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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: I own none of this, NBC Universal does.
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is just one chapter. I still don't own any of the characters (and the email addresses are fake, so I apologize if it's your actual email).

Five Emails Jim Drafted on Casino Night (Only One of Which He Sent).


To: pbeesly@dundermifflin.com

From: jhalpert@dundermifflin.com

Subject: I’m sorry




I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have kissed you tonight. I shouldn’t have told you I loved you. I know you’re with Roy, and it’s not appropriate. I put my own feelings ahead of yours and that is something I shouldn’t have done. I’m sorry. I hope you can forgive me.









To: pbeesley@dundermifflin.com

From: jhalpert@dundermifflin.com

Subject: Tonight


Dear Pam,


I’m not sorry for what I said, or what I did. I needed you to know. And I accept your decision. I wish you all the happiness in the world.






To: artgirl96@hotmail.com

From: jimjimjim@yahoo.com

Subject: ???


What the fuck, Beesly? Seriously.




To: jlevinson@dundermifflin.com

From: jhalpert@dundermifflin.com

Subject: Monday


Dear Jan,


I am excited to accept the offer to go to Stamford. Is there any way that we can accelerate the process? I realize that there may not be work for me there on Monday, but I’d rather start apartment-hunting now and start there, say, a week from Monday? I want to hit the ground running on this transfer, and I don’t think another week or two at Scranton is going to help things. Dwight Schrute will happily take my customers, I'm sure, on his own initiative, so I doubt the company will lose out. I would be willing to move my vacation currently scheduled for early June to this coming week if it will help facilitate accelerating the transfer.


Let me know if this is possible, or if there might be other options to achieve this same goal.


Thank you,

Jim Halpert



To: pbeesly@dundermifflin.com

From: jhalpert@dundermifflin.com

Subject: Stamford


Dear Pam,


I can’t do this anymore. Jan offered me a promotion if I move to Stamford. I’m taking it.


Have a nice life.




“I can live no longer by thinking”

--William Shakespeare

Chapter End Notes:

Guess which one he sent. Poor Jim. 

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