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Story Notes:
I am finally back with a story!  It’s a Star Wars crossover, sorry for any non Star Wars fans, I’ve been in the Star Wars mood lately due to the Bad Batch coming out.  For any non Star Wars nerds (aka not me) BBY stands for Before Battle of Yavin.  In lamest terms, this means that many years before the movie A New Hope.  If any non fans are reading this story and are confused by something just let me know in the reviews and I can explain.
Author's Chapter Notes:
I don’t own Star Wars or the Office.  Boy, would I be rich if I did.


The brisk winds of a chilly Coruscant night led many indoors, but a Coruscant bar always stayed open.  

Pam Beesly reflected on this fact as she strolled into the Outlander Club.  It was a typical night at the club; blaring music, countless games of sabacc going on, some shady dealings of death sticks and of course drinking.  

Because of the day she has tomorrow, she needed a drink.  So, Pam took a seat at the marbled bar and immediately flagged the bartender for a glass of Corellian Brandy.  

“Wow, Corellian Brandy.  You’re gonna have a tough time getting up tomorrow.”  

She looked to her right to see where the words had come from and saw a shaggy brown haired man sitting next to her with a grin.  

Pam chuckled, “I can handle my liquor thank you very much.  I’m from Corellia for pete’s sake.  We practically have an innate gift for that.  

The man grinned, “No wonder you are having that drink, you’re Corellian!”  

Pam smiled, “Yup, nothing better than some good ol’ brandy.”  

The man shrugged and lifted up his blue colored drink.  “In my opinion, there’s nothing better than spotchka”, he said as he swirled around the glass.  

“Hmm, I’ve actually never had it, what’s it like?”  

The man’s eyes widened, “You’ve never had spotchka?  Wow.  You are missing out.”  

When Pam gave him a glare that would rival a fuming Nexu he put his hands up in mock surrender.  “Ok ok”,he said as he laughed, “It kinda tastes like beer but with shrimp.  It’s essentially that if you think about it.  I love it.  In fact, it was the first drink I had.”  Pam nodded knowingly. “What’s your name anyways?”, asked the man.  

Pam shyly smiled, “Pam Beesly.”  

“Jim.  Jim Halpert”, supplied the shaggy haired fellow.  “So”, drumming his fingers on the table nervously as if he was dreading his own question.  “Do you want to play a game of sabacc with some of my friends over there”, as he pointed his fingers to two men and one Sullustan in the corner laughing roaringly.  

“Sure, I would love to”, Pam smiled.

A few hours later, Pam had certainly lost some credits, quite a few, but it was all worth it.  Sitting next to Jim Halpert was one of the great joys in life she had come to believe.  The man was hilarious to begin with and it didn't hurt that he was devastatingly handsome.  His hair made her want to run her fingers through its locks and his defined muscles felt like they were bulging out of his leather jacket.  

“You calling that Pam?”  Her train of thought was interrupted by Jim.  She instinctively blushed as if he could read her thoughts.  She glanced at the table and her eyes widened at the large pile of credits that Jim’s Sullustan friend Dunt Yavi had just put in.  

She peeked at her hand.  A Pure Sabacc.  This would be an easy way to win back all her money that she lost tonight.  She took some credits from her pile and shoved them into the middle of the table.  

“Wow Beesly, confident huh?”, Jim chuckled.  

Pam blushed, hearing his newfound nickname for her.  She looked at Jim and his other friends.  Everyone had folded after Dunt’s massive bet except her.  

She laid her cards on the table and smugly grinned and anticipated one of the long winded Sullustese swear words.  Her smirk was wiped off her face when she saw Dunt’s hand.  An Idiot’s Array.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jim’s jaw drop in utter shock at the rarest hand in the game.  The Sullustan started cackling and grabbed all of the credits.  

“That.  Is.  So.  Lucky”, Pam muttered.  

She was all out of credits, so she got up from the table and went back to the bar to hopefully find the bartender for another drink.  She smiled as she heard Jim follow her to the bar.  

“Soo, not feeling too lucky tonight, am I right?”, Jim asked with good humor.  

Pam swung her head around to scowl at him.  As Pam flagged for the bartender Jim widened his eyes.  “Another?  I hope you don’t have to do anything tomorrow morning.”  

Pam laughed.  “No, the opposite.  I’m starting at the Royal Imperial Academy tomorrow to be in the Imperial Navy.”  

A look of elation appeared on Jim's face.  “No way?  Really?” asked Jim with a huge grin on his face.  

“I’m starting there tomorrow too!”  

Pam grinned.  “Wow, that’s awesome.  Well, I guess I’ll see you there.” 

Yeah, you will be the first one I look for, Jim thought silently.  They both smiled at each other, the rowdiness of the Outlander Club disappearing as they thought of the next day and what it would bring.

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