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It’s 1964, and Jim Halpert honestly believes his only calling in life is to inherit his family’s appliance store, with a passion for jazz music and drumming on the side. Opportunity knocks in the form of a drumming gig for a band performing at a local college talent show, bringing the group recognition for the song they play. But, with the four of them and the lead singer’s adorable, redheaded girlfriend leading the charts by storm, what will come of their newfound fame?



Rated: T
Categories: Jim and Pam, Alternate Universe Characters: Andy, Dwight, Jim, Jim/Karen, Jim/Pam, Karen, Michael, Pam, Pam/Roy, Roy, Ryan
Genres: Fluff, Romance
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Published: July 26, 2021 Updated: April 30, 2022
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I do not own the rights to any of these characters or the movie "That Thing You Do," which this is based off of. I own nothing lol. 

1. Chapter 1 by emxgoldstars [Reviews - 12] 12 (4833 words)

Well, hi there! A certain somebody mentioned the movie this fic is based on in a certain one-shot written for my birthday back in March, and the only response to that is to write this fic for their birthday. I’ve been dreaming of writing this fic for four months now, and I’m so excited to be posting it finally! This is, without a doubt, one of my all-time comfort movies, and I’m pleased to share that with our birthday girl!

Also, this is my first period piece ever, so to say I’m nervous about this fic is an understatement.

Please enjoy!

2. Chapter 2 by emxgoldstars [Reviews - 8] 7 (4706 words)

To start: I apologize that this has not seen an update in around nine months. Since September, this school year has been a doozy. On top of that, I’ve moved twice within six months, and we are finally settled in our new home. With the school year winding down, it was about time that our favorite Scranton boys saw the light of day again.

So, funny story, other than my lack of an update. I performed in theatre from middle school until my sophomore year of college.

When I was in seventh grade, our spring musical was a review show that included “That Thing You Do!” as a song that I sang and performed as part of a select group. I had no idea of the movie that it came from or had ever heard the song before, but I thought it was cute to perform (I still remember some of the steps).

Randomly, I saw that some TV channel was showing the movie, and I decided to watch it. It became a comfort movie of mine for a short period …

And here it is again, becoming a comfort movie for me.

I have a lot of credit for this chapter, listed below! Big thanks to:

TPB for being the best beta in the world and pushing me to finish this chapter.

Tinydundie for the idea of having an original song to be used for our wonderful band and helping come up with our band’s name.

DJC for assisting in my quest for an original song (and for a song he wrote that you’ll see in a future chapter 😉), as well as helping me come up with our band’s name too!
I appreciate all 3 of you <3

Anyway, our band that is yet to be named is without a drummer…