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Story Notes:
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hi guys! This is my first story, so I would love any feedback, good or bad. Like I said in the summary, the story of Jim and Pam starts the same, up until their wedding. They however do not have kids. Then the storylines of Michael leaving, Jim joining Athlead/Athleap and Dwight and Angela being married and having Philip is moved up. 

Michael Scott is dead. 

Jim read and reread the email from David Wallace. He was living in Austin, Texas now and was the CFO of a company he cofounded, Athleap. He still stayed in contact with a few people from Dunder Mifflin, like Dwight and Angela, David, Kevin, Andy, and Darryl. He occasionally crossed paths with the others, if he was in town to visit his parents. Jim had attended Michael’s wedding to Holly, and he spoke to Michael a few other times over the years and they would send each other Christmas cards and the like, but in recent years they had almost completely lost communication. Yet, here he sat reading this email with tears beginning to spill over. 

Michael Scott is dead. 

He started to have flashbacks of moments in the office. Despite Michael’s often immature and incompetent moments as his boss, he also fondly remembered the moments the two shared where Michael shared advice with him. His mind specifically went back to the advice he had gotten from Michael about Pam. His heart panged at the thought of his ex lover. The one that got away. Once because he missed her, and again at the thought of seeing the tears in her eyes as she also received the news of Michael’s passing.  

Jim and Pam had married after just a year of being together. They were inexplicably happy and had plans of having a family and a beautiful life together. However, two years into their marriage, Jim’s friend from college had proposed the idea of opening a sports marketing business like they had talked about as young adults. Pam was extremely supportive of her husband, and would visit him frequently on his days in Philadelphia, as well as never leaving his side when he was in Scranton. However, after a year the business was growing rapidly. Suddenly, they needed Jim to relocate to Austin. But, Pam’s mom had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and her chances of surviving were slim. Jim wanted to go to Austin, but Pam wanted to stay with her mom in Scranton. The two fought for months because they couldn’t come to a mutual decision. Jim knew he was being selfish, but he also knew that this job could lead to amazing things for the couple. But after a particularly serious argument, Jim woke up one morning to Pam’s rings on the dresser and her and most of her things were gone. He made one last attempt to save their marriage, but her response was to have divorce papers drawn up the next day. With that he up and moved to Texas and never looked back. 

But he missed Pam. He missed her everyday, and everyday he thought of just picking up the phone and calling her and telling her he loved and missed her and he was stupid for letting her go. But he would talk himself out of it every time. It’s been two years and they haven’t spoken. Sometimes he pictures the life they could’ve had. He imagines Pam with a baby girl in her arms, sitting on their flower covered balcony in Austin, asking Jim to take pictures so she can paint the very scene later that day. He pictures taking their son to meet all of the sports stars that he met through his job. They always wanted children, but didn’t have the chance to have them before their relationship went awry. 

Jim is knocked out of his day dream by his phone vibrating. 

Dwight Schrute calling...

Jim picked up his phone with a heavy breath. “Dwight.” 

“Have you heard the news?” Dwight’s voice trembled but Jim knew better than to draw attention to that. 

“Yes,” Jim let out despite the growing lump in his throat. “I can’t believe he’s gone,” Dwight hiccuped. “I feel like I just lost my father. I looked up to him so much.” This time Dwight let out a sob. 

“I know, Dwight. I’m so sorry.” Jim felt his warm tears finally make their way down his cheek. “I’m sorry to you too,” Dwight started. “He was important to all of us, not just me.” Dwight’s voice was gravelly with sadness. “Oh, D. Come here,” Jim heard Angela’s voice in the background comforting him. Michael had been Dwight’s best man at his and Angela’s wedding. Jim heard Dwight begin to let out a few more sobs before he spoke into the phone, “I gotta go. I hope to see you at the funeral.” Before Jim could respond, Dwight hung up. He wasn’t one to let anyone see any emotion from him, so it made sense to Jim why he was so quick to get off the phone. 

Jim began researching flights to Scranton and booked one for the next morning. He quickly threw together a bag before calling the guys at work to let them know what happened and that he was taking a few days off. 



Pam began packing her bag, having just finished teaching her last class of the day. She had put the last book in her briefcase, before turning to put her coat on. She heard her phone start to ring. 

Angela Schrute calling...

Angela?? Pam and Angela were close friends, but because of their busy schedules they had begun to drift. The last they saw each other was during Philip’s first birthday party. Angela had named Pam as Philip’s god mother a few months before that. Why could she be calling now? Is everything alright? She finally hit the answer button and took a seat at her desk. 

“Hey Pam,” Angela sounded shaky, oh god what could possibly be wrong? “Hey Ang, how’s my little guy?” Pam exhaled. 

“Oh Philip is great, Dwight is already trying to teach him how to farm and I have to remind him that he’s not even 2! But then he says ‘all the Schrute boys learned how to farm starting at six months old’ like yeah, sure babe, what ever you say.” The women let out lighthearted chuckles. “But I do call with bad news.” Pam’s heart dropped; what could possibly be wrong? 

“Michael has passed away.” Angela choked. Pam’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as she let out a loud gasp. “No, no, no! There’s no way, there’s no way Angela! You have got to be making this up. Is this some kind of sick joke Michael is playing on us? Like when he used to pretend I was fired-“ Angela cut off her rambling. 

“No, Pam, unfortunately it isn’t a joke. He passed in a car accident last night.” Pam could hear the lump in her best friend’s voice. Pam couldn’t hold it in, she let out one loud sob after the other, finding it hard to believe Michael, someone she loved like family, was actually gone. 

She tried to breathe through it and her voice finally spoke up, “Is there already funeral arrangements?” 

“Yes, Holly and her family are holding services in Colorado, but he wanted to buried in Scranton so they’re bringing him back here and they’re having a service and burial. Dwight told Holly we would host the wake at the farm.” 

“Oh, Ang, that’s so sweet of you guys.” Pam sniffles. 

“Soooo guess who Dwight spoke to a little bit ago?” Angela inquired. 

Pam’s heart nearly stopped. She knew exactly who Angela was talking about. Jim. Her ex husband. The love of her life. The one who chose his career over her and their relationship. When he went away, her mom was still sick. She thankfully has been cancer free for a little over a year now but once she was in remission the divorce was already finalized. She’s happy she made the decision to stay with her mom, but if she would’ve known she was gonna make it through, she may have stayed with Jim. It just pained her that he could be so selfish and choose to leave her knowing what she was going through. He didn’t even offer the possibility of her coming to visit him in Texas and she could be home during her mom’s treatments. Or, he could come visit her. At least until she was cancer free or if the worst ended up happening, at least until after that. But now her mom was cancer free, and he hasn’t tried to come back, and she hasn’t tried to get him back. The thought of seeing him at the funeral now after no communication for two years sent a chill down her spine. 

Pam gulped when Angela finally said, “he talked to Jim.” “Oh.” Pam sighed. She pictured his face, turning from his charming smile to pain when he was told about Michael. 

Angela spoke up, “Pam, I know you miss him. You’re both grieving now too. Maybe this will be the thing that brings you two back together. You know Michael adored you two, and loved you two together so it would be what he would’ve wanted.” 

Pam bit her lip, “Angela, I don’t think me and him will get back together. I’ve heard he’s been back to Scranton multiple times since the divorce and not once has he tried to contact me. He also has a phone and hasn’t tried to call me from Texas. It’s over. I’ll always love him,” she choked on her words. “But if he wanted me back he would’ve tried by now.” 

Pam heard Philip start crying in the background. “Oh, shoot! I’m sorry, Pam, I gotta go! Talk soon?” Pam replied, but she’s pretty sure Angela had already hung up. 

She picked up her bag and walked to her car. Once in the driver seat, she put her head down on the steering wheel and started crying. 

Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading!! I have already began chapter 2 but I may wait for feedback before posting. :)

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