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Story Notes:

Chapter titles come from this list of untranslatable words of love from around the world. There will be a chapter for each Valentine's Day from 2002 through 2016. Mostly rated T but if you're scanning for the M stuff, head to chap 6 (sad M stuff), a little bit in chap 9, then full on in chap 10.

Decided not to worry too much about what day of the week V-Day was actually on, just gonna go with it!

Disclaimer: Jim, Pam and The Office do not belong to me.

Author's Chapter Notes:
Valentine's Day, 2002

Yuanfen - the force that brings us together (Chinese)

Valentine's Day 2002

She had a hunch it would happen tonight. Roy had made Valentine's reservations at her favorite restaurant, Casa Bella, and she kept catching him with a smile on his face as they were getting ready to go out. When he ordered a whole bottle of wine, and not the cheapest wine either, she was almost positive that it was going to happen tonight. After their entree dishes were taken away, a fork somehow fell to the floor and Roy kneeled down it get it, coming up with a little red velvet box.

"Pamela Morgan Beesly, will you...?"

"Yes!" she said too soon and too loudly. Realizing he hadn't even finished the question, she drew her hands to her mouth, her eyes getting wide. "Sorry."

Roy smiled broadly, dimples appearing on his cheeks, "Will you marry me?"

"Yes," she said again, everything getting blurry and sparkly through the tears in her eyes. A camera flash went off, the ring was slipped onto her finger, and the other patrons at the restaurant applauded as Roy, still kneeling, pulled her face to his for their first kiss as an engaged couple.

For most of the drive home, Roy keep her hand in his, running his thumb back and forth across the new gold band.

"Good Valentine's Day?" Roy asked.

"The best Valentine's Day," Pam replied with a wide grin. She was already sorting out plans in her head, what their color theme would be, what her dress might look like, who she wanted to invite. There was one rather important detail that needed to be decided before she could start thinking about everything else, though. "So when should it be?"

Roy lifted an eyebrow, "The wedding? Um, sometime after that ring is paid off."

Pam pursed her lips, but it quickly turned into a smile. "Summertime would be nice, like maybe next year."

"Yeah, that would be nice," Roy said. He briefly took his hand off hers to turn at a stoplight. "Oh hey, I talked to the manager upstairs today and they are still looking for a receptionist. He said after three months the company may even offer benefits."

Pam's brows met. "Haven't you told me there seems to be a new receptionist every time you go up there?"

"That's probably why they're offering benefits," Roy said with a smirk. "Trying to bribe someone into staying around."

Pam tilted her head, skeptical. "I don't know, it's just answering phones, isn't it?"

"Yeah and the starting pay is as much as you are making at the art supply shop after, what, four years you've been there? Plus you won't have to stand all day, and we can go to work together and save on gas."

"You think I'll like it there?" Pam asked.

Roy shrugged, "Sure, I mean, the manager's kind of a blowhard but everyone else up there seems pretty cool."

"Alright, I'll stop by tomorrow," Pam said. She grinned, "With my new beautiful ring."

Roy took her hand and kissed it, "Love you, babe."

"Love you," she replied, her eyes traveling to the band on her finger. It was a little too large, she would have to drop it off to be resized. Maybe tomorrow, before she goes to apply for the receptionist job at Dunder Mifflin.

Chapter End Notes:
okay, the story description is not 100% accurate as there is technically no Jim in this chapter. Don't worry, there's plenty of Jim to come! (twss?)

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