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Summary: There are some things that Jim never noticed about Pam before they started dating-- how she picks at the skin around her fingernails when she's nervous. How she only ever brings have a sandwich for lunch. How she sometimes forgets to eat it. And Jim can't help but wonder how much more he doesn't know.
Rated: T
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present Characters: Michael, Toby
Genres: Oneshot, Pregnancy/Babies, Romance
Warnings: Other Adult Theme
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Published: January 07, 2018 Updated: January 07, 2018
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Story Notes:

Hey everyone! This fic deals with Pam's eating disorder. It also includes mentions of past self-harm, though the story includes nothing graphic. Please don't read if either of these topics could be triggering, and please, please, please stay safe!


1. Chapter 1 by oonaluna [Reviews - 1] 5 (2732 words)
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