside the TARDIS. It was huge, humongous, ginormous! There was a big round control panel, some weird light thingies, handles and a stair that took to a hallway. The thing went for miles!

‘We have a pool and a library… And other rooms.’ Said Amelia Pond. The Doctor smiled behind her, clearly amused by their confusion.

‘What..?’ Pam heard herself try to come out with a clear question, but it was all a blur in her head. There she was, standing inside a box that was bigger on the inside, wearing a periwinkle dress and high heels, with her hair and make up done, right after Jim had told her that he loved her and she had shut him down even though she loved him too.

‘Is this another dimension or something?’ she heard Jim ask. The Doctor had a disappointed look on his face.

‘How did you know?’ he asked. ‘Rory knew too… That makes me upset. It takes out all the fun of bringing people in here.’

‘Hm… I don’t know… I guess I became kind of a nerd after sharing a desk with Dwight for over four years…’

Pam giggled. It made her less sad that Jim could still make jokes even though he looked absolutely devastated.

‘Ok… This was fun, but I have to go home now…’ Jim said, going towards the door.

‘Wait… You guys could hang out with us for a while, right Doctor?’ Amelia asked, apparently looking forward to female company. Little did she know how much of a wreck Pam was at that moment.

‘Sure, why not? The more, the merrier!’ said the funny man. The mad man with a box, as Pam later found out.

‘Because we have to work tomorrow morning?’ Jim answered, clearly not amused anymore by all that crazy stuff that was happening before their eyes.

‘Oh, come on! It’ll be fun! And I can return back at this very moment when we are done! Promise! Just a couple of days!’ said the Doctor. Amelia and Rory seemed to agree.

‘That actually does sound fun…’ Pam said, simply.

‘Alright, then…’ Jim finally agreed.
Chapter End Notes:
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