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Author's Chapter Notes:
A short one. Hope you enjoy.

Pam slept in the bed, glasses resting on the night table next to a lamp.

Jim was sleeping on a chair, a pillow tucked under his cheek, and a light blanket over his long legs.

Still under the covers, Pam, stretched, and fumbled around for her glasses. As she pulled the covers back and found her footing, Jim began to wake.

“Hey, sorry, did I wake you up?” Pam croaked out, in a gravelly voice from tiredness.

“No, you are fine.” Jim said, stretching and cracking his neck.

“You know I could get a room.” Pam said as she made her way to the coffee maker, that she knew would make horrid coffee, but she would drink it anyway.

“That’s not necessary.” he replied.

“Then at least sleep in the bed.”

“Fine.” he said after a moment of pondering.

They were sitting at a small breakfast restaurant drinking good coffee, “What do you want to do today?”

“Well, you always said you wanted to see the Pacific Ocean, today’s your lucky day. But first we have a visit to the Koala and Kangaroo reserve.”

“How do you remember that? I mentioned it once like two years ago.”

“Let’s just say I will never forget any conversation we have had or will have.”

After seeing the Kangaroos, Pam headed towards the bathrooms, while Jim went on to the koalas.

“Meet you there!” Jim called out where their paths diverged.

15 minutes later Jim still hadn’t seen Pam. He glanced at his watch, already 3.

Pam frantically looked around the crowd for Jim, half an hour later, feeling defeated she found a taxi and made her way to a beach. She found a nice spot to sit, she would stay until sunset then make her way back to the hotel. She really wished Jim could be here to see it too.

After an hour and half of searching different popular food places and beach spots, Jim walked along the beach when he saw someone sitting gazing over the horizon. As he got closer, he saw her hair, the slight wave with the perfect amount of frizz, glowing in the sunset. He sat down next to her, “Hi. I am sorry”

“It’s not your fault” she replied. Their faces so close they could feel each other breathing.

And as the sun sunk below the horizon, their lips meeting like the calm waves meet the sand.

Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading. Let me know if you are interested in reading my idea for an epilogue.

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