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Summary: Talking heads trying to answer the question title. Who didn't wonder after watching "The Search Committee"? Of course, only the Nard Dog knew the real answer. Spoiler for up to "The Search Committee".
Rated: K
Categories: Other, Episode Related Characters: Andy, Creed, Ensemble, Erin, Gabe, Jim, Kelly, Toby
Genres: Angst, Humor, Oneshot
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Published: September 08, 2011 Updated: September 10, 2011
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Story Notes:
-Sorry, it's unbetaed and was written in a rush before I lost my will to write fanfic again (my last one was 2 years ago). If you saw any mistakes, please let me know. I was not sure what movies were out at the same time as "The Slumdog Millionaire". I did a quick check, so I just put all the movies that were out in 2008 if I get it wrong, please let me know as well.

-This was meant to be a more angsty fic about Andy's childhood but I decided against it. It's so hard to write Andy (or in fact all other characters I wrote above) so I would just go for the shorter and lighter version.

-Review is love!

1. Why did Andy know so much about the Sun? by sudoku [Reviews - 0] (471 words)
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