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Pam's POV

The office was calm and quiet. For once Micheal was not goofing around the office or moping that he doesn't have a girlfriend on Valentine's Day. Then that silence was broken by Michael and his loud grieving of his love life.

"Heyyyyyyy Jimothy, James, Jimmy, Jim" Michael sat at the edge of Jim's desk. Jim stared at me with eyes, begging for help. Then he turned to face Michael.

"Hey Michael"

"Oh please, call me Michael" Michael said smoothly.

"Will do" Jim stared into the camera and I contained myself from laughing.

"So down to business, do you have any women that would like to hook up tonight" Michael elbowed Jim in a creepy and kidding way.

"Nope, sorry" Jim sighed. Michael stood up and left to his office. Jim turned back around and came over to my desk.

"I wouldn't do that to anyone I know" Jim laughed to me and I laughed too. A delivery man with flowers walked through the door to the office. I smiled hoping it was for me. I read the card and of course it's for Phillis. I rolled my eyes, signed for the flowers and brought them to Phillis.

"Am I the only one that feels a little bit bad for Michael?" I asked Jim and he laughed

"Oh you are serious' he stopped laughing 'yeah you are the only one, why do you feel bad?" Jim asked me and ate a piece of candy.

"He's so lonely" I pouted with  sympathy for him. Jim was about to answer but before he could Michael stormed out of his office and started yelling.

"Ok, ok ok ok, you know what, I am going to have a party, a fun party and it's  for all of you and me and any signal women that you may know that are beautiful and won't crush a table when they sit on it" Michael announced.

"Michael that last part was rude" Phillis gave Michael eyes of disappointment.

"Really Phillis, was it rude, well I'm sorry that I am so alone" Michael yelled at Phillis and she sighed.

"Ok so I'm going to send an email, with da info" Michael ran back into his office. Jim gave me a look.

"are ya gonna go?" I asked Jim

"I have nothing else to do tonight" he popped another piece of candy in his mouth.

"Really, Jim Halpert doesn't have plans on February 14th" I laughed and so did he. He hit my desk with a smile and went back to his desk. I watched him as he did his worked.

Talking Head

"Will I go to Michael's party, well, I hope, I really want to, I mean I want to know what goes down, I don't want to just hear about it, and plus I think it would be a fun to hang out there with Ji- Roy" I almost said Jim, funny, weird.

Just as I sat down at my desk, Roy walked in with  lunch for me. "Hey" he greeted me and handed me the paper bag.

"Hey, Michael is throwing a Valentine's Day party tonight, and I want to go" I said to him with a smile.

"No, no, I don't want to hang out with Michael on Valentine's Day, no" he shook his head. My smile fell. I could feel Jim's stare on me and Roy. I also felt Michaels stare, but that's a regular thing. Michael just stares at me from his office sometimes, it's creepy, I want it to stop, but every time I ask him to, he pretends that he doesn't know what I'm talking about.

"Well, I wasn't really asking, I was telling you I'm going and you come if you want" I snapped at him and Jim stopped looking at us, Michael still stared.

"Are you serious?" Roy asked with an attitude.

"Yeah, I am" I didn't look at him in the eyes. Roy huffed and walked away. I looked at Michael and he closed the blinds quickly.

The work Day continued and we got the email from Michael.  

PartyLocation: Michaels condo

Time: 6:30

Dress code: Black tie casual

Wow, Michael is making this fancier than I thought. I guess I have to change. As the clock started to hit 5pm, people started gathering their things and starting to leave. Jim came over and got his coat.

"So you're going to the party tonight?" Jim asked as he put his bag over his shoulder.

"Yup, I'm excited" I smiled.

"Why?" He laughed at me.

"Because Roy's idea of a romantic Valentine's Day, is going to a Chinese restaurant, ordering almost everything on the menu, then going home and passing out while watching family feud' I paused 'believe me, I'm looking forward to the party" I finished and Jim tried to not laugh, but he couldn't help it.

"Wow Beasley, well, I'll see you later, do you need a ride?" Jim asked before leaving.

"No, I'm good thanks" I grabbed my coat and Jim and I walked out together and separated to our cars. I drove home and went into the house. Roy was on the couch eating chips. I didn't say anything and rushed up the stairs to get an outfit, shower, do my hair and do my make up.

As I was doing my makeup, Roy walked up stairs. He stared at me through the mirror, I looked at him too as I continued putting blush on.

"You look great" Roy complimented me.

"Thank you, what are you doing tonight?" I asked him and turned around.

"Probably go out with the guys, have fun tonight" he gave me a hug. I left and I got a cab to Michaels condo. When I arrived there was a tent in the front, covered with lights. I walked in and was immediately greeted with a glass of champagne. Everyone had nice dresses and had suits and ties. I had a short black dress on.

"Pam" Phillis greeted me.

"Hey Phillis, is Bob here?" I asked her.

"Yeah he's getting me a nonalcoholic drink' she smiled. ' where's Roy?" She asked me.

"Out with his buddies" I admitted to her.

"Oh, that's too bad, well Jim's in the back yard" Phillis said to me and pointed to him.

"Oh um, thanks, tell Bob I say hi"  I walked away and went to the backyard. The outside had a tent too, with more lights than the front yard. I looked at Jim. He had a drink in his hand. He was dressed in a suit and tie, his hair wasn't how it typically is, it was jelled and fancy. He was leaning against the fence, alone. I walked over to him and he perked up.

"Hey, you know you're late" Jim jokes with me. I was a half hour late.

"It takes awhile to get ready" I answered.

"You mean, it takes awhile to transform from regular work Beasley, to fancy party Beasley" Jim joked.

"Yes, its a lot of work, and how bout you, with your fancy new hair" I touched his hair.

"Don't get used to it, my roommate's girlfriend did it" He hit my hand away from the jelled hair. We had a few drinks and we hung out around the party. The dance floor started to clear.

"Hey, let's dance" Jim started to pull me to the dance floor. We went to the dance floor.

Talking Head

"Am I having fun, yes, I am, I am having a lot of fun, I may have had too much to drink, but who cares, it's a fun night, a night of love, a night I probably should have spent with my fiancé, but I don't care, and Michael hasn't said anything stupid yet, I think he's mingling with women" I paused.

"Jim hasn't talked to any women, besides myself, this whole night. I'm not sure why, there are a lot of pretty women here, if I were a guy, I would totally get with a few of these girls" I stopped and processed what I just said.

"Yeah I've had too much to drink" I finished.

I walked back to Jim. We were dancing together. We joked and talked. He told me all about a new prank he has in mind for Dwight.

"Yesterday, I got glued one of his shoes to the floor, he was so mad, but he so deserved it" I told Jim and he seemed proud of me. He gave me a high five.

" Great Job Beasley, I wish I saw it!"   Jim pouted.            "Where were you yesterday?" I asked him.

"I had to go on sales calls, so much fun" Jim said sarcastically.

"It was a long, long, long day without you" I told him then explained why it dragged. The music then stopped and Michael had a microphone. He stood up on the DJ booth. The DJ was trying to making him get down but he wasn't listening.

"HELLLLOOOO earthlings, lovers, friends, people' Michael started ' I just wanted to say a little something because, this is my party, and it's Valentine's Day!' He spoke into the microphone 'This day is to celebrate love and to celebrate a person or a group of people that mean a lot to you, I want everyone here that is single, to know that if you want love and want a certain person, than you should just go get them, thank you, continue having fun" Michael finished and started to get down from the DJ booth but Jim and I had to help him down.

Jim and I went off and we drank more and joked around. The more I drank the fuzzier I got and the more I felt, oh what's the word, gutsy, I felt gutsy.

Jim's POV

"Come here" Pam pulled me to a quieter spot, still a really loud spot. She almost fell walking over. She's so hammered.

"You are so drunk" I laughed at her as she sipped more of her drink.

"I like you' She sipped more of her drink and I gave her a look of confusion.

"I like you too" I smiled at her. I know she likes me, we're friends, if she hated me, we wouldn't talk.

"No, that's not what I mean........ I love you Jim" She finished. I looked at Pam with disbelief and confusion. I felt my stomach drop than go to my throat, like I would throw up, then back to where it belongs.

"I think you are done drinking" I took the drink from her and through it behind me. I can't believe she is this drunk.

"But-" I cut her off.

"Let's get you coffee" I held her arm and lead her inside, so she wouldn't fall. I made her coffee with Michaels coffee maker.

"I'm really not that drunk" Pam tried to convince me and herself.

"Pam, you can try to convince yourself that you aren't, but you've had 4 different drinks and some you had 2 of" I pushed the coffee towards her. She didn't want it though.

"Thanks but I'm ok" she pushed it away.

"Ok, I'll drive you home" I offers and helped her up and we walked to my car. She sat shot gun and stayed quiet for the ride. I think she fell asleep.

When we arrived to her house, I didn't want to wake her. I picked her up and brought her to the front door. I rang the doorbell. Roy opened up, I could tell he was having a hard night.

"She's drunk and I gave her a ride home, then she fell asleep" I explained.

"Oh thanks" Roy said, he seemed drunk too. He took her from my arms and then shut the door in my face. I walked back to my car and went home. All I could think about was what drunk Pam said to me.

Talking Head

"Why do I think Pam said that to me tonight, well, that's obvious, she was drunk and you know, when you get drunk, you say stuff you don't mean, She said she loved me, that's crazy. Right?" I swallowed and put my head down and left for the night.

Pam's POV

I woke up in the morning in bed. I had a head ache. I slowly started to remember last night, oh no did I, with Jim! I rolled over to look who I was next to and it was no one, just pillows. I got up, put my hair in a pony tail and went down stairs. I found Roy in the kitchen making coffee.

"Hey, morning" he greeted me.

"How did I get here?" I asked him.

"Jim brought you home, did you have fun, you were drunk so I'm thinking you had fun" Roy told me. I rubbed my head.

"Yeah I had fun, I just don't remember coming home" I thought that was weird. I looked at the time and realized I had to get ready for work.

I walked into work with a head ache. I hope Michael isn't too loud today. What am I saying, he's always loud! I saw Michael walk in the office.

"Pamela" he held out the 'a' making my head ache hurt more. I kept waiting for Jim to walk in.

Talking Head

"I remember what I said to Jim last night. I wouldn't have had the guts to say it if I wasn't drunk. Yes I did mean it, every word I said to him. I wanted a better reaction because I already knew he had a "crush" on me and I thought he would have been happy, so I'm going to talk to him today"

I went back to my desk. I sat and did work and waited for Jim to come in. He was late. Then he walked in. He seemed fine and like nothing happened last night, like he wasn't drunk. Maybe he wasn't drunk, I think I was the only one that was drunk. Yeah I was the only one drunk.

I sat at my desk for another hour, just staring at him. When should I talk to him. I might need another drink. Just then Jim got up and walked to my desk. Oh no.

"Hey Beasley, you look awful" he laughed and ate candy.

"Oh thank you, what would I do without you" I laughed too. I swallowed hard.

"Uh Jim, can we talk in the break room for a minute?" I asked. He gave me a concerned look and nodded. We walked to the break room. I took a minute before talking.

"I was really drunk last night. But I remember what stuff I said to you" I told him. My palms were sweating. I paced back and forth nervously.

"It's fine, when people are drunk they say stuff they don't mean, we're good" he smiled at me.

"Jim, that's not what I was going to say.' I paused and he gave me his attention and a nervous look. 'Jim, what I said, I meant it, I meant every word of it, I do love you and it's ok if you don't feel the same way." I told him and he froze. He just stared at me. Unable to move.

"It's just, I can't get through my day without you, like my coffee, you are what makes my life interesting. You make me laugh and you make me insanely happy, Roy doesn't do any of that stuff" I finished. He still stood frozen. Then he started to slowly walk over to me and with every step he got faster and faster until our lips crashed together. It was a long passionate kiss, a kiss I have never shared with anyone else. He pulled away from me.

"Pam, You are my coffee too" he confessed and continued to kiss me.

3 months later Talking Head Jim & Pam

" Yes we are dating now." Jim confirmed.

"Yeah, Roy and I broke up, that relationship was just toxic. The past 3 months have been great, I have never felt better about myself and my choices, I'm really happy. I'm just mad that we didn't get together sooner" I smiled and Jim smiled too.

"It is going great, and yes I am just as happy if not happier than she is" Jim smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Have we told our co- workers yet?" I repeated the question

"Haha, no that would be a nightmare" Jim finished and we looked at the camera then at each other and smiled.

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