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Just as quickly as life can give you everything you've ever wanted, it can take it away on a dime. When tragedy strikes, will Jim and Pam's love be able to stand the tests?

Set during the summer between S2/S3. 

For those of you who watched Lost or Once Upon a Time, the theme of flashbacks will be heavily played with in this one :) 

Rated: T
Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim/Pam, Pam/Roy, Roy
Genres: Drama, Fluff
Warnings: Violence/Injury
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Published: February 15, 2018 Updated: December 27, 2018
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1. Prologue by agian18 [Reviews - 6] 10 (1456 words)
I know, I know. I already have one WIP going, and I'm starting another?!? Bear with me. This idea has been growing for a long time, and it's been writing itself in my head all day! I figured I'd throw out the prologue, test the waters, see what kind--if any--interest there is in carrying this baby on. So let me know what you think!

2. Chapter 2 by agian18 [Reviews - 2] 4 (2353 words)
Thanks for the interest in this story already! I find such inspiration in these two people, even years after the fact, and it makes me so happy that you all enjoy my little ideas as much as I like writing them :)

3. Chapter 3 by agian18 [Reviews - 5] 8 (2056 words)

We'll hear from Pam in this chapter. I hope it makes sense, how the narration is supposed to be third person, but also from her POV.

Thanks again for all of the support so far! Enjoy :) 

4. Chapter 4 by agian18 [Reviews - 3] 3 (3300 words)

For this POV, we'll see how Roy is dealing with all of this.

Enjoy! :) 

5. Chapter 5 by agian18 [Reviews - 4] 7 (4552 words)
I was having a hard time deciding how to get certain situations to transpire, but I think it has all worked itself out (and if not, we'll fuddle along together!). We see a bit more of Pam, and I think you're going to like how this part ends... :)

6. Chapter 6 by agian18 [Reviews - 5] 7 (4049 words)
I know, I know. I've been dropping the ball on this one. BUT! I knew that this would be a bit more difficult with the format of the story that I chose. The flashbacks all have to line up and make sense with the current time, and I was fighting for a while with this story to line things up. Hopefully it'll be a bit smoother going forward. Thank you to those of you who are sticking with me! Hopefully I don't disappoint :)

7. Chapter 7 by agian18 [Reviews - 1] 1 (3202 words)

I know this is a little bit skewed from the format that these chapters typically take, but I'd like to view this as a bit of a filler/creative way to time jump :)

Also, adding to the list of things I don't own comes the end of Chapter 14 of Emily Giffen's Something Borrowed (which, might I add, is wonderful and beautiful despite the fact that it totally encourages adultery...) 

8. Chapter 8 by agian18 [Reviews - 6] 4 (5576 words)

Wowza. It's been awhile.

I guess all I can really say is, sorry?

And promise to keep at this in a much better fashion. Because I truly do love this idea and want to see it through.


9. Chapter 9 by agian18 [Reviews - 5] 4 (5988 words)
This is my proof to Comfect that I can handle 3 WIPs (at least, this week, anyway...)

10. Chapter 10 by agian18 [Reviews - 5] 2 (4533 words)
We're diverting from the typical format of "flashback that ties in" for this chapter, and possibly the next, but with good purpose. Hold on, folks.

11. Chapter 11 by agian18 [Reviews - 8] 5 (5431 words)
Ahem. Buckle up.

12. Chapter 12 by agian18 [Reviews - 4] 2 (4378 words)
I think my favorite thing about writing is when the work takes you by the fingers and types itself. This idea was nowhere on my radar, and yet here it is, weaving its way through the rest of my story. I hope you like it :)

13. Chapter 13 by agian18 [Reviews - 4] 2 (4307 words)

Hi. Remember when I had 3 WIPs going at once and I thought I could handle that AND the start of a new school year. HA. THINK AGAIN, ME!

But anyways. We finally had a lazy weekend, and I remembered that I had a lil baby of a story here that I wanted to add to. Hope y'all enjoy it :) 

14. Chapter 14 by agian18 [Reviews - 3] 3 (4039 words)
Ugh. I love ya guys. 

15. Chapter 15 by agian18 [Reviews - 5] 1 (3517 words)

Hi. Remember this story?

I finished my novel, and remembered that I had this baby left catching cobwebs in my Google Docs. Oops. I'm sorry, forgetful Pam.