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The Office meets Harry Potter.

Michael discovers a Time Turner and takes Pam on a time-traveling adventure.

Takes place after The Carpet in season 2 with attempts to be canon-compliant as much as possible considering it is a story that involves the supernatural. 

I'll say it again - Writing about time-travel is not easy but I hope to stay at least as accurate in the continuity as the show has been...(who started first, how many kids does Meredith have? how many sisters does Angela?) 

Feel free to call me out when I goof. 

Rated: T
Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Dwight, Ensemble, Jim/Pam, Michael, Other, Pam, Pam/Other, Pam/Roy, Stanley, Toby, Todd Packer
Genres: Dream/Fantasy
Warnings: Mild sexual content
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Published: September 05, 2021 Updated: November 27, 2021
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Story Notes:

It is my archiversary.

Today, September 5, 2021

I figured what better way to commemorate it than with a fic about going back in time.

This fic is for all the friends here who are part of the MTT community. Whether we’ve had contact through discord, reviews, reads or not at all, you all make up this community I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of the last year so it's to all of you I dedicate this one.

For those of you reading this in the present, I have a lot fleshed out but it is still a work in progress so please be patient with me. I’m talking to you. 

For those reading in the future, you could be reading so far out it may even be complete. Lucky you.

For those reading in the past, I’m not sure how that would work but since it is time travel, I guess anything is possible (and bear that in mind as you read the fic)

A big thanks to GRC73 – my beta reader on this one

There are more specific dedications in the end notes too.

It goes without saying I don’t own the characters of The Office or Harry Potter or anything else for that matter except a fascination with time travel. 

And the category options don't let me choose, Past, Present and Future so it's not quite categorized correct.  

1. Part I: Chapter 1. New Carpet by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 8] 9 (2333 words)

Wow, this feels big. It is the most complex and longest thing I’ve written to date, so I hope you all like it.

Here goes nothing.

2. Chapter 2. Strange Trip by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 7] 5 (3454 words)
Less than week after I joined MTT, I posted my first story, tomorrow to be exact but with the weight of tomorrow's event I decided to get Chapter 2 up tonight.

Thanks to all who have come along for this journey so far and the excitement you've shown for it. It's about to get a lot more complicated (and hopefully interesting too).

3. Chapter 3. The Discovery by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 6] 7 (3249 words)

4. Chapter 4 - New Coats and Fancy Cars by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 4] 1 (2885 words)

Dropped a cliffhanger last chapter, but first we have to take care of some housekeeping. I'm one of those folks who when watching a movie/show, I need to know how we get from point A to B - all the details matter, especially in a time travel story ----so first you too have to get some of them.

(Had a hard time getting this chapter post-ready and not sure it quite is but in the interest of getting to the real story....)

5. Chapter 5 -Twins by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 3] 1 (2683 words)

And We're Cruising...

I think I broke the record for number of times having watched this episode. I really struggled to get it as accurate as I could but I may have taken some liberties with the size, scope and layout of the boat. 


One thing that really stood out to me is HOW DID THE camera get the shot of Dwight at the bow steering the ship (or at least thinking he was)? Unless it was taken from shore with a super powerful lens? Any thoughts - hit me. Not that it will change my story. The camera Jim motions to when he points to his watch is back on shore and it's only Randall on board with a camera (might be other crew but only one video recording device).



6. Chapter 6 - Code Word: Hermione by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 5] 2 (3044 words)

OK first - where are all the writers? Never had two of my stories live so close to each other on the most recent board.

Again sorry to be putting this out in such small increments but watching Booze Cruise episode over and over to make sure I've got the order of events and the layout close enough takes time. Again, I've taken some liberties on the size and layout of the ship and am going by the regular and NOT the supersized episode which I was so worried when came out would derail this whole story.

7. Chapter 7 - 27 Seconds by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 5] 2 (4060 words)

Many thanks to everyone reading and especially reviewing this story .

There’s something to be said about time, or timing when it comes to this story. This chapter seemed to align with an episode that recently aired on the Deep Dive podcast. Those up to date will know right away what I’m referring to.

8. Chapter 8 - Questions by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 5] 1 (3692 words)

It's a slow boat, this fic, both in the unfolding of the events and the posting of the chapters.

The latter because I like Pam am dealing with two timelines at once. What I mean is my method of writing this has me posting a current chapter, bouncing over to pen a initial draft of a much later chapter (currently up to 20) and then coming back to current one to layer in more, edit and ready it for posting. It certainly helps with keeping the timelines straight and with adding the circularity I so love to include. But it does slow down the posting process. 

Apologies for those few who might be waiting on it.


9. Chapter 9 -The Brig by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 5] 2 (5299 words)

In the interest of keeping up the momentum of this story I pushed through this chapter to get it up faster. I only hope the writing doesn't suffer in exchange.


10. Part II: Chapter 10. House Guests by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 3] 1 (4548 words)

Fast Fact- this story is broken into three parts and this chapter begins Part II. It just so happens, due to the method of writing I've followed in writing this story, I also just completed the draft of the last chapter (21) of Part II. So as you my loyal readers (thanks to all of you who are) begin a new section, so do I. 

Part III - here I come - Yikes!