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Author's Chapter Notes:
Welcome to my new AU! I hope you enjoy this prologue and the rest of the story.

As always thank you to my amazing beta reader, I would be lost without you.
Pam was in her bedroom, a suitcase at her feet. She was haphazardly throwing clothes into it, t-shirts and jeans flying through the air. Then she saw the dress. The purple and blue fabric shining in the moonlight. Pam had not laid eyes on it in weeks. She just looked at it for a moment, let herself relive that fateful night. His hands on her hips, the taste of him on her tongue. She knew she shouldn't take it with her, that it was a relic from another life. Yet, she couldn't leave it behind, let it rot in the closet until Roy had the time to get rid of it. So, she took it off the hanger and placed it atop the mountain of clothes that was growing in the suitcase. “Letting things go takes time.” she told herself. Anything to rationalize it.
She booked a one way ticket to Paris. She used the honeymoon savings, it's not like Roy would be needing the money anytime soon.
The hotel wasn't nice, but at that point it didn't matter.

Her body was utterly exhausted from hours of travel and nine years of Roy. She crawled into the hotel's bed, letting the skratchy sheets swallow her whole. She wanted to sleep for a thousand years, let time wash away all the guilt and pain that was swimming in her mind. She had left it all behind, and it was thrilling.
It was her first day in Paris, the first day of the rest of her life, and she couldn't bring herself to get out of bed.
She had dreamed of him again last night, all hands and lips and promises. “I'm in love with you” repeated over and over in her head. She could still picture him clear as day, his lean figure crumbling before her very eyes.

She sighed. It's over now, she knows that. He left, she left. There will be no more pranks, no more jello molds, or late nights on the roof. She is no longer Pam of “Jim and Pam'', she is just Pam. It's time she learned to live for herself.
Chapter End Notes:
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