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The Office meets Harry Potter. - Sort of, but not exactly, and you don't need to be a fan or really know any HP to follow this fic.

You should enjoy stories about time travel and the magic of love.

Michael discovers a Time Turner and takes Pam on a time-traveling adventure. 

Takes place after The Carpet in season 2 with attempts to be canon-compliant as much as possible for as long as possible considering it is a story that involves the supernatural. But with time travel possible, canon winds up taking some small shifts and even sharp turns. 




Rated: T
Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Dwight, Ensemble, Jim/Pam, Michael, Other, Pam, Pam/Roy, Stanley, Toby, Todd Packer
Genres: Dream/Fantasy
Warnings: Mild sexual content
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Published: September 05, 2021 Updated: October 14, 2022
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Story Notes:

It is (was) my archiversary and I figured what better way to commemorate it than with a fic about going back in time.

Dedicated to all the friends here who are part of the MTT community. Whether we’ve had contact through discord, reviews, reads or not at all, you all make up this community I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of the last year so this is for you.

For those of you reading this in the present, unless you have a time turner, that ship has sailed (hint, hint).

For those reading in the future, lucky you - no waiting, this fic is complete.

For those reading in the past, I’m not sure how that would work but since it is time travel, I guess anything is possible (and bear that in mind as you read the fic)

It goes without saying I don’t own the characters of The Office or Harry Potter or anything else for that matter except a fascination with time travel. 

Specific dedications in the end notes of chapter 1.

1. Part I: Chapter 1. New Carpet by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 10] 14 (2333 words)

Wow, this feels big. It is the most complex and longest thing I’ve written to date, so I hope you all like it.

Here goes nothing.

2. Chapter 2. Strange Trip by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 8] 8 (3454 words)
Less than week after I joined MTT, I posted my first story, tomorrow to be exact but with the weight of tomorrow's event I decided to get Chapter 2 up tonight.

Thanks to all who have come along for this journey so far and the excitement you've shown for it. It's about to get a lot more complicated (and hopefully interesting too).

3. Chapter 3. The Discovery by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 7] 9 (3249 words)

4. Chapter 4 - New Coats and Fancy Cars by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 6] 4 (2885 words)

Dropped a cliffhanger last chapter, but first we have to take care of some housekeeping. I'm one of those folks who when watching a movie/show, I need to know how we get from point A to B - all the details matter, especially in a time travel story ----so first you too have to get some of them.

(Had a hard time getting this chapter post-ready and not sure it quite is but in the interest of getting to the real story....)

5. Chapter 5 -Twins by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 4] 1 (2683 words)

And We're Cruising...

I think I broke the record for number of times having watched this episode. I really struggled to get it as accurate as I could but I may have taken some liberties with the size, scope and layout of the boat. 


One thing that really stood out to me is HOW DID THE camera get the shot of Dwight at the bow steering the ship (or at least thinking he was)? Unless it was taken from shore with a super powerful lens? Any thoughts - hit me. Not that it will change my story. The camera Jim motions to when he points to his watch is back on shore and it's only Randall on board with a camera (might be other crew but only one video recording device).



6. Chapter 6 - Code Word: Hermione by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 6] 3 (3045 words)

OK first - where are all the writers? Never had two of my stories live so close to each other on the most recent board.

Again sorry to be putting this out in such small increments but watching Booze Cruise episode over and over to make sure I've got the order of events and the layout close enough takes time. Again, I've taken some liberties on the size and layout of the ship and am going by the regular and NOT the supersized episode which I was so worried when came out would derail this whole story.

7. Chapter 7 - 27 Seconds by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 8] 3 (4060 words)

Many thanks to everyone reading and especially reviewing this story .

There’s something to be said about time, or timing when it comes to this story. This chapter seemed to align with an episode that recently aired on the Deep Dive podcast. Those up to date will know right away what I’m referring to.

8. Chapter 8 - Questions by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 7] 1 (3692 words)

It's a slow boat, this fic, both in the unfolding of the events and the posting of the chapters.

The latter because I like Pam am dealing with two timelines at once. What I mean is my method of writing this has me posting a current chapter, bouncing over to pen a initial draft of a much later chapter (currently up to 20) and then coming back to current one to layer in more, edit and ready it for posting. It certainly helps with keeping the timelines straight and with adding the circularity I so love to include. But it does slow down the posting process. 

Apologies for those few who might be waiting on it.


9. Chapter 9 -The Brig by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 6] 2 (5300 words)

In the interest of keeping up the momentum of this story I pushed through this chapter to get it up faster. I only hope the writing doesn't suffer in exchange.


10. Part II: Chapter 10. House Guests by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 7] 1 (4642 words)

Fast Fact- this story is broken into three parts and this chapter begins Part II. It just so happens, due to the method of writing I've followed in writing this story, I also just completed the draft of the last chapter (21) of Part II. So as you my loyal readers (thanks to all of you who are) begin a new section, so do I. 

Part III - here I come - Yikes! 


11. Chapter 11 - The Key by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 7] 2 (4907 words)

Remember it's all about the journey so while there is no Jim in this chapter, her experiences still matter. Plus, I hope at least they're fun to read about -she is with Michael after all.

My apologies taking so long to get this chapter up - every time I went to post I found more that needed editing or correcting. (remaining issues are still likely but without hiring an editor, there's little hope of addressing them all)

12. Chapter 12. Bruises and the Zombie Apocalypse by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 7] 4 (4057 words)

A few housekeeping notes -

This story is what kept me from feeling like I could be part of the holiday fic exchange and after all the great submissions, I felt like I missed out (though truly loved reading all yours).  So I tried to add a little holiday spirit to this chapter, but then it got so long I broke it into 2 so now the season references are in the next one.

What is in this one is a little nod to an amazing writer and friend whose Virtus is a great read. If you've read it you'll know exactly where that comes in. 

Lastly, you will see I changed Randall's last name - once again the Supersized episodes bit me. In Sexual Harassment - SS there is an exchange where we learn Randall Einhorn was the full name of resigning CFO that makes room for David Wallace (which we just so happened mentioned in NML's fic yesterday too) so it couldn't also be the name of the cameraman filming them.  



13. Chapter 13. Ghosts don't have Pockets by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 7] 4 (4690 words)
Nothing earth shattering in this chapter but it does contain the little bit of holiday - better late than never.

14. Chapter 14 - Three Strikes by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 5] (4749 words)

Those who like my OCs, this chapter is for you.

Those who like to bet, place them now. 

15. Chapter 15 - COPS and Conversations by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 6] (5577 words)
Read carefully and you might catch me disparaging myself.

16. Chapter 16 - Overdue by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 6] 1 (7270 words)

Did someone request some JAM?

I aim to please.

In fact I got a little carried away so this is a long chapter.

Hoping the Jam factor is enough to tie you over until we head into Part III.  


17. Chapter 17 - For Love of Elvis by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 6] (7146 words)

I did an insane amount of research for this chapter. From travel directions to artistic movements, music of the 70s, and Elvis, I did more deep dives than Angela and Jenna for this one.

 Authenticity is challenging but I feel worth the extra effort. 

18. Chapter 18 - The Art of Love by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 6] (3912 words)

Despite being somewhat satisfied with this chapter's original draft when I returned back to layer and edit it, I felt a certain, for lack of a better term, ho-hummness to it. Perhaps, because I came back to it after drafting the climatic, Part III chapter close to the end. But in the interest of moving this story along and getting to that exciting back-end chapter I'm posting it as is. Otherwise, it may just break me. 

19. Chapter 19 - Something Blue by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 7] (5166 words)

I've been trying to get these chapters out with some regularity, but sometimes life gets in the way of timely posting. Since it's been a while let me remind you where we are in the story. It's Thursday – a week from when then landed back in time and a week and a day to go before they catch back up to it. Pam and Gabby just spend yesterday (and the last two chapters) in NYC going to visit the doctor and then the Met. Pam learned much about Gabby's history with Randall and spent a lot of time pondering her own history with Roy and her friendship with Jim and is starting to think more about that. And by the end of the last chapter she decided she wanted a change – by change, she wanted to visit a different wing of the museum but hey, that's a big move for Pam.

As for what's ahead, well let's just say time travel has a way of shifting the canonical events that we know – sometimes well ahead of schedule. You'll see.

20. Chapter 20 - There's No Place Like Home by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 7] (8602 words)

Last read in 360:

Pam tried to sketch some art for Gabby, but Elvis looked like Jim who she was having a harder time keeping out of her head. Michael and Pam went ice skating and discussed his adventures back at the office after hours. Pam enjoyed a last meal with the Stewarts. Pam drew the Sleeping Eros instead as a gift for her host and while waiting for Michael to come pick her up found a long-lost earring that she took as a sign.


It’s a long one folks so buckle up – usually try to keep them shorter but I just didn’t see a place to break this in two but feel free to read in pieces. I suggest breaking for dessert like Pam and Michael did.

21. Part III - Chapter 21. Boxes and Cracks by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 5] 1 (4394 words)

With this chapter we enter Part III- which for the most part occurs at Dunder Mifflin.

In case your forgot, here's what our time travelers have been up to.

Pam went home and did some painting. She got lonely and invited Michael over for lunch where he found her paintings and even bought one. After he left Pam went searching for a card she created for Roy. She found some other stuff instead including a note from a girl and a box of condoms with one missing... 


22. Chapter 22 - Espresso and Popcorn by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 5] (5401 words)

Where we were:

Michael and Pam go back to Dunder Mifflin to try and stop Packer while Pam tries to stop all her emotions from exploding out of the internal boxes she has set up. 

Regular timeline Pam, finds the earring time-traveling Pam found and then lost again and it becomes another fight with Roy. 

Where we are going: 


23. Chapter 23 - Packer Patrol by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 6] 1 (7837 words)

Where were we?

Oh yeah, hiding out from the cleaning staff in the closet with the odd shower and then in the warehouse. Michael had his fun with some bubble wrap while Pam got some good news, some bad news and some gross news. 

UPDATE: Thank you TD for your fan catch- little continuity error that I have since fixed. 


24. Chapter 24 - A New Twist on Randall's Theory by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 5] (4028 words)

I'm too tired to recap all from the last chapter...but here's a quick list to spark your memory:

Elvis and Premonitions

PB&J sandwiches and movies

Snores and a broken Time Turner

Glue and Doodles

Tears and Lists

Puxatawny Phil and Packer 

This next one doesn't have a lot of forward movement - think of it as the calm before the storm. 


25. Chapter 25 - Back from Vacation by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 4] (3445 words)

Some of you might remember a little discussion over in the Discord where we discussed Pam and Roy’s ‘song’. This is the chapter I was drafting back then. Well, part of it anyway. After going back to layer and edit the chapter got way too long and so it’s now two chapters.

26. Chapter 26 - Boys and Girls by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 5] (6916 words)

Now you see why I had to cut the chapter. I almost considered doing it again as it still runs long, but felt it was important the rest of what transpires here is read together. Anyway, I hope this chapter was worth the extra week wait. 

You might notice some familiar chapter titles making this a good time to remind that I do not own anything to suggest copyright infringement including these repeated episode titles.

There’s a tidbit in this chapter that has its roots in a superfan scene- since not everyone has access or has seen I posted a makeshift video of it in the plotbunnies section of Discord.


Some might also remember our Discord chat about The Wedding Singer, more in end notes about this. 

27. Chapter 27 - The Plan by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 5] 1 (5175 words)

This chapter is meant to be a breather from the events in the previous chapter and a beat before what’s to come next and yet I still struggled to take it from draft to post-ready and realistic. Then I remembered it’s a fan fic, that’s about time travel, so here it is.

28. Chapter 28 - Pummeled Moles and Hissing Cats by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 4] (4197 words)
Another chapter that as it extended on, I decided was best to break up into two bite-size morsels. Here's the first nibble.

29. Chapter 29 (If I had a) Time Machine by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 8] 1 (4117 words)

The chapter title from this Ingrid Michaelson song.

Time Machine

Need context? Click to play the video and be prepared to see some very appropriate cameos (which I truly had no idea about until this moment when I played the video myself so I could share the song- you could imagine my thrill)

30. Chapter 30 - Peeling Polish / Good Riddance by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 3] (6356 words)

I had a rough go with a section of this chapter for reasons I can’t get into now. But there’s no turning back now for Pam or for me. Heading into the home stretch.

It’s another longer chapter and I considered breaking it in two, thus the two chapter titles, but decided against it in the end. There’s a marker where the chapter would have split if you choose to read in shorter bursts.

31. Chapter 31 - I Can't by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 3] (3821 words)

Sara Bareilles fans might catch the bit of inspiration for Pam’s early soliloquy.    

Sara Bareilles - She Used To Be Mine

32. Chapter 32 - Wearing Blue by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 6] (3119 words)

Again, some liberties with regard to how the filming worked - go with me here, okay.

33. Chapter 33 Caught in a Kiss/ The Bells of Dunder Mifflin by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 3] 1 (8531 words)
Another long one that could have been broken into two chapter but I was just too excited to get it all out there I left it as one - and since the clock separators I used last time are now my general breaks - well I just put the B title in to alert you to the breaking point if you want to read as two separate chapters (but maybe with what's going down, you won't be able put it down). 
I can dream, right?

34. Chapter 34 - The Aftermath by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 4] (2183 words)
It's late so I'll just get right to the chapter.

35. Chapter 35 - The Angel that Got Away by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 5] 1 (4936 words)

It is my archiversary. Both of joining the site (2 years ago) and of posting this story (1 year ago). Wow, a year in the making, longer considering the time I spend outlining it all and writing the first few chapters. Longer still if you consider how long it was just a germ of an idea that I never thought I could turn into something.

As I neared the end and saw the upcoming date, I had hoped to finish the story on the same day I started it...how poetic would that be? Time travel story coming back to end on the date it began. I wasn't able to do that but I came close. Today, I present to you the penultimate chapter to my story.

36. Chapter 36 - Some Things Are Meant to Be by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 5] (1524 words)
This is it - the final story chapter. It almost doesn't feel real. 

37. Chapter 37 - Fansplaining by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 2] (2177 words)

I know, I know, you thought it was over.

Well, the story might be over but it's long-winded me and I still have a lot to say. This is mostly an indulgence and I’m not sure anyone will even read but somewhere in the middle of writing this I decided I would be including this reader's guide/Cliff's Notes/Sparknotes because sometimes something can be right in front of you and you still don’t see it. Ahem Pam.


And sometimes the clues/reasons/motives are so subtle only my crazy mind made the connection.

Consider these like chapter notes on steroids – much of which I couldn’t mention until the whole story was done. For the folks who like to know what’s in the soup – there are a whole lot of ingredients in this recipe. For those who like to know who's behind the curtain (a hint itself) - be warned, she's a little bit cray 

With that I bring you this but SPOILER ALERT  - DO NOT READ THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE ENTIRE STORY. MAJOR REVEALS THROUGHOUT!  I'm not kidding.  And since the notes themselves are a long read I'll break into three parts.

Apologies again if I’m “fansplaining”, i.e. pointing out the obvious with some of this.

38. Chapter 38 - Hints and Clues by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 1] (6107 words)

Part II notes coming up where I lean way into what becomes the big reveal at the end - so once again I warn you SPOILER ALERTS ahead. If you have not read to the end – stop – go back -do not continue here until you have read all that came before. Time Turners are not real – you cannot go back to a time before you've read this. You've been warned!

39. Chapter 39 - Rising Action...Conclusion. FIN by Maxine Abbott [Reviews - 2] (5368 words)

Parts I and II were heavy on exposition. Coming at you, really what came on you (that's what she said), since if you are reading this, you already finished, in Part III was the rising action, climax (that's what she said), falling action and conclusion.