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Pam lets Roy take her home after Phyllis’ Wedding

Sometimes you just listen to Tegan and Sara’s entire discography, get lost in your feels about early Grey’s (particularly that time Meredith slept with George) and write this… 

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Published: April 19, 2020 Updated: April 19, 2020
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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I own nothing, apart from my collection of The Office inspired t-shirts and a gift voucher from winning a The Office themed trivia night (which may just be the highlight of my life to date). Any lines of recognisable dialogue are adapted from the show.

The title comes from the song Not Tonight by Tegan and Sara because it couldn't not be a Tegan and Sara song when the inspiration is early Grey's Anatomy angst... 

1. Chapter 1 by JennaBennett [Reviews - 13] 14 (2502 words)

I have to physically return to work after 2 weeks off tomorrow and angst is life… 

Also, I promise if you can stomach the beginning of this, there is JAM to follow...