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Story Notes:
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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is my first time writing any sort of drama, so constructive feedback would be much appreciated! 

Pam hadn’t been having the best day up until this point, but by the time she was able to sit down for lunch things were looking up. She got to sit between her fiance and her best friend. The kitchen was her happy place right now. Or, it was her happy place, until Roy burst that warm little bubble of blissful companionship and brought up Katy to Jim. Jim agreed that Katy was cute, and objectively speaking, Pam thought to herself, she could admit that. However, when Roy took it a step further and asked why Jim wasn’t “On that”, she started to feel uncomfortable. Of course, Jim seemed to sense this and said that Katy wasn’t his type. Pam was relieved to hear this, although she couldn’t quite place why.

Instead of just letting it drop like Pam had hoped they would, Kevin chimed in from the fridge, asking Jim what his type was, obviously implying there was something wrong with him if he didn’t want to pursue Katy. After the comments that Kevin had made to her earlier this morning, Pam was starting to get annoyed with the direction this conversation was headed. Before she could find a way to change tracks, Jim beat her to the punch. He looked her in the eyes before answering, which seemed odd to Pam but then she heard his answer. Moms. He seemed to be letting her in on the joke and she loved that about him, he always let her in on the joke. Pam couldn’t help but look down and smile as Jim explained all the different types of moms that he supposedly liked, ending with the ridiculous “Nascar moms”.

Of course, the Purse Girl had to walk through the kitchen at that very moment, Pam observed exasperatedly. Pam heard Roy make a sound of appreciation to her left and turned to see him ogling Katy’s backside as she strode past. What struck Pam at that moment, was that her best friend seemed almost entirely unaffected by Katy, while her fiance could hardly contain himself, it disgusted her. To make matters worse, the cameras and Jim had been right there the whole time, so it’s not like Pam could make a big fuss.

Roy’s comment to Jim about being “All over that” if he wasn’t dating Pam was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Pam tried to reign herself in, but still heard herself saying “We’re not dating, we’re engaged,” while fixing Roy with a warning glare.

“Uh, engaged, yeah,” Roy proceeded to brush it off like it was no big deal, misspeaking dating for engaged.

To Pam it felt like he was saying that there was no difference. Three years of engagement, with no end in sight, because to him, it was just like dating... except there weren’t any dates anymore. He spent money on wave runners, because, who needs to save for a wedding that’s never going to happen anyway, right? Pam felt humiliated that Jim and the cameras were witnessing this. Then, she felt anger.

Pam stood abruptly, took a breath and said, “You know what? We were engaged. I don’t want you to feel like I’m holding you back, go for it.” Pam proceeded to drop her fork into her salad, twist her ring off, drop it in the lid of her takeout container, and storm out of the kitchen before anyone could say a word to convince her otherwise.


Chapter End Notes:

There are a few different directions I feel I could go with this, so we'll see how quickly I can decide and move on to actually writing the next chapter.

Thanks everyone who was in the chat the other week who encouraged me to follow through with this idea. 

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